Expanding Medicare is a proposal worth debating

Proposals such as this, which provide incremental change and build upon existing policies, provide the best chance for fixing the nation’s health care system.

Bannon's departing warning for Democrats

As detestable as Bannon's politics may be, his political instincts that President Trump could win the White House proved correct.

Ukraine’s black market means missiles for North Korea

Ukrainian technology and a specific Ukrainian factory now appear to be the origin of the new North Korean missile surge.

No one escapes blame for budget stalemate

While Democrats hold the lion's share of the blame for state fiscal crisis, Republicans can still play a role in addressing it.

Upheaval in New London school system

Not only does the city face the challenge of finding a new superintendent, but it also confronts major change in the makeup of the school board.

Municipal relief must accompany state cuts

Past panels have examined what mandates are needlessly burdensome and probed ideas for regional services. It is time to implement relief.

Trump contributed to the scene in Charlottesville

These hate groups are out of the closet. Trump helped pry open the door. He appears disinclined to try to close it.

Southeastern Connecticut, meet your new neighbors

Hiring at EB will lower the region's average age, but only if the new employees want to stay here. Community efforts are underway to introduce them to this great place to live, and to adapt to their tastes, too.

Legislature, Dominion need to step up

Ironically, it may not be the urgency of cleaning up the air that, in the end, would persuade the House to consider the bill passed by the Senate. It may be the kind of deal that would traditionally fit into an implementer bill — not...

Adopt a Connecticut state park

The state needs a commitment from private citizens, business leaders and corporations to put into place more permanent and long-term protections that will maintain state parks and forests in perpetuity.

Threats of 'fire and fury' could invite it across Korea and beyond

The world may face the greatest threat of a nuclear weapons exchange since the Cuban Missile Crisis. U.S. leaders must proceed cautiously, not with bellicose rhetoric.

Protecting Mueller investigation from the president

There are few things the two major political parties can agree on in Washington, but one is that Robert Mueller and his investigation into the Russian matter must be protected.


Shellfish farm would impact boat traffic

The proposed shellfish farm in the Niantic River is not in the public interest. The Waterford/East Lyme Shellfish Commission (WELSCO) has quietly...

Facing critical decision, New London Board of Education needs Catala

The New London Board of Education is in the process of hiring a new superintendent. I am a graduate of New London High School. I have seen very...

Mobile park speeders greatly concern reader

Speeding is out of control in Highrock Mobile Home Park in Groton, and it's time for the residents and their visitors to slow down.


Columnist Froma Harrop

National security demands Trump's removal

If his insiders abandoned him, Trump could be more smoothly eased out of the Oval Office. Impeachment? Twenty-fifth Amendment? Doesn't matter.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Dr. Malloy hit lawmakers Friday with shock therapy

Nothing focuses the mind of a politician more than watching pork being ripped away from the bone in the district where they will have to stand for...

Columnist Eugene Robinson

GOP leaders must overcome their timidity and denounce Trump

With only a few exceptions, GOP political leaders have been too timid to denounce the president and the reprehensible game of racial politics he's...