Slamming a door in the face of open government

The governor must live up to his pledge to support freedom of information, and must preserve the independence of watchdog agencies.

Lifetimes of generosity

Laurence P. “Jim” and Marjory Smith of Waterford spent lifetimes quietly supporting a number of charities throughout the region, but the full extent of their extraordinary generosity is...

Lifetimes of generosity

Laurence P. “Jim” and Marjory Smith of Waterford spent lifetimes quietly supporting a number of charities throughout the region, but the full extent of their extraordinary generosity is...

Free speech vs. hate in Texas

Sunday’s shooting deaths in Garland, Tex. of two gunmen with suspected Islamic extremist ties who reportedly attacked an exhibit of cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad, is...

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Bureaucracy, outdated regulations challenge broadband 'railroad'

A broadband railroad is unlikely to be built throughout Connecticut anytime soon. The Central Pacific Railroad laid 10 miles of track in a single record day in 1869. By comparison, it can still take up to 90 days for a 21st century company to...


Now, we have an opportunity – in fact, an obligation – to repay the trust and confidence that the tribes placed in us a generation ago.


Urge selectmen to oppose cell tower

AT&T currently has an application before the Connecticut Siting Council for the placement of a telecommunications (cell phone) tower on private land in a residential area on Ancient Highway in East Lyme. The Connecticut Siting Council holds...

Cell tower would be a blight on neighborhood

I am writing in response to the article, “East Lyme residents learn about cell tower proposals,” (April 23). Aside from issues...

Letter unfairly demonized President Obama

Once again, The Day has printed a letter from a reader that shows not only the ignorance of the writer but also that of The Day's editorial staff by embellishing it with the derogatory headline proclaiming "Obama's tax breaks show his hypocrisy,"...

Why no bidding on Montville High School clinic?

On April 21, I attended the Montville School Board meeting at our High School. Unfortunately, I came away with certain misgivings. Every item voted on was approved with little or no discussion as though it was a race to conclude the meeting as fast...

Stonington budget balances needs and costs

As both a resident and a registered Republican in the town of Stonington, I am impressed by the cooperative spirit demonstrated within the budget process this year. I urge voters to pass the budget May 12.

Author sent the wrong message to students

Ledyard educators in their zeal to promote reading and critical thinking at the elementary school level brought in an author promoting questionable ethos to the schools.

Ft. Trumbull apartments are a poor strategy

I am disappointed in our City Council and RCDA/NLDC for approving apartments at Fort Trumbull. It is clear that their political motivation to get something going at Fort Trumbull hinders their ability to clearly think what is best for New London.

Free trade policies killing U.S. economy

Since its inception, the World Trade Organization has been an undemocratic organization run by haves at the expense of the have-nots. Sold as a way to combat income inequality around the world and allow everyone's boat to rise, the organization has...

East Lyme tower raises many questions

We are gravely concerned about a petition before the Connecticut Siting Council to build a temporary cell tower in East Lyme. Although AT&T has known for years that their cell tower lease off Scott Road in East Lyme will expire at the end of...

NRC's self interest in keeping nukes running

The April 18 story by Judy Benson, “Millstone incurred $2.5 million in special inspection costs, highest in region for 2014,” concerned  Millstone's expenditures relating to the NRC bills to Millstone for having to be...

Good Stonington budget deserves voter support

I am a member of the Stonington Republican Town Committee. I wholeheartedly endorse the current budget that will be placed before the voters in Stonington on May 12. I urge all taxpayers in Stonington to vote Yes on May 12.

Shame on Democrats for embracing Clinton

It must be a huge let down for voters, especially American women, servicemen and women, and those who have trusted and practically worshiped Hillary Clinton and President Obama to see that the Democrats have chosen her to be President of the U.S.



‘Property tax relief’ is a euphemism for raises

Democrats on the General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee think they have the solution to state government’s budget difficulties — just raise taxes another billion dollars per year, about 5 percent of the...

To rebuild Baltimore, first clear the blight

Baltimore needs to be built up again, but first a lot of it ought to be torn down.

Overcoming defeatism in black urban centers

The economic incentives in this country flash neon lights to most of the world. The one thing that can dim them is defeatism. The rioters in Baltimore and others who defend their activities have mastered the defeatist language.


Ideology of the right has credibility issue

Obamacare is working better than even its supporters expected, but its enemies say that the good news proves nothing, because nobody predicted anything different.

Unlike abortion issue, same-sex divisions won't linger

The implication is clear: Same-sex marriages are unlikely to produce anything like the social divisions associated with abortion.