Need for impartial review of Russian ties is now clear

The conduct of intelligence committee chairs and the potential for conflict in the Department of Justice point to the need for an independent panel and a special prosecutor.

Draft drugmakers for war on opioid abuse

Endangering of federal funds to treat opioid abuse signals that it's time to look for more allies. Number one should be companies profiting from the sale of opiate painkillers, as called for in Senate bill.

Pruitt's dirty EPA plans

Scott Pruitt and President Trump are making policy that defies settled science.

Lockbox before tolls

Toll revenue has several advantages over a big increase in the gas tax, the other viable option.

Assuring state business incentive programs work

A proposal by Comptroller Kevin Lembo, a likely candidate for governor, to provide independent analysis of state incentive programs makes sense and deserves approval, if it doesn't mean expanding the bureaucracy.

Well-crafted Millstone bill deserves support

The energy committee has produced a bill that helps assure the viability of Millstone nuclear station while also encouraging the growth of renewables and maintaining substantial price competition.

Frustration over electric energy cooperative grows

Try as they might, local ethics panels may simply not be up to the job of holding utility officials accountable.

Let Trump eat what he wants

Is it right, in a free society, for foodies to monitor the president’s plate like a disapproving waiter? No, we say!

Stone Acres plan has merit

Proposal to develop historic Stonington family farm into a multi-use property is a creative use that can help sustain the farm for future enjoyment.

Sanctuary not the issue

Focusing on the rhetoric of sanctuary cities misses the opportunity to work together in targeting serious criminals and returning them to their countries of origin.

WikiLeaks is dangerous

The implications for national security are alarming. Either the CIA has been infiltrated at a high level, or someone was extremely careless with secret material.

It should be called the anti-health care law

President Trump promised a better health care law that would provide coverage to all Americans. This bill is not it.


Helping Montville students in mind and body

Since 2009, Read to Ride Inc. has been committed to encouraging local students to read and be active. As an educator and parent of two boys,...

Sentence for molester was far too lenient

I am writing in response to the article, “

Seeking some relief from high water bills

The last Town Audit showed that the Montville Water Pollution Control Authority has almost $7 million in uncommitted funds. I suggest...


U.S. checks & balances trump strongman Trump

Madison’s genius was to understand that the best bulwark against tyranny was not virtue but ambition counteracting ambition, faction...

Tolls are just another tax hike

As a tax increase on state residents, tolls will serve mainly to relieve pressure on state government to economize generally.

Does FBI trail lead to Russia/Trump ties?

It is bad enough to wonder whether Trump’s narrow margin of victory might have resulted from a boost provided by Russian President Vladimir,...