Brady freed, Goodell and NFL sacked

It remains baffling why the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, acting on scant evidence, chose to turn this relatively minor matter about the possible slight deflation of footballs into a massive...

Protect freedoms on Supreme Court's steps

Reminding the court of its past finding that “debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open.”

Funding Coast Guard for Arctic mission

With Russia intent on exploiting changes that are opening new shipping lanes and access to natural resources across what were once permanently frozen areas, the United States cannot afford to sit by...

Cool it, Ohio, let Alaska have its mountain

There are plenty of ways to honor McKinley, but any such honors ought to relate to his life and work.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



The rapid evolution of the newspaper industry

Newspapers are leveraging technology and audience data more than ever to create new content, products and services that attract audiences and advertisers.

95 years ago women gained the vote

The fact so many don't bother voting is a sad commentary on the status of our democracy.


Veteran disappointed with level of care

This past January, I was issued a useless Veterans Choice Card from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Its purpose is to provide funding for qualifying medical care outside the Veterans Affairs. Although one of the qualifications is...

Evil of slavery not race-specific

The letters (Aug. 26),concerning slavery...

Sanders and Trump unrealistic visionaries

Bernie Sanders vision is a great one; unfortunately it is not based in reality. Who does not want 12 weeks paid medical leave or a $15 minimum wage? How does he plan on delivering on these promises? President Obama was unable to increase wages in...

Visit your library to avoid DMV lines

In response to the editorial, “Patrons share the blame for long DMV lines,” (Aug. 25), it is important to remember that the digital divide...

Give peace a chance by backing Iran deal

All Americans should rally behind our president in supporting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement that Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and our allies reached with Iran. Yes, we will put planes in the air and boots on the ground, if...

Upset with candidate's anti-union rant

I read with interest the letter from the GOP candidate for mayor of New London, “New London unions have too much power,” (Aug. 24). His disdain for organized labor was more than the usual rhetoric I see spewing from the mouths of...

Collins and Choiniere want to sell news

It is not the campaigning candidate that sways the public’s opinion and voters' choice. As history dictates, it is the media like The Day that has the supreme power that makes or breaks the candidate's chances to grasp the brass...

Obama is Chamberlain for 21st century threat

President Obama's and Democrats' policies toward terrorists amounts to: How can we appease you? Let us count the ways. Close Guantanamo prison and move the barbarians to U.S. soil. Pretend ISIS is not a threat to the...

Give manual shifters some room please!

Every new driver on our roads should have to pass their test on a manual shift, as well as an automatic! I say that because if someone has never driven a manual shift vehicle before, they are not aware of what can happen on a big steep...

Poor traffic control after bad I-95 crash

I am responding to the accident on I-95 Aug. 15. I know this was an enormous job trying to save lives and clean up the highway, but I feel that the police and the Connecticut Department of Transportation dropped the ball on Exit 72. I...

Nine recommendations to improve I-95

Our experiences using I-95 have been very stressful. We believe the following should be addressed. 1. Speeding 2. Tailgating 3. Weaving 4. Safer on and off ramps 5. Governors on all trucks and better regulation of...

Harvesting fetal parts is morally indefensible

Politicians will almost never make tough decisions. The people will almost never vote for the tough decisions. The selling by Planned Parenthood ($500 million annual taxpayer subsidy) of fetal parts is disgusting, demeaning, and...



Our stake in the future and the past

In the age of Donald Trump, the cult of self-interest occasionally seems like an article of the Bill of Rights

Tests mean little without real standards

Testing is one thing and standards are something else. Standards are requirements students have to meet for promotion from grade to grade and for high school graduation.

Tragedy in Roanoke personalized the 'media'

President Obama and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe were quick to exploit the incident, predictably calling for more gun laws, but laws do not stop lawbreakers, good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.


Republicans buy into cults of personality

In modern America, cults of personality built around undeserving politicians seem to be a Republican thing.

As the server turns, Clinton’s hopes tumble

The public may not know the difference between top secret, classified and sensitive, but it understands Clinton had to have known she was disregarding the national interest when she launched that server.