Not enough hospital relief

The governor should concede more than just a few small hospitals were hurt by his unilateral budget cuts.

Secret Service boss disappoints

Were secret service agents blatantly violating privacy laws with the hopes of embarrassing a foe?

Clinton's calculated reversal

Hillary Clinton's change of heart on the TPP seems to have everything to do with the political challenge posed by Bernie Sanders.

Congressional inaction on gun control inexcusable

While Sen. Murphy may have come on too strong in his recent statement about gun control, it was delivered out of an understandable sense of frustration.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Providing young offenders hope follows pope's message

'Punishment must never exclude the dimension of hope and the goal of rehabilitation,' said Pope Francis during his congressional address.

In Conn. Senate, Republicans and Democrats often see eye to eye

Working together, your elected representatives in both parties are doing some wonderful, positive things for the people of Connecticut.


Will support leaders who support New London's Chief Ackley

This letter is in response to David Collins’ column, “Chief Ackley’s future separates the New London...

McNally ducks Montville debate, doesn't deserve support

It’s a red flag for me when somebody who wants to hold an elected office in his own town refuses to debate the other candidate. Tom McNally is running for the mayor’s office and has informed the local press that he will not debate...

She and her kin will be voting for Catala in New London

I am very happy to see that Jason Catala is running for the New London Board of Education. Jason Catala has 10 years of school board experience. Jason is a guy who cares, who thinks of the children first. I have followed his political and...

Steward has Waterford on the right path

As a 16-year member of the Waterford Board of Selectmen, nine served with Dan Steward, it is without reservation that I endorse the Steward-Brule team.  Dan's generational connections to his hometown are without parallel. His business...

For needed change elect Vogel in New London

Vote Bill Vogel for mayor. The best way forward for New London is not to continue the practices of the past but to forge a new way of doing government. Too long New London has endured single-party rule with very little in the way of checks...

Waterford Green Party candidate has reader excited

As a lifelong Waterford resident, I am very happy to see our town expanding to include third party candidates for this election cycle. A prime example is Kevin Kelly’s Green Party candidacy for the Board of Education. I have been...

Sheri Cote deserves re-election in Waterford

I am proudly voting for Sheri Cote for re-election to the Waterford Board of Education in November. Having worked with Sheri on the Board of Education for four years, I have found her to be a tireless worker for the families of Waterford. She...

Fire department policy is a Waterford election issue

I would like to point out a disturbing situation in two of our Waterford Fire Districts, Goshen and Quaker Hill. The full-time firefighters in each of these districts have had their hours significantly reduced. This places an additional...

Why won't Steward enforce bamboo law?

In my ongoing battle to discover why Waterford First Selectman Dan Steward refuses to enforce the state's bamboo law, I have been lied to, ignored, pushed aside, obtained a lawyer, and resorted to a television news interview. My many pleas for...

Two Waterford Republicans backing two Democrats

We are registered Republicans. However, we understand that at the municipal level, electing the right people to key leadership positions is more about electing knowledgeable and proactive candidates than it is about national political...

FOI problems show Waterford needs change

This spring I attended a Waterford RTM meeting about the proposed Animal Control Facility. According to a

Pleasant photos welcomed

Some years ago, a woman wrote a letter to The Day decrying the front page (above the fold) pictures of vivid, sometimes horrific, scenes of death and destruction. She asked that The Day show events suitable for children to see. I write to commend...



Nation of psychos may need militias

It may be time to create an auxiliary of hundreds of thousands of civilian volunteers trained in firearms use and safety.

Striving to control Pakistani nuclear arms

Curbing the danger of a nuclear Pakistan will be no easy matter.

Obama's Syria policy wiser than Putin's

Obama’s continued reluctance to act for action’s sake is prudent — and presidential.


Republicans become enemies of the Sun

Renewable energy is linked in many people’s minds with attempts to limit climate change — and climate denial has become a key part of conservative identity.

Good for the Fed for not heeding banks

There’s no reason to believe that what’s good for bankers is good for America.