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'Mad Men' recap: Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'...

 April 14, 2014

From her Hollywood hills pad, Megan Draper appears to have it all: a rockin' house with a view; a vibrant acting career; her man back at home.
Still, she confesses to feeling "nervous...about everything" whilst in bed with said man — a place...


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'Downton Abbey' recap (UPDATED): 'Battles commence' in high style

 February 24, 2014

My dear Kathleen,
Call me a sap, but I was incredibly pleased with the season 4 finale of "Downton." How


'Downton Abbey' recap: Love is blind, alright

 February 17, 2014

Dear Marisa,
So there was all kinds of love in the air last night at Downton Abbey:
Something's brewing with Mr. Molesley and Miss Baxter. Love how she's boosting...


'Downton Abbey' recap: And baby makes three?

 February 10, 2014

Dahhhhhhhling Kathleen,
It's so lovely to have you back behind the computer after last week's absence. Have you, like the Dowager Countess, quite recovered from your malady? "Malady" in this case being...


Recap: 'Nothing is over, and nothing is done with' at Downton Abbey (yikes)

 January 27, 2014

My dearest Kathleen,
I'm so shaken up by Sunday's episode, I jumped right online after it aired to write to you. Where I should be relieved that Bates finally knows Anna's secret, I'm entirely bothered...


Recap: The hits just keep on coming at Downton Abbey

 January 20, 2014

My dearest Kathleen,
So much to discuss about last night's episode, but I think I need to start with my favorite moments of the night. Though soap-y, when Mrs. Hughes busts Edna for her plan to ensnare...


Scandal, gambling and other vices hit Downton

 January 13, 2014

My dear Kathleen,
When Mr. Carson bemoaned the "topsy-turvy world" he'd landed in, I thought we'd experienced the pinnacle of disarray at Downton for the night. Sure, Alfred ended up cooking; Lord G.


'Mad Men' recap: There's no place like home

 June 24, 2013

My darling K,
I know you're going to kill me when I say this but here goes: I think last night's "Mad Men" indicates some hope for our pal Don. Cast from the garden of SC&P, it's possible he's at...


'Mad Men' recap: Please pass the St. Joseph's aspirin

 June 17, 2013

Special K,
There's a ton to cover, but I have to go with what's hitting me in the guts after Sunday's episode. Is it me or is young Sally just a wee bit more tolerant of her mother, now that her dad...


'Mad Men' recap: The end of the innocence

 June 10, 2013

Dear Marisa,
So, Peggy has her cat. Pete has an empty box of raison bran cereal. Ted has a sleeping wife and two boys. Don has his booze. Stan has a sleep-over girlfriend. And Bob Benson can't have...


'Mad Men': The whole world is watching

 June 3, 2013

Kathleen Edgecomb is away on vacation. Her blog partner Marisa Nadolny soldiers on alone this week.
I really can't wait for you to get back into the...


'Mad Men' recap: Love in the time of subway stabbings

 May 27, 2013

Dear Marisa,

Not loving last night's episode. Well, not loving the men in it.

Come on:

Don sleeps with his ex-wife, has an epiphany and goes home to tell his current wife he's going to make it all...


'Mad Men' recap: 'You're a new and better man'?

 May 20, 2013

Dear Marisa,
What an episode! So funny and soooo dark.
First the fun stuff.
Half the staff hopped up on amphetamines and talking...


'Mad Men' review: A little more groovy, a little less margarine, please

 May 13, 2013

Special K,
So here we are, back in craptastic mode at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce + CGC. Just when we thought everybody might be the professionals we know they can be, we've got firings, drunken...


'Mad Men' update UPDATE: Little red ... Vega?

 May 6, 2013

Bloggers' note: After spending far too much time trying to determine which model of Chevy SCDP is going to help launch, yesterday we made a guess that it was the Corvette. We were stuck between that and the Camaro, actually.


"Mad Men" update: Love is blue

 April 29, 2013

Dahling K,
What an emotional roller-coaster last night on "Mad Men"! Weren't we JUST talking about MLK and Bobby Kennedy in the MM context?
I'll confess something:...


'Mad Men' recap: Sex, lies, and Heinz

 April 22, 2013

Dear Marisa,
Well this episode seemed to be all about sex — and where it will get you.
Fake sex on a soap opera will get you a recurring role, an invitation to...


Kathleen Edgecomb and Marisa Nadolny discuss the latest episodes of "Madmen."



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