Next for Sound View? Restrooms, please

Welcomed improvements are anticipated for the Old Lyme beach community, but giving people a place to go, so to speak, is also needed.

Limiting gun access

Every conflict, from the mundane to the serious — not just domestic disputes and robberies, but traffic altercations and bar fights — is more deadly in the U.S. because of the presence...

Could Block Island wind farm be first and last?

It is remarkable, in an unfortunate way, that this will be the nation's first offshore wind project.

New London's great debate

City voters who watched (or will take the time to do so) were treated to a substantive debate.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



The rapid evolution of the newspaper industry

Newspapers are leveraging technology and audience data more than ever to create new content, products and services that attract audiences and advertisers.

95 years ago women gained the vote

The fact so many don't bother voting is a sad commentary on the status of our democracy.


Recalling history involving U.S.-Iranian relations

In 1953, agents of the CIA kidnapped the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran and exiled him. He was replaced by the Shah of Iran, a brutal dictator and his gang of thugs called Savak. In Nov. 1979, a group of Iranian students...

Oxen-pull detestable

Both my husband and I were so sad when we saw the photo of the oxen pulling huge weight featured on the front page of The Day...

Embryonic cell research is producing success

In response to Susan Czekala Waters letter, "Exposing the evil of fetal organ harvesting,” (Aug. 25). I certainly respect the...

Focus should return to teacher quality

It was of interest to read the article, “Poll: Schools too...

Moving steadily away from fossil-fuel age

I saw a program, "Green Tyranny," that informed about what our world’s fossil-fuel based economy makes possible. It spoke of how, in many places, where there are water and food shortages, fossil-fuel burning trucks, ships and planes...

Exaggerated rank of senior lawmen

Regardless of what side of the issue one is on, it’s not difficult to conclude that United States uniformed law enforcement personnel have a serious image problem. The image problem includes allegations of arrogance and excessive use of...

Great time to vote for 3rd-party option

Voters have an opportunity with many seats in local elections. We can vote for more than one candidate. For example, each voter in Waterford will have the ability to vote for five or six candidates, depending on the district, to represent them on...

Stop useless wars, focus on homeland

I'm writing to express my concern at the naivete of those in Congress who have urged that we Americans get involved in the Syrian civil war. History has shown that all of our efforts to establish a Western-style government in the Mideast have...

Wasting time and money on New London spat

I read the article, “Ethics Board calls for hearing on New London mayor’s comment,” (Aug. 26), on the front page...

People ready rebellion against political elite

Your editorial, “Year of Democratic mayoral rebellions," (Aug. 23), was trending towards reality but is lacking in impact voters will produce in...

Technology changes doomed affordable Groton Cinemas

This article, “Groton movie theater closes without warning,” (Aug. 25), reflects the beginning of the decline of the movie theater...

Schumer gave deceptive comments on Iran deal

Senator Chuck Schumer’s statement explaining why he will vote to disapprove the Iran deal is grossly misleading, as it implies that all inspections must be preceded by a 24-day delay: “…Inspections are not...



GOP confronts reality Trump could win

That jolt you felt Thursday morning wasn’t an earthquake, it was the detonation of the Quinnipiac bomb.

Government jobs invested in manufacturing poverty

Where are all this poverty and child neglect coming from and how can they be reversed? Why do so many kids today have poor parents or none at all?

Krauthammer was right, Obama was transformative

Obama became president "to do something" and he certainly has.


As the server turns, Clinton’s hopes tumble

The public may not know the difference between top secret, classified and sensitive, but it understands Clinton had to have known she was disregarding the national interest when she launched that server.

Health care question Republicans must answer

Gov. Scott Walker has proposed a credible alternative to Obamacare that would protect those with pre-existing conditions without the federal coercion.