Marisa Nadolny and Kathleen Edgecomb compare notes on their favorite television shows.

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‘Walking Dead’ podcast: Season 6 finale ends with a cheap trick

Staffers talk out the latest episode of "The Walking Dead."

‘Walking Dead’ recap: Bummers from the Easter Bunny

Staffers discuss the latest episode of "The Walking Dead" on AMC.

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‘Walking Dead’ podcast: It’s official: Everyone has lost it

Things aren’t feeling too warm and fuzzy in Alexandria and environs on "The Walking Dead."

'Downton Abbey' podcast: A series ends in fine form

Hats off to “Downton Abbey” writer and creator Julian Fellowes, who brought us six years of upstairs-downstairs drama, teas, fashion, angst, intrigue, love and a story about changing times.

‘Walking Dead’ podcast: Do we trust in Jesus?

This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” featured a whole lot of a character called Jesus, the scout for the Hilltop community.

‘Walking Dead’/’Downton Abbey’ recap: Can we feed Lady Mary to some Walkers?

Raise your hand if you think Lady Mary has a lot of redemption-points to earn before “Downton Abbey” closes for good.

Podcast: When ‘The Walking Dead’ stumbles upon ‘Downton Abbey’

Worlds collided on Sunday night when “The Walking Dead” returned from its midseason hiatus, just as “Downton Abbey” is winding up its sixth and final season with one episode to go.

‘Downton Abbey’ podcast: Roll up for the Tour de Downton!

A discussion of the latest episode of "Downton Abbey."

‘Downton Abbey’ podcast: Lord G. sure knows how to end a debate

If you watched Sunday’s episode of “Downton Abbey,” you know it doesn’t need a lot of introduction.

'Downton Abbey' podcast: Finally, the Mr. Mason matter is settled

Podcast takes up the latest happenings at "Downton Abbey."

'Downton Abbey' podcast: We could've used a bit of a hooley, too

Oh, episode three of the final season of “Downton Abbey” ... what are you doing to us?

‘Downton Abbey’ podcast: Consultations with the pig-man and other leisure activities

Is Lady Mary the only one in the entire Downton household who doesn’t know that little Marigold is the illegitimate daughter of Lady Edith?

'Downton Abbey' podcast: Postcards from the moral high ground

Season six of “Downton Abbey” opened Sunday on PBS with a gorgeous shot of the aristocratic Crawleys getting ready for a fox hunt.

'Walking Dead' podcast: Slow-motion ending sums up the season

Day staffers chat about the midseason finale of "The Walking Dead" via podcast.

'Walking Dead' podcast: There goes the neighborhood

Told ya! We knew Glenn wasn't dead.

'Walking Dead' podcast: Daryl, Sasha and Abe take a detour into Bizarro World

There is a lot less singing during our latest “TV Takeout” podcast, because we were too busy attempting to answer the many questions raised by Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead.”

‘Walking Dead’ podcast: Wake us up when Glenn comes back

It was a snoozer, wasn’t it, this latest episode of “The Walking Dead.”

'Walking Dead' recap: Was Morgan's long and winding road too long?

How much Morgan is too much Morgan on "The Walking Dead"?