The best images of the day.

Beggars can't be choosers

On an uneventful Tuesday afternoon I was driving Shore Rd. in Waterford on a typical feature hunt, looking for a photo for the next day's paper, when, shortly after passing the Seaside property I spotted a bird by the side of the road that quickly took-off as my car neared.I...

The Moon and Planets

I wanted to share a few more photos from my take Friday night of the crescent moon, Mars and Venus setting over the Union Baptist Church steeple.

Blizzard from Above

No sooner did the snow stop blowing from last week's blizzard than we at The Day started thinking about the next best way to show our readers the impact of the storm.

A Catch for the Ages

Some photos mean nothing until you get some history.

Trying to save a drowning osprey (VIDEO)

I wish this story were about the cool underwater images I captured last week of migrating herring. Instead, it’s about how I watched a helpless animal drown in a piece of man-made technology meant to help wildlife survive and prosper.