Death of Capt. John leaves gap in Mago Point

If you knew him, you’d just called him Capt. John. And if you needed to know something about Mago Point in Waterford, you asked him.

Resurfacing construction on I-95 to last until at least September 2017

Those who drive Interstate 95 from the Raymond E. Baldwin Bridge to the Interstate 395 exchange will be dealing with construction there until at least September 2017, according to state DOT officials.

A sunset walk

Walkers wander the paths at Harkness Memorial State Park just before sunset in Waterford after a day of clouds and snow flurries Wednesday.

Two suffer minor injuries in partial ceiling collapse in New London apartment

Two tenants of an apartment on Franklin Street were taken to Lawrence + Memorial Hospital Tuesday night.

Ledyard man indicted on sexual abuse charges

The man was charged in Colorado after he corresponded with an undercover officer and drove to meet minor girls for sexual activity, the U.S. Attorney's office in Colorado said.

Barn on North Road in Groton catches fire, collapses

No injuries were reported and no animals were in the barn, which was once part of a family farm owned by the Ackleys.

Car crashes into house in Stonington Borough

A woman was taken to the hospital Sunday morning after police and fire officials say she crashed into a parked car and then a stone house adjacent to St. Mary Church in the borough.


Coast Guard Academy investigating third-class cadets for alleged cheating

The Coast Guard Academy is investigating a group of third-class cadets for allegedly cheating on online quizzes, which would be a violation of the academy's Honor Concept.

Advisory panel begins imagining stories, visitor experience of future Coast Guard Museum

An advisory panel has begun preliminary discussions into the stories that should be told and the experience it wants visitors to have at the National Coast Guard Museum in New London.

New CGA superintendent focused on leadership development, increasing size of the corps

Eight months into the top post at the Coast Guard Academy, Rear Adm. James Rendon is working to increase the size of the corps of cadets from 886 to 1,000, after recently receiving a memo from Coast Guard Headquarters to do so.



Man who spent 30 years in prison is freed pending new trial

A man who spent 3 decades in prison for a rape conviction based in part on a strand of hair has been freed by a judge in Massachusetts

What Could UConn Budget Cuts Mean For Students?

Gov. 's proposed budget calls for across-the-board cuts, including a combined $31.2 million reduction in funding to the and UConn Health.

Emergency crews train to deal with active shooters

Part of being an emergency responder is preparing for the worst.


Adnan Syed prosecutor rejects 'Serial' podcast, saying, 'He did it.'

A defense attorney says "we proved our case" that Adnan Syed deserves a retrial because his lawyers failed to call a key alibi witness and because prosecutors presented misleading cell tower data at trial 15 years ago

Somalia spokesman: Video shows laptop handed to bomb suspect

A Somalia government spokesman says that CCTV video footage at Mogadishu airport shows two men handing what looks like a laptop computer to the suspected suicide bomber after he passed through the security checkpoint