Taking 'crash' out of Norwich's Route 82 'alley'

Eliminating the crossing of oncoming lanes along Route 82 in Norwich will prevent the majority and often most serious of the accidents there.

New London ethics finding not credible

Elected leaders have the right to respond to their critics without facing ethics complaints.

Fixing Groton Ambulance a big challenge

The larger issue is the ability of these nonprofit services, with their volunteer leaders, to adequately handle the intricacies of current ambulance service work.

Men of action avert a massacre

Quick thinking and bravery combined to prevent a likely mass killing on Paris-bound train.

Patrons share blame for DMV lines

Thousands who stood in line at Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle offices last week didn't need to be there.

Mine disaster lessons

Gold King will probably become shorthand for what happens when the EPA moves too fast and too clumsily.

Good times at Esker Point in Groton

The series just completed its 26th season and this one was bigger and better than ever.

Year of Democratic mayoral rebellions

In Bridgeport, Hartford and New London the Democratic mayors are fighting for their political lives against challenges from within the party.

Settle the soup kitchen case in Norwich

The soup kitchen provides an important function. If it is not a major disruption there is no reason for the city to continue this legal fight.

World needs nuclear power

If you care about climate change or air pollution, you cannot casually write off nuclear power.

Dark clouds in Connecticut's silver lining

The good news is the dropping unemployment rate. Bad news is that recent fiscal decisions could stall the recovery.

Seaside's legal mess could have been avoided

Governor's sudden decision to abandon Seaside plans in favor of state park idea gave would-be developer a legal opening.


Stop useless wars, focus on homeland

I'm writing to express my concern at the naivete of those in Congress who have urged that we Americans get involved in the Syrian civil war.

Wasting time and money on New London spat

I read the article, “Ethics...

People ready rebellion against political elite

Your editorial, “Year of Democratic mayoral...


N.Y.’s bizarre uproar over topless women

Women are more likely to say they’re offended by publicly exposed breasts, in every scenario a poll asked about.

On eve of Xi visit, China loses luster

The question is how the U.S. can cooperate with a weaker and newly vulnerable China.

Learning from Jimmy Carter's inner peace

Jimmy Carter probably has a better knowledge of the Bible’s contents than any president since Abraham Lincoln.