In final news conference, Obama defends his last acts in office

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he did not expect to weigh in on day-to-day policy debates after departing the White House this week. But he vowed to inject himself into the national debate if he senses an erosion of the nation's "core...

In break with Trump, EPA pick says climate change isn't hoax

Donald Trump's choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday that climate change is real, breaking with both the president-elect and his own past statements

Supreme Court skeptical of government's withholding disparaging trademarks

A majority of the Supreme Court seemed highly skeptical Wednesday that the federal government can refuse to register all trademarks that may be disparaging, casting this as the government improperly taking sides in free speech disputes.

President-elect pays out $25 million Trump University settlement

Three days before his presidential inauguration, Donald Trump paid out $25 million in compliance with the settlement reached in three Trump University lawsuits.


Not all tattoos are forever

Everyone who has had an old tattoo covered up has a story to tell.

Mohegan tribal leaders will attend Trump inauguration

Trump, once heavily invested in the casino industry in Atlantic City, has a history of clashing with Indian tribes.

After recovery, saw-whet owl to be local ambassador

With yellow-rimmed elfin eyes and large speckled head crowning its small body, the as yet unnamed saw-whet owl in Maggie Jones’ care is destined for a future as a local wildlife celebrity.



Trump's press czar learned government at Connecticut College

Trump's White House press secretary is a native of Rhode Island and graduated from Connecticut...


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Nonprofits: More privatization can save state $1.3 billion

Nonprofit agencies that provide human services say they can save Connecticut $1.3 billion during the next three years if more programs are shifted from the state to them

17 Rhode Island lawmakers oppose high-speed rail bypass

A group of Rhode Island lawmakers is opposing a plan to build a new Amtrak line that would speed up rail travel between Boston and New York