Despite sunny forecast, South Carolina ordeal far from over

Despite improving forecast, South Carolina ordeal far from over after historic floods

US government deports fewest immigrants in nearly a decade

Obama administration deports fewest immigrants in nearly a decade; fewest criminals since 2009

Top EU court rules data sharing pact with US invalid

Europe's top court backs Austrian student in Facebook privacy case with wide implications

South Carolina flood: Thousands without running water

South Carolina flood: Swamped streets, thousands without running water; death toll at 12


Publisher apologizes for textbook calling slaves 'workers'

Major US textbook publisher apologizes for high school textbook that called slaves 'workers'

American Airlines jet lands safely after pilot dies

The first officer of an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Boston took over command of Flight 550 and safely landed the plane after the pilot became ill, officials said Monday.

Justices open term with debate on international lawsuit

Carol Sachs of California bought a Eurail pass from a company in Massachusetts and then was horribly injured in Innsbruck while trying to board a moving train operated by the Austrian national railway.

Coast Guard: Missing ship sank, 1 body found, search goes on

Coast Guard: US cargo ship with 33 aboard sank during hurricane; 1 body found, search goes on



Chief Ackley's future separates the New London mayoral candidates

Democrat Michael Passero supports her, while Republican Bill Vogel would help her retire


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Why student debt is worsening for college graduates

Lower incomes and higher debts for the college educated weigh on family budgets

Pastor's sermon: 'Violence will not have the last word'

Church leaders in rural Oregon town at forefront of healing process after campus killings