Cuts, as promised

Republicans elected to the Norwich City Council said they would cut taxes and, painfully, they are.

Will Conn. get 'responsible conclusion' to budget crisis?

The governor will have the greatest influence on how this fiscal debate plays out.

Mexican tall ship will brighten a Monday

Commanded by Capt. Pedro Mata Cervantes, the Cuauhtémoc is scheduled to arrive at 10 a.m.

Pope's example: Do unto others

By welcoming three refugee families to live and work in Vatican City, Pope Francis makes it personal and makes it a challenge.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Sanders could easily return to irrelevant

Now that Bernie Sander’s is used to being a big deal, he’s going to want the campaign treatment to continue. That could be tough.

Face it Hillary, you need Bernie

Hillary Clinton needs to make a far more sincere attempt to reach out to the millions who have rallied behind Sander's political revolution.

Education must be New London’s top priority

A strong public school system is a pillar of any city looking to attract development, increase its tax base and provide opportunity for all.


Registration mix-up disenfranchised voter

I was an unaffiliated voter until 2008 when I changed in order to vote in the primaries. This political season I enthusiastically followed all of the debates and daily political news events. Imagine my surprise when I was not allowed to...

Groton got it wrong, endangering her vote

In the film "Brubaker" when someone speaks up for what they believe is wrong with the establishment they end up in a grave. In the town of Groton when this happens they take you off the Republican voting list. I headed to the polls...

Time for Connecticut to fix voting process

Connecticut, April 26 illustrated the arcane voting rules that exist. The time has come to address the issue. Although I voted due to party affiliation, the fact that many were turned away simply because they have chosen not to align with a party...

Sanders should quit and support Clinton

Bernie Sanders, isn't it time, after the last count of delegates, to put your support behind your party? You vow to take yourself to California. Would you hurt the Democratic Party for the sake of yourself? Hillary Clinton has...

Prince memories remain

Southeastern Connecticut had been fortunate to have had Prince perform at the Mohegan Sun Arena. His sold out shows (including Janelle Monet and Esparanza Spalding) during December 2013 were truly electric! The Sun’s Arena made for great...

Labor of love

I have a crush on the Savoy Bookshop & Cafe, and I can't imagine better partners than Chuck Royce and Dan King. Annie...

End primary system, let parties choose

The presidential primary election system is inherently undemocratic and anti-third party, and none of the Day’s proposed changes will fix that, “

Time to reconsider Coast Guard Museum location

A recent article, “Coast Guard Museum Association working to cultivate next donor base,” (April 11), about the...

Tim Bowles' record ignored by columnist

David Collins goes too far with his dismissal of Democrat Tim Bowles as "an alpaca farmer," as though he is someone with no qualifications, "The Republican ascent,"...

Should Simmons consider gubernatorial run?

Recently Stonington First Selectman Rob Simmons publicly said what we have all suspected;...

Big teacher tax cut unfair to rest of us

I'm writing to see if the teachers are happy with taking away money from the state coffers in the form of a 10 percent tax cut to their retirement pay income tax this year, the next 15 percent to be next year. The legislature has put off...

Gun had nothing to do with mass killing

Are you kidding me? Really! Suing the firearms manufacturer because someone committed a horrible killing using a firearm the manufacturer produced? (“



Trump's victory won't mean anything Nov. 8

Trump's victory in the Connecticut Republican primary, dominated by white men, won't be repeated in the general election with its diverse electorate.

Trump or Clinton? Say it ain't so

No presidential election in modern times has offered as much opportunity for a third-party challenge.

The world according to Trump, Obama redux

Trump, like Obama, is animated by the view that we are overextended and overinvested abroad.


Trump gained more than delegates in N.Y.

Everything worked: Trump finally cleared 50 percent in a primary, with plenty to spare.

Thanks, Bernie, but it's time to go

Sanders has now acquired an almost pathetic desperation in his attacks on Clinton.