The best images of the day.

The Moon and Planets

I wanted to share a few more photos from my take Friday night of the crescent moon, Mars and Venus setting over the Union Baptist Church steeple.

Blizzard from Above

No sooner did the snow stop blowing from last week's blizzard than we at The Day started thinking about the next best way to show our readers the impact of the storm.


Court reporter Karen Florin blogs about court cases and legal matters that are in the news.

Birthday and anniversary marked by niece of murder victim

The niece of murder victim Noel Starback called this week to say she’ll be thinking about her uncle today.

Show up for jury duty and be part of the solution

The protests cropping up all over the country as a result of grand jury decisions in Ferguson and New York City are a sign that many distrust and feel alienated by our criminal justice system.


Day staff photographer Tim Cook blogs about photography.

The joys of working in a blizzard

I like to joke that one of the best parts of my job is that I get to work outside, and that one of the worst parts of my job is that I have to work outside.  On perfect A+ beautiful day, who would not want to be outside?  On...

Why not Photoshop?

On Wednesday night I was cruising New London looking for inspiration to make a good or at least interesting photo for Thursday's paper. Being a fan of long night time exposures I decided upon a popular coastal Connecticut theme of our local...