Sheffield stays, grows

A New London mainstay expands in Norwich.

Cuba must change

Things will really change only when Cuba's leaders move toward democratic reforms.

Conn. finally lands education grant

Connecticut gets Race to the Top grant, but will it last?

Coltsville should boost Connecticut tourism

It may take years, but Coltsville National Park could be game changer for Connecticut.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Don't change volunteer fire service in Norwich

Don't boost tax on Norwich areas well served by volunteer departments.

Newtown failed Adam Lanza

Would Newtown tragedy had been avoided if town met Lanza's special education needs>


Enough already

The Day’s article, “Congressional Republicans Criticize Cuba Policy Changes,” (Dec. 18). Don’t they ever stop?\n

State regulators must limit CL&P's powers

CL&P is currently seeking an increase to their rates while at the same time they are wasting millions of dollars monthly on replacement workers.

No more torture, Obama just kills

The recent Senate report on enhanced interrogation revealed another example of government inefficiency.

Not only is it fair, Fair Tax is sensible

Tax Reform is a Moral Issue

Bush vs. Clinton again? It's getting ridiculous

It is a sad commentary on the state of our political system that it seems quite probable that the Presidential political nominees for our major parties will end up being Bush and Clinton in 2016.

No need to rush the Southbury closing

This is in reply to the op-ed, “Closing Southbury is best policy option,” (Dec. 14). I feel the facility should remain open until the current occupants pass on, which is still the current plan.

No time to weaken our war on terror

I wasn’t too surprised to see so much negative reaction to the Senate torture report. I was pretty sure that this report wasn’t going to show America at one of it’s most proudest moments, and it wasn’t.

Great holiday event for a great cause

\nThe Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut Foundation will again in 2015 issue thousands of dollars in grants to area social service agencies and nonprofits that will directly benefit the children of New London County.

Focus on curtailing black-on-black crime

The national uproar of citizen protest against police brutalization of black suspects have now achieved a unique distinction by including several leading medical universities. We are clearly at a watershed moment revealing no signs of dissipation.

Stonington solar project could have helped many

On Dec. 9, Stonington’s Zoning Board of Appeals heard ZBA #14-18 to permit a variance for a ground mounted solar array for residential use in an industrial zone.

'Frozen' float was picture perfect

The Day missed the float in their coverage of the Niantic Light Parade. A picture of the winning float “Frozen” by Sign Craft would have been nice to see. It was the best float in years!\n

Ignatius Iran column fundamentally flawed

The column, “Iran at an impasse, nuclear threat looms,” (Nov. 28), by David Ignatius on the impasse in the negotiations with Iran is based on a faulty premise. \n



Avoiding confrontation a U.S.-China priority

Both U.S. and China appear to recognize that avoiding open conflict is a mutual self-interest.

New faces for Malloy's second term

Malloy faces some critical appointments.

Damage and discredit feeding of lone wolves

Those who act alone often inspired by success of terrorist networks.


School horror violates our shared humanity

World faces unprecedented threat to life, freedom and dignity.

Populist Warren could rewrite American politics

Populist platform could bring middle-class whites back into Democratic fold.