Feeding the local economy

Supporting local farmers and food producers by buying even limited quantities of local food has a definitively positive economic impact.

Cooler heads needed in Syrian conflict

All sides should be looking for ways to better communicate.

Protecting free speech on college campuses

Colleges and universities succeed when difficult, annoying, uncomfortable and even offensive ideas are permitted.

The Amistad finally steers into calmer seas

Thanks to a judge’s ruling last week, the stormy seas of mismanagement and negligent government oversight that nearly foundered the schooner Amistad finally have calmed, and the once-wayward ship now seems on course to fulfill a noble mission.

Tips for the new municipal leaders

Some suggestions for the new mayors and first selectmen in New London, Stonington, North Stonington and Ledyard

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't let Thanksgiving become a mere speed bump in the race to Christmas

Pfizer's greedy play

Corporations say the corporate tax rate of 35 percent in the United States is excessive. In truth, very few corporations pay that rate.

Investing in New London's teachers

New London is undertaking a major transition of its public schools. Success, however, depends on attracting and retaining good teachers.

Republicans exploitive, Democrats comatose, leadership lacking

Crises such as these are the moments when real leadership has a chance to emerge. So far, there’s been too little of it.

Throw book at Burke

One has to wonder if Mr. Burke would have gotten the government’s attention at all if not for the reporting about his scheme.

Vlad, the partner?

If the U.S., France and other allies end up fighting alongside the Russians to take down Islamic State — in partnership again as in World War II — that would be gratifying and logical.

Protect Connecticut's Citizens Election Program

The near-death experience for the Citizens Election Program (CEP) should serve as a warning.


NFA did great job honoring our veterans

On Nov. 13, Norwich Free Academy hosted local veterans for a reception and football game as part of their Military Appreciation Night. The night...

Listen with care to Black Lives Matter

A “Black Lives Matter” banner is being held up by members of the All Souls Unitarian Universalist congregation on Jay Street, New...

Young New London players' success ignored by Day

I am writing concerning an issue that I am sure is The Day's mistake. The New London Youth Football League's 8 and under team won the Super Bowl,...


Why Donald Trump looks like a savior

We’ve all become convinced of our victimhood, of our very thorough trouncing by our enemies near and far, because that’s what political...

Clean elections an issue for Conn. GOP in 2016

What a difference 10 years can make; today it is state Democrats who have the “Citizens Election Program” (CEP) under attack by...

The Syrian immigration cul-de-sac

The Syrian refugee debate has become a national embarrassment. It begins with a president, desperate to deflect attention from the collapse of his...