Murphy makes the case U.S. policy serving Russia's interests

The fact that a senator sitting on the Committee on Foreign Relations feels it necessary to consider such thoughts shows what a strange and potentially dangerous period the nation has entered.

Tax plan bad for Connecticut, for the debt, and for the middle-class

The national debt will reach about 99 percent of the Gross Domestic Product — meaning the size of the economy — by 2027 if Republican tax policies become law.

Relocate Niantic River shellfish hatchery plan

There were legitimate problems with the process and location for a proposed shellfish hatchery in Niantic River, but Waterford and East Lyme officials should work with the applicant to find another...

Malloy took the hit, so stop your complaining

Legislative leaders should have saved the drama and provided a simple, joint statement: “Don’t blame us, blame him.”

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Tough challenge ahead for new Montville leaders

Connecticut has created a hostile environment for our businesses and an adversarial environment for our municipalities. Instead of controlling spending and overhead, politicians look for more money and reach a little deeper into our pockets.

'We're not safe with this president'

Donald Trump says we don't need a State Department because his diplomacy is all that matters. This is naive and, more importantly, dangerous. The president's brand of diplomacy consists of cozying up to heads of state who give him the...

Faux patriots blind to constitutional protections

I am a retired Naval officer who served 23 years and consider myself a patriot who served to support all people in my country. Those who call themselves "patriots," after having received multiple deferments with false claims of...

Stick to tax facts, not partisan hype

Raising Taxes? I take issue with columnist David Collins relying on inaccurate and biased allegations from a party-line politician (Kevin B. Sullivan, Commissioner of Revenue Services) in his column, “

Democrats tear down their own past

Eugene Robinson’s column, “Trump’s racism makes him corrosive to national fabric,” (Nov. 7), argued that...

Making nation better one person at a time

Next Veterans Day, please don't thank me for my service. Go and do your own.  As a veteran, I’m baffled by how America seems to have become its own worst enemy. The news is full of items about Americans hating other...

Survival of fittest in world gone mad

Are Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes! There will never be gun control that will work. In order to have gun control, all guns must be removed. For every legal gun taken away, there is a...

Ledyard libraries unfairly targeted by cuts

The quality of life in Ledyard will decline on Dec. 3.  That’s the day that Mayor Fred Allyn will severely reduce the hours of operation for the Bill and Gales Ferry Libraries. Bill’s hours will be reduced from...

Major sewer plan for Old Lyme should require referendum

The decision by Old Lyme's Water Pollution Control Authority to abandon the long standing sewer avoidance policy and instead implement a centralized sewer policy was wrong. Unanswered questions, including the impact to ground water levels...

Catala has earned the right to be New London BOE president

It’s not often you find a person with the high character and integrity that Jason Catala exhibits. He is dedicated to every project or job he has taken on. Two years ago he received more votes than all of the City Council and Board of...

Day coverage shines, but not in this town

I attend the Estuary Senior Center in Old Saybrook. Some folks like reading The Day when I bring it there, and even say its better than the Hartford Courant, except there is no local Old Saybrook news. Perhaps this is an...

Disagree about Trump, so let's talk it out

I'm sure Garrison Keillor doesn't need me to defend him, but I do feel compelled to acknowledge The Day for publishing his column, “Cue the fat lady,...



Columnist Chris Powell

Giving delinquents endless chances is bad policy

Many young delinquents, some prosecutors say, don't fear the law because they have learned that juveniles are never really punished for anything in Connecticut.

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

The face of a soulless, intellectually corrupt party

The policy goals Republicans onced cared about about were long ago sublimated by the goal of holding power, of winning.

Columnist Cal Thomas

California dreaming? Lately, not so much

High taxes, protection for illegal immigrants, high housing prices, earthquakes, fires and outrageous traffic. No wonder more people are going than coming.


Yes, the Clintons should be investigated

Any impartial investigation of Russia's efforts to meddle in our democratic process needs to include a full inquiry of the Russian money flowing into Clinton world.

New Hobbesian war on our privacy

Today, foreign governments and private hackers can use the same tools we all feared the U.S. government would use.


The Pilgrims: Sloppy, lucky, and smart

It was fundamental values that allowed Plymouth to thrive. The Pilgrims had come as families. They had come to work and build new lives, not get rich quick off gold, slaves, or conquest.

Pruitt leads Trump’s economic war on the environment

The declared war is lubricated by the ideology of growth economics, a social science, instead of biophysical economics.

Budget hurts vulnerable senior and disabled residents

Extreme, reckless reduction of insurance eligibility will put thousands of seniors and disabled persons in immediate danger.