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A Catch for the Ages

Some photos mean nothing until you get some history.

Trying to save a drowning osprey (VIDEO)

I wish this story were about the cool underwater images I captured last week of migrating herring. Instead, it’s about how I watched a helpless animal drown in a piece of man-made technology meant to help wildlife survive and prosper.

The Ubiquitous Camera Phone

It's called the rope line, when the politician steps off the stage, or the plane, or out of a building, and walks along a line of supporters behind a rope or perhaps a more substantial barrier.When I was getting started in my career, and for many...

Meeting in the middle

I've had so much feedback on this photo I thought I might at least tell how it came about.The Coast Guard Barque Eagle was due home January 23rd after spending several months at the Coast Guard shipyard in Baltimore.