Thanksgiving should transcend our differences

Breaking bread together and expressing gratitude transcends one people, one culture and one nation.

Murphy makes the case U.S. policy serving Russia's interests

The fact that a senator sitting on the Committee on Foreign Relations feels it necessary to consider such thoughts shows what a strange and potentially dangerous period the nation has entered.

Tax plan bad for Connecticut, for the debt, and for the middle-class

The national debt will reach about 99 percent of the Gross Domestic Product — meaning the size of the economy — by 2027 if Republican tax policies become law.

Relocate Niantic River shellfish hatchery plan

There were legitimate problems with the process and location for a proposed shellfish hatchery in Niantic River, but Waterford and East Lyme officials should work with the applicant to find another location for this worthwhile project.

Malloy took the hit, so stop your complaining

Legislative leaders should have saved the drama and provided a simple, joint statement: “Don’t blame us, blame him.”

Checking president's ability to wage nuclear war

With the Cold War behind us, it no longer makes sense to allow a president to launch an offensive nuclear strike without a declaration from Congress.

Evaluating Eversource's storm response is a reasonable step

This should be a mission of fact-finding — with a goal of improved preparedness and response — not one of blame and scapegoating.

Why is fraud panel acting in secret?

The public and the Democratic commissioners have a right to know whether the voting commission co-chairmen, Vice President Mike Pence Kansas Secretary of State Kris, Kobach are conducting work without them.

Doughnut shop savior

As a busy shop in an urban center, it is hardly surprising that users would use the restrooms there as a safe haven to administer their fix.

Good news, no trade war; bad news, no strategy

If Trump had followed his campaign rhetoric, China and the U.S. would be in a trade war now. Instead, it appears Trump and the Chinese leader are good buddies.

Senior centers can play key role in nutrition

Senior services officials are coming to the realization that simply making nutritious meals available does not mean seniors are actually eating those meals.

Providing veteran services

Where our nation falls short, a lack of resources is often the issue. Perhaps needed is a new approach.


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Giving delinquents endless chances is bad policy

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The face of a soulless, intellectually corrupt party

The policy goals Republicans onced cared about about were long ago sublimated by the goal of holding power, of winning.

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California dreaming? Lately, not so much

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