Pacific trade deal deserves fair hearing

There is the potential that Congress will kill the deal based on politics, not sound policy.

A terrible mistake

There is a tendency in any organization to cover mistakes and twist information to avoid hard truths that can end careers. The U.S. military cannot allow that to happen.

Another Seaside study

Given the past history and the potential for future controversy, the Seaside saga is probably long from over.

An advocate for nuclear safety

Whether local public attention to nuclear energy waxed or waned, Bill Sheehan's seriousness of purpose was always steadfast. He represented the public's best interest and strived to ensure the nuclear plants operate safely and effectively.

Revisiting the idea of a regional ethics commission

There are many problems with local ethics panels that a regional approach could solve.

A nation numbed again by gun violence

Ever since Sandy Hook this nation has been shaken by shooting sprees, yet lawmakers stubbornly refuse to pass reasonable gun controls.

Cutting too quickly?

It appears the governor acted too quickly to get the cuts he wanted and which he could not get passed by the legislature.

Brutish Saudi Arabia an embarrassing ally

U.S. should not stand silent as an ally beheads and crucifies a young protestor.

U.S. must try to engage Putin on Syria

Numerous missteps by the Obama administration contributed to the disaster that spread out of Syria and across Iraq.

Keep Coast Guard Band in New London

Our local elected leaders should make it clear they want the band to stay here in New London.

List is distressing

Bouncing cities on and off a list of distressed municipalities may be missing the larger point.

A permit for New London lighthouse not such a bad idea

The rules that would be set down in a special permit could address the issues causing friction with the Harbor Lighthouse neighbors.


Steward has Waterford on the right path

As a 16-year member of the Waterford Board of Selectmen, nine served with Dan Steward, it is without reservation that I endorse the Steward-Brule...

For needed change elect Vogel in New London

Vote Bill Vogel for mayor. The best way forward for New London is not to continue the practices of the past but to forge a new way of doing...

Waterford Green Party candidate has reader excited

As a lifelong Waterford resident, I am very happy to see our town expanding to include third party candidates for this election cycle. A prime...


Obama loves to talk, but he fails to lead

Perhaps the president might consider telling us what law, short of gun confiscation, would prevent, or substantially reduce, gun violence.

Drug price gouging a product of our political system

If Hollywood had created Martin Shkreli as the monster from Wall Street, we would have accused it of unfair characterization. But Shkreli — a...

Sanders' clarion call

First came the big crowds, now comes the big money. At this point, anyone who doesn't take Bernie Sanders seriously must not be paying attention.