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'Mad Men' recap: Peggy calls a family meeting

 May 19, 2014

My dear Kathleen,


'Mad Men' recap: Under pressure

 May 12, 2014

My darling K,


'Mad Men' recap: Rise of the machine

 May 5, 2014

Dear Marisa,


'Mad Men' recap: Time to fly that freak flag HIGH

 April 28, 2014

Dearest Kathleen,
I'll begin by offering you the following advice: Don't watch "Mad Men" with a hangover. After a ... festive ... Sunday, I can tell you that the doings at SC&P do not digest any...


'Mad Men' recap: Worst Valentine's Day ever

 April 21, 2014

Dear Marisa,
I know we're on episode two today, but since I missed chatting with you last week I have one thing to say about episode one: If only a buttered roll solved all our problems.


'Mad Men' recap: Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'...

 April 14, 2014

From her Hollywood hills pad, Megan Draper appears to have it all: a rockin' house with a view; a vibrant acting career; her man back at home.
Still, she confesses to feeling "nervous...about...


'Downton Abbey' recap (UPDATED): 'Battles commence' in high style

 February 24, 2014

My dear Kathleen,
Call me a sap, but I was incredibly pleased with the season 4 finale of "Downton." How


'Downton Abbey' recap: Love is blind, alright

 February 17, 2014

Dear Marisa,
So there was all kinds of love in the air last night at Downton Abbey:
Something's brewing with Mr. Molesley and Miss Baxter. Love how she's boosting...


'Downton Abbey' recap: And baby makes three?

 February 10, 2014

Dahhhhhhhling Kathleen,
It's so lovely to have you back behind the computer after last week's absence. Have you, like the Dowager Countess, quite recovered from your malady? "Malady" in this case being...


Recap: 'Nothing is over, and nothing is done with' at Downton Abbey (yikes)

 January 27, 2014

My dearest Kathleen,
I'm so shaken up by Sunday's episode, I jumped right online after it aired to write to you. Where I should be relieved that Bates finally knows Anna's secret, I'm entirely bothered...


Recap: The hits just keep on coming at Downton Abbey

 January 20, 2014

My dearest Kathleen,
So much to discuss about last night's episode, but I think I need to start with my favorite moments of the night. Though soap-y, when Mrs. Hughes busts Edna for her plan to ensnare...


Scandal, gambling and other vices hit Downton

 January 13, 2014

My dear Kathleen,
When Mr. Carson bemoaned the "topsy-turvy world" he'd landed in, I thought we'd experienced the pinnacle of disarray at Downton for the night. Sure, Alfred ended up cooking; Lord G.


Kathleen Edgecomb and Marisa Nadolny discuss the latest episodes of "Madmen."



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