Federal probe into spending by Conn. Democrats welcomed

The problem with using federal funds in the 2014 election was that Malloy was a state candidate, not a federal one.

Trump on accessing opponent's emails: 'I wish I had that power'

In calling on Russia to provide emails on Hillary Clinton, and in thirsting for the ability himself to access them, Trump again shows he is not qualified to be president.

Keeping Coast Guard Band where it belongs

The conclusion reached seemed to be the obvious one because no good reason was ever offered for relocating the Coast Guard Band.

Shadow over Olympics

This ethically warped performance by the panjandrums of the international Olympic “movement” casts a dark shadow indeed over the Rio proceedings.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



L+M and Yale merger is unnecessary

The formal acquisition of L+M by Yale-New Haven is neither required nor justified to achieve clinical goals — that is, to best serve our patients.

‘Historic’ convention excites former state Democratic chairman

A Democratic convention is a mixture of fun, work, and by the end of the week, exhaustion, along with the feeling of having participated in history. This time, with a woman running for president, it will truly be historic.

Cost to study mileage tax is a waste

Every time you give the state another source of revenue it gets squandered.


Living 'Citizen Kane' in 2016 election

I am very disappointed to learn who the choices are for president. Both candidates are highly flawed. I find it hard to believe that we cannot find more qualified persons to choose from. There is no question power, mone, political favors and...

Collins' opinion perplexing, NLMS leadership strong

I’ve been a member of the New London Maritime Society now for about a decade and I’ve been on the board of directors for eight years. I’ve never been associated with a more dedicated or steadier group of people. When I joined...

New London's beauty

Speaking of beautification of train stations, there is one in the area that is spectacular! Maybe I'm prejudice since I grew up there, but the...

Trump showed leadership

On the last day of the GOP convention, Donald Trump offered hope and a pretty comprehensive plan on how he would heal the wounded spirit and soul of America. His convention was one of class. He stressed the values of truth and beauty. Some...

Demagogue nominated at Republican convention

What a scam. The Grand Old Republican Party convention proved to be a silly one-ring circus. And the principal performer, in absentia, was Hillary Clinton. Given the time they spent reviling her and hurling lies and innuendoes at her, the...

Dire implications for careless behavior

The guest editorial, “Would you be as honest?” (July 12), asks the wrong question; “Would you be as careless?” is more like it, the cab...

It's really Trump with pants on fire

If you believe Donald Trump, and polls show most people do, Hillary Clinton is a liar. He assures us he tells it like it is, "Believe me". Rather than take his word for it, however, I go to the nonpartisan website ""...

Follow police orders to assure safety

I have an idea which, I believe, would radically reduce (or eliminate) police-involved shootings. It costs nothing. No new laws are needed. Washington need not become involved. It is easily understood by any person above the age of...

Clinton, a criminal liar, deserves no support

There have been a couple letters recently quoting the number of deaths of ambassadors under different presidents. Though the quoted statistics are true, the difference is those were surprise attacks that no one saw coming. The ambassador in...

Attend meeting to end unfair Waterford Beach rules

Tuesday at 5 p.m., the Waterford Recreation and Parks Commission will hold their regularly scheduled meeting at the Waterford Community Center on Rope Ferry Road. If you are a Waterford resident who supports lifting the ban...

Catala will fight for St. Joseph school nurse

The New London Board of Education will need to look at some big issues over the next few months, one being the recent notice that the Waterford Public Schools will no longer participate as a partner in the continuation of the Friendship...

Investigate something real, the Iraq war crimes

I’m tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails and Benghazi. The FBI concluded Hillary was careless with her emails. Investigations found no wrongdoing on Benghazi. Now the Republicans want another investigation on the...



WikiLeaks outs DNC and its hypocrisy

One male DNC staffer wrote another male staffer saying “I love you” and added “no homo.” Another DNC email referred to Latino voters as “taco bowl outreach.”

Putin's new buddy spouts more lies

We’ve become almost numb to Trump’s wild and irresponsible declarations because there are so many of them. But this one, for me, was jaw-dropping

Rebuked, Chinese leaders consider next move

The U.S., rather than crowing about victory, it’s trying to talk the Chinese leadership off the ledge before it does something rash.


Ryan tries to rally troops around Trump

Ryan’s reluctance to back Trump is no secret, and he confirmed that to N.C. delegates at last week’s convention.

Win, lose or break even — why we go to casinos

To while away a night at the tables is, on an unspoken level, to make sense of one’s place in a world fueled by desires but governed by chance.