Foundation's 'Four Pillars' transforming region

Amidst all the bad and stressful news, the gifts of The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut is something to celebrate.

Stock Narcan in schools

We don't see the downside to having Narcan available to handle a student or adult overdose. There could be a tragic downside to not having it at the ready.

Stop syrup cartel

There is nothing sweet about using a cartel to control maple syrup supplies, thus keeping prices high and generating a black market.

New London Council should stick to city business

It appears all the problems of New London have been solved since the mayor and council now have the time to tell the local hospital and state regulators what to do.

Trump: Jokes on you

All of those who thought they were getting a candidate tough on illegal immigration? Well, maybe not so much.

Time for Clinton to take the questions

Hillary Clinton needs to step in front of the press and address the questions about emails and the Clinton Foundation.

Caution when jogging

Jogging is a great way to stay healthy, and a few common sense precautions can reduce the chances of a jogger becoming a victim.

More budget baloney

President Obama submitted a budget proposal to Congress in February. The current budget expires in a month and Congress has done nothing. It's easier and more politically convenient to just complain.

Change welcomed, now fix law to protect state watchdog agencies

The Malloy administration made the right decision in reversing its plans to block funding for agencies charged with keeping Connecticut government honest.

Presidential vacations

Nancy Reagan had it right, presidents really don't get vacations, so we perhaps we should all stop our complaining.

Confronting Putin-Assad Syrian slaughter

Poor policy decisions by the Obama administration have left no good options, but the world cannot simply ignore the slaughter going on in Syria.

Police with Narcan save lives, offer chance for recovery

With national news accounts often focusing on police/civilian encounters that go wrong, this is a reminder of the role police far more often play in protecting and preserving lives.


Abortion robs futures, so vote accordingly

This is a letter to all of you that are able to read this. You should all thank your parents (if still living) for not aborting you. I have...

AR-15s destructive, as physics proves

This is in regards to the letter, “Not an assault weapon at all” (Aug. 11). The author mocks a...

Taking Purple Heart was stolen valor

I was saddened by retired Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman's decision


Don't ignore races vital to Connecticut

If your priorities are the taxes you pay, the services you may utilize and the status of the economy where you live, in Connecticut your most...

Focus solutions on poverty, illegal immigration

The evil is not found in guns, mere inanimate objects. Rather the evil confronting communities resides in the people who commit atrocities.

Sad political standard sets bar at bribery

The bright line seems to be outright bribery. Anything short of that is considered acceptable corruption.