What became of Malloy's 'shared sacrifice'?

Shared sacrifice has turned into a willingness to sacrifice most anything to sustain the growth of government.

Stosz, Coast Guard Academy trailblazer, departs

As superintendent, Vice Adm. Stosz was visible and active in the local community, embracing the concept of an academy that was part of, not apart from, its host city of New London.

New London school reuse addresses housing need

Using former Catholic school for affordable housing in New London is keeping with the Christian priorities emphasized by Pope Francis.

Casino plan still faces many questions

The casino bill is little more than a place keeper, leaving the toughest details to be worked out.

Stonington seeks new uses for old school

Town officials are taking the right steps to assure West Broad Street School building does not become a vacant eyesore.

Tackling FIFA

The United States is asserting moral authority over an organization that has brought shame for years to a great sport.

To serve and to forgive

Encouraging more service to our country while lowering student debt is an idea worth exploring.

New London budget plan backslides on fiscal responsibility

The council ignored warnings of a baked-in budget deficit, but the mayor in large part has himself to blame.

Maynard must decide fitness to serve

Still recovering the effects of a serious brain injury suffered in a fall last July, Sen. Maynard is not the legislator he was.

Chamber hit jackpot with Etess selection

Mitchell Etess perfectly matches the Citizen of the Year criteria: “a person who has made significant contributions to the region’s civic and business life.”

Isn't Mumford Cove tax break enough?

Groton would not allow either Groton Long Point or Mumford Cove to be built today with their residents’-only beaches.

Honoring silent sentinels on Memorial Day

Americans need to remember because those who sacrificed deserve it and because blocking out the reality that the day represents would be a perilous mistake.


Stop ivory market to save elephants

As Connecticut lawmakers debated a flawed ivory ban bill, New York City prepared for an historic ivory crush to draw attention to the...

Local roadside memorial deserves more respect

Our daughter was killed December 9, 2013 on Pequot Trail after she had collided with a school bus. Our family placed a cross and flowers at the...

Stop personal attacks at meetings

As we get older and reach the ages of retirement I would think life would become leisurely and peaceful. Instead here in New London a few seem to...


O’Malley’s legacy of taxes and vacancies

Unlike Hillary Clinton, O’Malley’s chief rival for the Democratic nomination, he has a record of sweeping, identifiable initiatives,...

How would Republican hopefuls handle ISIS?

Among Republican presidential candidates there’s no shortage of tough-guy rhetoric that sounds as if it were stolen from a big-budget...

So many clowns, only so many podiums

Sen. Lindsey Graham has not announced yet but he confirmed his eligibility for the clown car by going on the CBS Morning News.