Connecticut College confronts hurtful and racist speech

In matter of a few days the campus confronted the boundaries of free academic speech and the ugly reality of racist graffiti.

Land preservation ruling could set powerful precedent

If land-use restrictions intended to keep properties in their natural state are to be effective they must be enforced.

Coast Guard needs funding to update aging fleet

After years of demonstrating the ability to do more with less, the Coast Guard is reaching the point where the ability to carry out its mission is in danger.

Intolerance marches on as states seek to block gains in gay rights

Under the guise of religious liberty, numerous states are enacting laws that would allow discrimination against homosexual and perhaps other groups as well.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Connecticut is not spending much to protect environment and can't afford spending less

Most people don't realize how few tax dollars go to environmental protection, yet there is a move in Hartford to spend even less, a move that would endanger habitats.

Coast Guard not getting the funds it needs to carry out its mission

Unlike the other branches of the military, Congress is starving the Coast Guard of necessary funding, endangering its ability to response to disasters.


Here's a novel idea, spend less money!

The state government is looking for more revenue to balance the budget. How come I have not heard any of them talk about spending less? It's time for them to cut back.

Thames Street looks great, but what about cars?

I remember growing up on Thames Street 25 years ago. You could walk down the street without any trouble.

Proposed gun seizures violate due process

In response to the editorial, “Keeping guns from dangerous shouldn’t be controversial,” (March 19), I have an additional proposal.

Poor costly location for planned Coast Guard Museum

New Coast Guard Museum site potentially unsuitable.

New world leader

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who puts their security and that of the country before social interference, and engineering like someone we know. If only this was true in the United States.

Finizio fiscal record nothing to brag about

In response to Mayor Finizio's campaign manager's letter, "To continue progress, stick with Finizio," (March 22), we should recall the city's credit rating was downgraded last year under the current administration's mismanagement.

'Death with Dignity' is appropriate term

In the best tradition of journalism, The Day is keeping its readers informed about a topic that could directly affect them in very personal ways. A pending bill in Hartford (HB 7015), called “An Act Providing a Medical Option of...

Hypocrisy is Obama's not Israeli leader's

With the rancor surrounding the recent Israel elections, it is critical to distill the facts.

Treatment of Vietnam veterans is not exaggerated

I am responding to the letter, “Vietnam vet treatment is often exaggerated,” (March 15). I am married to one of those veterans.

Life is a necessity to pursue liberty and happiness

Fans of Planned Parenthood were surely stunned by The Day’s editorial, “Let terminally ill try it all,” (March 12), pitch citing the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And yet, how is one to enjoy liberty and...

State shouldn't expand gambling

Despite growing competition, Connecticut shouldn't allow more casinos.

More heroin deaths unless state reacts

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) just sent out a warning that heroin is being laced with illicit fentanyl. This combination is responsible for the recent spike in overdose deaths.



Hills are alive with Clinton mooching

The Clintons cut every corner they can to raise money for their election machine. It's corruption, but will enough people even care?

Statewide car tax is no type of reform

Moving money from municipalities with largely self-sufficient populations to municipalities with largely dependent populations is just more of the same social engineering for which Connecticut has become notorious.

God forbid Connecticut loses addicted gamblers to a Massachusetts casino

What a strategy! Maintain the Connecticut economy by keeping troubled gamblers close to home.


Taxation fraudsters now control Congress

Public should be angry about GOP plan to accelerate transfer of wealth to rich Americans.

Campaign rules pinch Christie, Walker harder

Are federal rules that make it tougher for governors to raise money for a presidential run fair?