Enriching the lessons of state history

The state’s history lessons too often focus only on the wealthy and powerful from our past.

Wage hike won’t work

Raising the minimum wage is ineffective at reducing poverty.Raising the minimum wage is ineffective at reducing poverty.

Back to the barracks

In Connecticut, there appears to be no will to change.

Release Lanza papers

This puzzling secrecy has been an embarrassment to the state

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Finding ways to build better boys

Helping boys succeed does not mean turning the clock back for girls.

Enact state budget that protects property taxpayers

If lawmakers want to ensure the state’s economic competiveness, they must start with sustaining Connecticut’s towns and cities.


Take a closer look at North Stonington budget

There is not a big increase in North Stonington's budget this year, but it may be a year of accountability. I am asking every taxpayer to review the proposed budget and see where and how our tax dollars are being spent. Are there some groups and...

Disarming our police will invite chaos

In light of what's transpired over the last several months with civil unrest, and protests that were far from peaceful, you would think the last thing on President Obama's mind would be to take away the tools so vital to police in these...

Tax system needs a drastic overhaul

Our civilization is facing a major crisis. Our national, state and local governments are facing larger debits than ever before. The problem is being overlooked by legislators. The problem is the tax code. When humans worked and got paid for...

Entertaining ourselves as our planet dies

I am looking forward to the administration of Hillary Clinton. Well, not really. It’s just that the GOP is producing terrible candidates. They’re all anti-everything, totally out of touch with what is happening outside their...

Seems corruption OK if you have the 'D'

Does the capital ”D” for Democratic that appears after Hillary Clinton’s name provide the good-smelling aroma necessary to mask the stench created by her arrogance, greed and deception? It seems that as...

Don't cut carbon without solid proof

I applaud the president for much of his speech to the Coast Guard cadets. Global warming is happening and can present threats to all mankind worldwide. There is no evidence that proves man can affect this change. The “science”...

New laws needed to spur manufacturing

I agree with the column, “The left is so wrong on trade,” (May 16), that Obama should have fast track authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific...

Recall Jesus' words about public prayer

I read in bemusement and sadness, “Russian leaders show their love of Christ,” (May 18). The writer,...

Conn. Dept. on Aging is critically important

I am extremely proud of the senior center directors of southeastern Connecticut for their effort in pushing our government to reinstate the much needed Department on Aging. Our local senior center director has worked together on numerous causes...

Patriots criticism insulted her intelligence

When I read The Day, I always enjoy reading what Mike DiMauro has to say. Now I find out I’m ignorant and illiterate, “The...

Land-swap proposal could be a trick

Magicians label it misdirection, switching an individual’s focus from A to B. The observer concentrates on B while the magician then successfully manipulates A.  As a Green environmentalist, I truly hope that Glenn Russo is...

Supports legislators for job-saving effort

I am writing to reply to Mr. Philip Brose’s letter, “Mayor should refocus on needs of her city,” (May 11). I have...



Nappier's warning falls on (understandably) deaf ears

Her math may be right, but her political calculations come up short.

Obama drills hole in climate policy

The fact is that if we are going to avert the kind of temperature rise that climate scientists say would be catastrophic, some of the oil, coal and natural gas buried in the ground will have to stay there.

U.S. Mideast standing in tatters under Obama

Following 6 years of Obama’s steady and determined withdrawal from the Middle East, America’s standing in the region has collapsed.


Lying U.S. into Iraq War was a criminal act by Bush White House

The Iraq War wasn’t an innocent mistake, the Bush administration wanted a war.

Power from populists stuns White House

Impressive victory for the ascendant populist wing of the Democratic Party, and its spiritual leader, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.