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In this series, The Day checks back with subjects of previous articles to see what they're up to.

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    Former cadet looks to redefine her life

     December 30, 2009; Updated: 12:11 pm

    Bronwen Tomb is sitting quietly, almost apologetically, in a small Greek diner in Staten Island, N.Y. She is 26 years old now and her brown hair is longer than when she was front-page news a few years ago, her face a bit more angular and mature. The...

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    Video: Bronwen Tomb on life after the Coast Guard

     December 30, 2009; Updated: 12:21 pm

    Bronwen Tomb reflects on her life since she was dismissed from the Coast Guard Academy in 2006.

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    Legal twist wrenching family apart

     December 29, 2009; Updated: 4:26 pm

    Their young daughter completes each of the family portraits that cover the wall. In one, the four have their backs to the camera, showing off their Celtics jerseys - the only team the parents can agree they will all root for. In another, their...

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    Doctor takes on his toughest case

     December 28, 2009; Updated: 5:02 am

    Lots of people say that once they retire, they'll finally write that book that's been welling up in them during their workaday life. But, like so many New Year's resolutions, many a would-be author's literary intentions fall by the wayside of...

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    A man called 'Hollywood'

     December 27, 2009; Updated: 9:16 am

    As the morning's low winter sun floods his apartment with light, Richard Edward Chapman Jr., 54, leans forward in his chair, rests his elbows on his knees, and says he's grateful for "the fleas."He's not talking about insects.

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    Still fighting for his 'brothers'

     December 26, 2009; Updated: 12:51 am

    Terry Rathbun Jr. says if he can't "fight the fight" he'll support it.That is why he makes firearms for the military at Colt Defense in West Hartford. It's important to him that Marines who...

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    Taking nothing for granted

     December 25, 2009; Updated: 4:48 am

    On a recent snow day, Carol Girard took advantage of having her four children at home in Voluntown.There were things to do: Trim the Christmas tree, hang the garland and lights, make cookies for guests...

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    The Girard Family on life after Extreme Makeover

     December 25, 2009; Updated: 10:26 am

    Carol Girard reflects on her family's life after the loss of her husband and son, and their appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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    Finally, secure in their home

     December 24, 2009; Updated: 8:02 am

    By 2008 the interest rates on his mortgage had climbed to more than 11 percent, and Steve Bowen, a dealer at Mohegan Sun who makes about $40,000 a year working nights, was falling behind on his $2,400 monthly mortgage payments.

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