Keep those butts off our beaches

The only butts that should be welcomed at local beaches are those clothed in swimsuits. Keep the cigarette variety away from the sand and shore.

U.S. can't abandon a world in trouble

One of the most counterproductive cuts proposed by President Trump is the plan to slash such “soft power” staples as diplomacy and foreign aid.

Need for impartial review of Russian ties is now clear

The conduct of intelligence committee chairs and the potential for conflict in the Department of Justice point to the need for an independent panel and a special prosecutor.

Draft drugmakers for war on opioid abuse

Endangering of federal funds to treat opioid abuse signals that it's time to look for more allies. Number one should be companies profiting from the sale of opiate painkillers, as called for in...

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Day missed the mark in backing Millstone bill

The Day's editorial failed to address the litany of problems posed by the legislation that would give a powerful corporation an unfair competitive advantage and discourage renewable energy development.

Saving Groton Library weekend operating hours

Groton has a great library and having it available on weekends is vitally important, even if it means closing it for some weekday hours.

He knows his place in parking lot hierarchy

As a white male, I have a pretty good idea where I will be parking when the smoke clears and each group has its fair share of reserved spaces.


On topic of undermining, Republicans can't complain

I had to laugh when I read that Sean Hannity was very upset because Rachel Maddow was revealing President Trump's 2005 partial tax return. Sean claims NBC and MSNBC are trying to undermine Trump's presidency. Sound familiar? That’s just...

No more middlemen in electric supply chain

Buy Direct, avoid the middleman, and save. Except, of course, if you are buying electricity in Connecticut, then we have a middleman. Middlemen who often have misleading and confusing sales promotions. Now The Day editorial, “

Welcoming Westerly murals

In response to David Collins' rant "Stop the murals, please," (March 10). I have enjoyed many public murals in the U.S. and around the world. One of the best was in...

Problem is not Deep State, it's the inept president

The Trump administration, Fox News and the Alt-Right are working themselves into quite a state over the Deep State. They truly appear to believe that former President Obama and a merry band of holdover bureaucrats are running a shadow government...

Helping Montville students in mind and body

Since 2009, Read to Ride Inc. has been committed to encouraging local students to read and be active. As an educator and parent of two boys, I understand that reading is the foundation of all learning and plays a vital role in preparing...

Sentence for molester was far too lenient

I am writing in response to the article, “Career pedophile Beemer sentenced to 10 years in prison,” (March...

Seeking some relief from high water bills

The last Town Audit showed that the Montville Water Pollution Control Authority has almost $7 million in uncommitted funds. I suggest that it look into buying the water system sold to Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority (SCWA)...

Judge in Hawaii, Trump's the Constitution

We now have a second federal judge who has placed a hold on the president's travel ban; this time from the state of pineapples. The judge admitted throughout his rather hastily prepared ruling (perhaps even written ahead) that there were no legal...

Don't let Trump set immigration policy

Because The Day’s editorial, “Up to Republican Congress to rein in Trump,” (March 12), seriously questions the mental...

This presidential chant showed intolerance

What has it come to when a predominately white school plays a predominately black school and the U.S. president's name is used to denigrate the opponents, “

Grasping at straws

I couldn't help but find amusing the letter, “Don’t forget Pres. Clinton’s pointed finger,” (March 18), that...

Don't sit out health care debate

Are you about to lose your health insurance? The Congressional Budget Office reports that 14 million people will lose coverage next year under the GOP health care plan, called the American Health Care Act. How many Connecticut...



U.S. checks & balances trump strongman Trump

Madison’s genius was to understand that the best bulwark against tyranny was not virtue but ambition counteracting ambition, faction counteracting faction.

Tolls are just another tax hike

As a tax increase on state residents, tolls will serve mainly to relieve pressure on state government to economize generally.

Does FBI trail lead to Russia/Trump ties?

It is bad enough to wonder whether Trump’s narrow margin of victory might have resulted from a boost provided by Russian President Vladimir, much worse to think that the Trump campaign might have collaborated in the dark operation.


Sen. Schumer’s resistance thrills conservatives

The Senate minority leader is doing more than anyone in our nation’s capital to ensure the passage of the most conservative health care and tax reform possible

If U.S. wants growth, it needs immigrants

As the American population ages and retires, the economy must increasingly depend on people from abroad to pick up the slack.