Law would address state's opioid abuse crisis

Comprehensive legislation to address the growing problem of opioid abuse in Connecticut deserves legislative support.

Finding unity to help North Stonington schools

Those who want to see schools upgraded can take some encouragement from the fact that voters in Ledyard and Stonington recently approved large school building projects.

Focus on violent criminals and rehabilitation

Rather than being soft on crime, these alternative approaches can lower crime and the cost of government, which is why nationally it is receiving support within both major political parties.

Vast federal government waste

Spotlighting waste is the first step toward eliminating it.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Passero says its falls on council to hold line on New London taxes

The City Council must step up and deliver a budget that holds the line on increased taxes.

Norwich mayor squarely behind casino growth

The gaming industry is changing and Connecticut needs to change with it.


Tolerance is better late than never

We can’t change history but we can correct it is my optimistic feeling after reading the guest-op, “Free market forces now back tolerance,” (April 2).

Retirement community engages with world

Lee Howard did his usual superior job reporting the amenities enjoyed by residents of the StoneRidge retirement community in Mystic, like my wife and myself, “StoneRidge adds flexibility for a new age,” (April 19). I’ll mention...

Libraries meet needs, continue state aid

What a shame! Did you know that the State of Connecticut is proposing to cut the more than $2 million dollars from the public library budgets? Did you know that the State budget support to public libraries is less than 0.049 percent of the total...

Obama's tax breaks show his hypocrisy

Tax time hypocrisy. After reading the article, “Obamas pay $93,362 in federal taxes; tax rate of 20 percent,” (April 11) written by Stephen Ohlemacher. I quickly realized the numbers didn't add up. Where to begin? According to the...

Outraged that woman asked to move seat

In response to a story regarding a conflict over religion and seat assignment on a flight from New York to London on April 9. In what reality do law abiding people in a free country get on a plane, sit in their assigned seat and then get asked to...

Besieged New London resident filled with frustration

Fellow New Londoners, can you believe that we have been told that the only way to fund education is by raising property taxes just because we are worth it. So because of your great idea, I have decided to raise my tenant’s rents and tell them...

Seize control over ultimate health destiny

National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16. This day is dedicated to raise public awareness and inspire, educate and empower everyone to begin conversations with their loved ones and healthcare providers about their advance healthcare wishes.

Agrees with Day on land trust ruling

The Day continued its practice of thoughtful coverage of environmental issues with its editorial “Land preservation ruling could set powerful precedent,” (March 31), commenting on the judgment in favor of the Lyme Land Conservation...

Drive an electric car for savings and environment

Today, the average cost of a gallon of gas in Connecticut is about $1.30 cheaper than a year ago. That’s good news for our pocketbooks, but we should not expect it to last. There is only so much oil available and prices will go back up.

Conn College professor was addressing reality

Regarding, “Conn College professor responds to reaction to Facebook post” (April 15). Do not college professors have the right to a visceral emotional response when reacting to terrorism?

Defense of Finizio was a snow job

What a joke: ¨The city always comes first ... the job of running the government in different situations will always come before the campaign,¨ according to Zak Leavy, Mayor Daryl Finizio's campaign manager, “Passero says fundraising...



On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a fraud

As we know, on the Web interested parties or crazy people can create a phony consensus.

Cops, courts, prosecutors align to promote secrecy

The police can now withhold anything beyond the name, address, date, time and charges.

The drone wars, strikes against morality

Some degree of collateral human damage should be considered the rule, not the exception.


Ideology of the right has credibility issue

Obamacare is working better than even its supporters expected, but its enemies say that the good news proves nothing, because nobody predicted anything different.

Unlike abortion issue, same-sex divisions won't linger

The implication is clear: Same-sex marriages are unlikely to produce anything like the social divisions associated with abortion.