Goodyear retiring blimps, rolling out new cigar-shaped craft

Goodyear retiring blimps, rolling out new, more maneuverable model of the cigar-shaped craft

Clinton quietly trying to discourage Biden from a 2016 bid

With endorsements and fundraising, Clinton quietly trying to discourage Biden from a 2016 bid

Libya collects victims' bodies from latest migrant disaster

Libya authorities collect bodies from latest migrant disaster after drownings off coastal city

Obama says New Orleans is 'moving forward' after hurricane

Obama: New Orleans is 'moving forward' 10 years after devastation of Hurricane Katrina


Washington governor calls fires 'slow-motion disaster'

Wash. Governor calls fires 'slow-motion disaster;' conditions ripe for wildfires to grow.

Applications for US jobless aid drop to very low 271,000

Applications for US unemployment benefits fell slightly last week to a very low 271,000

UPDATED: Emotional morning newscast the day after TV killings

Journalists' deaths gripped millions in social media storm; grieving station back on the air

AP sues over access to FBI records involving fake news story

Associated Press sues over access to records involving FBI's dissemination of fake news story



Dear Gov. Malloy: Give Sen. Andrew Maynard a job

Let the senator recover from his brain injury in a less prominent role in state government.


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Chief: Stabbing suspect who killed officer was cop's cousin

Chief: Man who fatally stabbed 2 sisters, killed officer with own gun was cop's cousin

Trump slammed by Univision CEO as Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos have a heart-to-heart

The man behind the network behind the news anchor that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tossed out of a news conference Tuesday is not happy with Trump's behavior. Univision chief executive criticized the Donald — and praised...