Meet cyber threats

U.S. can't afford to keep ignoring the threat of a cyber-terrorism.

Accepting good news

Businesses that have been waiting to expand when the economy turned around should take notice that it has.

Benefits of supporting the public library

Increased financial support for the Public Library of New London is long overdue.

Reform campaign law for governor's race or drop it

Fix it if possible, but don't hold another election for governor under these rules.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



No deflating Patriots' record of excellence

Let's be honest, all this angst about the inflation of footballs stems from one thing; the fans of other teams are sick of seeing the Patriots win.

Safety is Millstone Power Station's top priority

Millstone today has no resemblence to troubled era.


Former fire chief will not be silenced

Lack of Information and misinformation surround Police Boat Referendum.

Intolerance, cruelty in name of religion

Where do all of the liberal apologists get the idea that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance? Raif Badawi is set to receive second round of lashes after his criticism of Islam, in Saudi Arabia the very home of Islam and Mecca.

'Disgraceful timing'

On Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day - Remberance.

'Humane' conservative sees growing support

For over 50 years, I have been writing letters to The Day. It’s clear that more and more readers seem to be sharing my humane, kind and conservative opinions.

Why a change of heart by state's U.S. senators?

Senate vote on the Keystone Pipeline as a way to show leadership on energy policy, and to show she was not beholden to Senate Democratic leaders. When the Senate had to vote on whether to proceed to the bill, a vote that wasn’t even needed,...

New London is a great place to live

Many people make the move from New London to Waterford for many different reasons. I did the opposite and after being raised in Waterford, I moved to New London 26 years ago.

Wright brothers were the first to fly

As a pilot I would like to weigh in on the Whitehead discussion. In science the key element is documentation.

Finizio has done an outstanding job

As a member of the Democratic Town Committee, I hope that my party will unite behind our Mayor so that he can finish the work he’s started.\n

Krauthammer reality ignores real world in fervor to discredit Obama

I read with interest Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s assessment of the President’s response to the attacks n Paris, “Obama: Charlie who? POTUS ignores reality,” (Jan 17).

2016 can't come fast enough for him

I’m embarrassed at how our leaders have responded to the tragedy in Paris recently.

February not 'Febuary'

It’s that month again! February!\n

The 'Big One' could happen in this area

The article, “Experts mystified by Plainfield’s earthquake swarm,” (Jan. 17), about Plainfield’s earthquakes being close to the Lake Char Fault is correct by the experts.



Emperor Malloy protects realm

Allegations raised by utility regulators were serious.

Google joins the Failure Hall of Fame

Few, apparently, wanted a bunch of glassholes walking around.

Iran's emerging empire should worry everyone

Obama administration appeases Iran as it threatens all of Middle East.


Ending Connecticut's boom and bust budgets

With a new strategy, Connecticut should have the money set aside to weather the next economic downturn.

Keystone's a symbol; real energy policy needed

Some sensible suggestions for energy policy.