Making a deal to reopen government was right move

It remains baffling why President Trump, who campaigned on his ability to make deals, did not grab the one right in front of him and avoid a shutdown.

Slowely killing Obamacare to detriment of millions

It will fall to state governments to resist this renewed assault on universal access to adequate health insurance.

State must assure Medicaid patient transportation system works

Our reporting documented cases in which drivers showed up very late or not at all, of people waiting long periods on hold after phoning for service, and of vehicles not equipped to meet the...

A bit more unity with Stonington middle school merger

The best interests of the town’s students is the prime reason to congratulate the school board for the consolidation, but there are plenty of other benefits for taxpayers.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Time to replace Urban in 43rd District

The recent article, “Rep. Urban: Get off your Amistad hobby horse,” (Jan. 4), illustrated one of many examples of why we need a...

Urban sets example for others to follow

State Rep. Diana Urban’s guest opinion, “Confessions of a state rep: ‘We need to...

New London better for Peg Curtin's service

The year 2018 marks the conclusion of Peg Curtin’s 60-plus years of public service, which has proven invaluable to New London. First gaining prominence as an under-secretary to the nation’s initial de facto female...

Can Day acknowledge Trump's achievements?

I expected the editorial, “Republicans need to call out racist in chief,” (Jan. 13). First, I do...

Share dining table and meet new friends

I'm not sure my idea would constitute a social experiment or just good business. Have you ever waited for 20 or 30 minutes in a crowded restaurant lobby for your table for two, but then are offered a table for four? And you take...

U.S. supports freedom? Not for the Palestinians

Vice President Mike Pence spent much of his commentary on Iran, “This president will not be silent on Iran,” (Jan.

Don't let Trump alone start a war

At the very moment North and South Korea start a peaceful dialogue about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang our President threatens North Korea with our enormous nuclear arsenal. Should any person, and in particular, this president, have...

Unify behind a plan for a better future

Does the Trump administration have a plan? The environment and a sustainable economy appear not to be within it. Needed is a plan to improve the economy but that also diverts a substantial amount of revenue to remedy intense conditions from...

Crazy liberal Democrats

Let’s get this straight. The Democrats would rather shut down the government to protect illegal aliens than protect the real citizens of this country with a border wall, end chain migration and the lottery system, and fund our military the...

What really happened the night of Las Vegas slaughter?

The article “Malloy proposes ban on gun ‘bump stocks’ "(January 9) reveals a common syndrome in today’s media...

Time to pull together, we're on same human side

Why does there have to be opposite sides? Everyone should be on the same side, the human side! No one should be hungry or homeless or poor, not if everyone cares enough about everyone to be more human and more humane! We have to take care of...

Hammond drove development in professional fashion

I'd like to take the opportunity to wish Ned Hammond, New London economic development coordinator, best wishes for a well-deserved retirement. I have dealt with Hammond for over 20 years, as we both administer Foreign Trade Zones in...



Columnist Froma Harrop

Democrats are lousy salesmen for own success

The market has risen 26% in Trump's first year. In the same period of Obama's first term it gained 33 percent. Did you hear Democrats loudly heralding Obama's economic genius? Neither did I.

Columnist Chris Powell

Courts can’t fix bad parenting, but welfare reform might help

Gaining a successful education has little to do with school spending and nearly everything to do with parenting.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Crowded field for governor does not bode well for state

With 19 candidates running for governor, and counting, it is hard to see any of them emerging with the political capital that will be necessary to address Connecticut's serious challenges.


Trump's 'enemy of the people' bluster can't be compared to Stalin's savage rule

Stalin, unlike Trump, never had to deal with a contentious or truth-telling press. To be labeled an "enemy of the people" under Stalin was a death sentence.

Left turn could stall Democrats' election wave

Recent victories offer a promising strategic blueprint for Democratic candidates: calm, progressive centrism that signals relief from Trump's harsh extremism.


'Strategic Ambiguity’ Prompts Guesses About U.S., North Korea

If “strategic ambiguity” is not the final answer or solution, it’s still preferable to the suffering and hardship that all sides need to avoid.

Trade war with China would damage Trump — and America

China is the largest holder of U.S. debt, America's largest trading partner and the fastest growing market for U.S. exports. In a trade war, they can hurt us.

Former civics teacher dismayed by Republican lawmakers

It will be up to U.S. voters in 2018 to deliver instant Karma to the Republican lawmakers enabling Trump's unpresidential behavior.