Police evict oil pipeline protesters from private land

Law enforcement officers and soldiers, some wearing riot gear and many armed, began an operation to remove Dakota Access pipeline protesters camped on private land in the path of the pipeline in North Dakota

Top aide's leaked memo details 'Bill Clinton Inc.'

When top Bill Clinton aide Douglas Band wrote the memo, he was a central player at the Clinton Foundation and president of his own corporate consulting firm. Over the course of 13 pages, he made a case that his multiple roles had served the...

Jury acquits leaders of Oregon standoff of federal charges

The leaders of an armed group who seized a national wildlife refuge in rural Oregon have been exonerated for their involvement in the 41-day standoff that brought new attention to a long-running dispute over control of federal lands in the U.S. West

Jury hands ex-Penn St. assistant over $7M in defamation case

A jury has awarded a former Penn State assistant football coach $7.3 million in damages after finding the university defamed him after it became public that his testimony helped prosecutors charge Jerry Sandusky with child molestation


Philippine leader Duterte says God told him to stop cursing

The foul-mouthed Philippine president, who once called the pope a "son of a bitch" and told Barack Obama to "go to hell," says he has promised to God he won't spew expletives again

Trump hits 'corrupt' Hillary Clinton; Mrs. Obama hugs her

Donald Trump denounced both Hillary and Bill Clinton Thursday as creatures of a corrupt political system who would use another pass at the Oval Office to enrich themselves at the expense of American families

Libya's navy says 90 migrants perished after boat fell apart

Libyan navy: At least 90 migrants believed to have perished when their boat fell apart in the Mediterranean

Putin rejects claims of Russian interference in US election

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday dismissed claims that Russia is interfering in the U.S. presidential election, saying the allegations are designed to distract the public from real issues

UN says school attack in Syria may be potential war crime

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for an immediate investigation of an attack on a school in Syria's Idlib province that the U.N.'s children's agency is calling one of the deadliest of its kind in the country's six-year war

Italy quakes take out buildings standing after August jolt

The red brick Amatrice city hall resisted the deadly Aug. 24 quake that buildings all around it, only to crumble under the one-two punch of lesser jolts in the same mountainous region Wednesday

Iraqis find bomb factory, tunnels on long road to Mosul

Iraqi forces explore a network of tunnels and uncover a bomb-making facility in a village near Mosul that was recently retaken from the Islamic State group, offering a glimpse of the challenge they will face as they move closer to the city

Ancient humans may have killed off cave lions to turn them into carpets

One of history's most formidable carnivores - the massive, mane-less cave lion that prowled the forests of Canada and Europe until the end of the last ice age - may have met its demise as a decorative throw rug.

Experts uncover hidden layers of Jesus' tomb site

Archaeologists peel away innermost layer of what is revered as Jesus' tomb for first time since 16th century

Trump U staff included drug trafficker, child molester

Dozens of those hired by the Trump University had checkered pasts, including serious financial problems and even convictions for cocaine trafficking or child molestation.

US charges 61 defendants in call center scam based in India

The Justice Department announced charges Thursday against 61 defendants in the United States and abroad in connection with call center operations based in India.

Poll: Clinton would face closer race against Pence

The Republican Party might be in a far stronger position in the race for the White House if Donald Trump were not the nominee

Modest gains, but US students still lag in science learning

Despite some gains, American students still have a ways to go when it comes to a solid understanding of science

Report: Wildlife populations halved on average since '70s

Environmentalists are warning that global wildlife populations have fallen an average of 58 percent when compared to the 1970s



Sen. Blumenthal tears up

Contenders in Connecticut's Senate race offer up some personal anecdotes.


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