Let the sun shine in on utilities

Municipal utilities officials involved in out-of-state luxury trips have taken their medicine, but the cooperative that fostered their lack of judgment is facing legislative measures. Can this...

In Russia, a protest that can't be killed

On Sunday, tens of thousands in more than 80 Russian cities held unsanctioned, peaceful protests against corruption. The authorities censored the protests on state-controlled news media and arrested...

Police de-escalation saves lives

Techniques newly in use by local police aim at keeping conflicts from getting out of control.

The next act of Congress

The collapse of the Republicans' health care bill shows that the party has been so consumed with being against Obamacare provisions that it hasn't been able to agree on what it wants.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Hidden ER costs upend health markets

To control health-care spending, patients need to know which providers and treatments are in-network, so they can seek care accordingly.

Pruitt will return EPA to its core mission

Pruitt should end the war on carbon that imposed dramatic and costly new regulations on states and businesses.

Day missed the mark in backing Millstone bill

The Day's editorial failed to address the litany of problems posed by the legislation that would give a powerful corporation an unfair competitive advantage and discourage renewable energy development.


Courtney's opportunity to reach across the aisle

Congressman Joe Courtney of the second congressional district has a unique opportunity to show leadership when the next round of negotiations on health care reform begins, which I predict will happen soon. The people in the 33rd state senate...

Climate change a security threat

"I would not agree that carbon dioxide emissions are a primary contributor to global warming." – Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA.  “The world’s 7 billion people are causing climate to change and our emissions of...

Leadership the answer to CMEEC issues

The Norwich City Council had the right to deal with the recommendations of the city's Ethics Committee. Why did they pass the responsibility on? The Public Utilities Commissioners have to pass on people they have or will continue to work...

Leadership behavior

A leader does not make excuses and takes responsibility for their actions. Norwich Public Utilities General Manager John Bilda's letter to the city Ethics Commission blatantly illustrates his inability to take responsibility for his...

Medicare for all?

Perhaps the lesson that the GOP should learn after their defeat, “House GOP abruptly pulls troubled...

Don't give live bunnies

Rabbits are cute, but should not be given to younger children as pets at Easter time. Bunnies need extra care, and careful research about them should be conducted prior to bestowing them as gifts to a child.  My daughter, for example,...

Stop blaming Trump for global warming

The Day’s Op-ed “Pruitt’s dirty EPA plans” (March 22) faults Scott Pruitt, our new EPA administrator, for not believing that carbon...

Thomas undermines his own poverty argument

I read Cal Thomas’ recent column, “America’s longest war didn’t address poverty,” (March 15). He starts out...

War on poverty, and sanctuary cities

America's longest war didn't address poverty! How true and yet here we are 53 years later and $22 trillion dollars poorer! More than three...

Male military members take commander's lead

The military’s job is to protect, right? So why is the military failing to protect the women (and men) who choose to enlist in the military from sexual assault and exploitation? I refer to all the recent headlines about the marines...

Pruitt dangerous pick to lead the EPA

The North Stonington Conservation Commission takes seriously the stance President Trump has taken in appointing Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. It is absurd for us to believe the very man who sued the agency he now...

On topic of undermining, Republicans can't complain

I had to laugh when I read that Sean Hannity was very upset because Rachel Maddow was revealing President Trump's 2005 partial tax return. Sean claims NBC and MSNBC are trying to undermine Trump's presidency. Sound familiar? That’s just...



Carmakers, don't pick a fight with California

California and the 12 states, plus the District of Columbia, that have adopted California's emissions rules, represent nearly 35 percent of the U.S. car market.

Colt subsidy makes state the arsenal of hypocrisy

The governor seems to be saying that guns are bad unless they are made by members of a union allied with his political party, in which case guns become a jobs program.

Personality and policy

Leaders who lead by personality can also die by personality, which is what happened in the House last week when the president’s threats and arm-twisting failed to deliver enough votes.


Manafort played huge role in Trump’s election

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declared that Manafort had only a “very limited role for a very limited time” in the Trump campaign. That was a false statement.

Sen. Schumer’s resistance thrills conservatives

The Senate minority leader is doing more than anyone in our nation’s capital to ensure the passage of the most conservative health care and tax reform possible