Malloy's right, Connecticut not obligated to back Trump deportation policy

Connecticut is not required to use its resources to support a move by the president to pursue a wrongheaded policy.

Towns need alternative to resident state troopers

State government is backing out of municipal policing. Smaller towns need to join up for strength in law enforcement.

Sensible shellfish testing

It seems far more sensible to find a way to pay a courier than to begin opening more testing laboratories.

Stop extinction politics

The success of the Endangered Species Act should be measured by saves, and by that yardstick, the act has been a clear success. Only 30 species have disappeared after being placed on the list.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Green burials renew our bodies in Earth’s cycle of life

Being buried without preservatives, without a casket varnished against rot, without a steel or concrete vault, is the way we did it for millennia. People who were born into nature were returned to it.

Free press plays vital role in democracy

Buffeted by technological change and attacked by a president, newspapers continue to work to get the truth out, but that work is becoming increasingly difficult as resources dwindle.

Day editor got it wrong on Republicans dealing on budget

The contention that Republicans in the Connecticut legislature are not offering alternative fiscal ideas ignores history and ignores the facts


Counting the homeless to begin helping them

On Jan. 24, volunteers canvassed the county to count every sheltered and unsheltered adult and youth as part of the annual Point in Time Count. Data collected is used to inform efforts to end homelessness, to better understand the needs of...

UConn women Huskies put in the work

Ever wonder why the University of Connecticut's women's basketball team is so much better than even the best of their opponents? Here is a large part of the difference. During warm ups prior to the South Carolina game, the night of Feb. 13, I...

Montville should prepare for big revenue loss

Assuming I processed the numbers correctly, Montville will endure a 4 percent loss of revenue under the governor’s proposed budget. Also assuming the proposed budget comes into effect unaltered, Montville must adjust the town’s...

Trump's totalitarian tendencies cause for concern

Donald Trump’s leadership style is reminiscent of many totalitarian leaders of the past. 1. They believed that only they could solve their country’s problems. 2. They led by causing fear among the people. 3.

Her free weddings deserved Day's attention

I find it disheartening that The Day found it had to go out of state for some good news (a couple getting married on top of the Empire State Building) on Valentine's Day when each year I perform free Valentine's Day weddings for...

Trump over his head? Sure seems like it

Does President Trump want to change the establishment or destroy it? Every day Trump seems to accomplish some misguided act. Recently he discovered that he wasn’t aware of the powers he had bestowed upon Steve Bannon, his...

Trump thinks he's got problems? Think back 8 years

In the press conference our president lamented that he "inherited a mess." Oh, really, poor baby? How would he have liked to inherit bank failures − Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers come to mind − and potential bank failures...

Illegal immigrants can only blame selves

Surely nobody can find pleasure or satisfaction in the situation of aliens currently residing illegally in our country. What concerns me however is the spurious claim by these individuals that the federal government and its agents are causing...

Praying for miracle to keep Benny's open

I am very sad over the fact that Benny's in Waterford will be closing at the end of this month. I've never been treated so well in my life, as I am when I go shopping there. The minute I walked through the door, I receive the warmest smile,...

Losing another store, Waterford needs change

I am devastated that Benny’s in Waterford is closing. They always had that one thing that I needed and didn’t want to go searching for in a huge-sized store. No matter how off-the-wall an item was, Benny’s always seemed to...

This family sad to see Benny's go

Lately, we have been surprised to read that various local stores have announced that they are closing. And to our dismay, we read that Benny's of Waterford is one of them and will close very soon. We have been going there probably since its...

Trump's Putin envy

It is quite clear now why President Trump admires Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He envies Putin and wished he could rule the United States in the dictatorial way Putin rules Russia. Putin doesn’t have to worry about interference from the...



Liberal-loving press its own worst enemy

The media are like the operator of a poor restaurant who is in denial. People are walking their business out the door, but newspapers won't change their biased approach.

9 years of health care debate and counting

The nature of the crowd confronting Congressman Courtney was far different than it was back in 2009, but the subject remains the same. How does America provide access to health care for its citizens?

Playing off Trump the ‘Madman’ has foreign policy advantages

The combination of radical rhetoric from Trump and conventional policy by his staff may induce better behavior both in friend and foe.


Media needs to quell its Trump hysteria

The Trump Administration, like most administrations, makes early mistakes. In suggesting Trump's in serious trouble, the media is way off base.

Strangers share lives in a Vermont storm

I drove through the prettiest snow landscape you can imagine, yard lights of farmhouses glowing in the twilight, the Main Streets of Norman Rockwell towns.