Sony's last laugh

Too bad such a tasteless movie as "The Interview" has wound up being a cause celebre for free speech.

N-ice Norwich reopening

Good news for skaters: Norwich rink reopens

State cannot ignore pension problems

While there has been some progress, far more will be needed to close Connecticut's pension gap.

A changing 'Hallelujah' in New London

Exploring changing face of Christianity in urban setting.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



On Cuba: 'Well done, Mr. President'

No stranger to controversy himself, Lowell P. Weicker writes that the president's Cuba policy change is the right one.

Former Gov. Weicker on Cuba: ‘Well done, Mr. President’

I have waited 35 years for an American president to have the courage to articulate a new foreign policy initiative as pertains toward Cuba.


CIA needs guidelines, congressional backing

Cutting through the arguments spawned by the Senate report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program is an understanding that federal law lacks a statutory definition of torture. From President Barack Obama to Senator Mitch McConnell, everybody...

Agrees with Obama 100%, but not really

I agreed with President Obama 100 percent. Speaking about Cuba yesterday he said: “I do not believe we can keep doing the same thing for over five decades and expect a different result.” I thought he was talking about the communists in Cuba. Silly...

Inmate is in charge of the environment

The Senate won’t take climate change seriously but should.\n

Nation must do more for its ex-warriors

Military pay scales for enlisted members continues to be pathetic for new recruits with families.

Policy toward Cuba was long inconsistent

A few thoughts to add to the wonderful comments on Cuba by Gov. Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. The so-called ban on travel to Cuba was a wink and a nod. Simply a bus trip to Montreal, and from there a direct flight to Havana. \n

Break for Rowland? Forget about it!

John Rowland is asking for leniency! John Rowland was given leniency when he was convicted in a federal court and then given nearly 3 months to further enjoy before sentencing.

Taxes, regulations hurting middle class

Re: “Plight of Middle Class is About More than Recession,” Jim Tankersley, The Washington Post.\nThe article by Mr. Tankersley was an interesting and heart-rending human interest story, but never answered the question he raised: “Why did the economy...

Engage NL community, don't arm to fight it

I am white; I live and work in NL. Police Chief Peter Reichard’s request for funds to purchase riot gear illustrates an unfounded lack of faith in the NL community and a leap in the wrong direction.

Violent acts followed the dangerous rhetoric

he mayor of New York City sells his police department down the river. Al Sharpton organizes a peace rally where the participants chant, “kill the cops.” Michael Browns father screams, “Burn this town down.” all in the name of free speech. Well guess...

Nothing happy about Jordan sneaker sales

What is wrong with this picture?\nMichael Jordan makes sneakers that very few can really afford but they are cults to kids so parents and guardians go out of their way to find $200 for the sneakers.

Facts in letter were used to mislead

In the letter, “Affordable Care Act doesn’t go far enough,” (Dec. 19), the following flawed statement was made: “The United States ranks 25th in the world in infant mortality rate, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and 26th...

Should have complied with police orders

Amid all of the finger-pointing, accusations and heated conversation over the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and nameless others at the hands of police, there is a common thread of fact which runs through each of the cases which nobody seems...



Elizabeth Warren's jihad masks Obama success

From near depression to current economic revival may be Obama's greatest achievement.

Welcoming the greatest gift for all those who would believe

Choose this Christmas to believe in the greatest gift of all.

Special treatment can harm women's careers

Giving too many maternal benefits to women can harm their career prospects and ability to lead.


School horror violates our shared humanity

World faces unprecedented threat to life, freedom and dignity.

Populist Warren could rewrite American politics

Populist platform could bring middle-class whites back into Democratic fold.