Malloy's right, Connecticut not obligated to back Trump deportation policy

Connecticut is not required to use its resources to support a move by the president to pursue a wrongheaded policy.

Towns need alternative to resident state troopers

State government is backing out of municipal policing. Smaller towns need to join up for strength in law enforcement.

Sensible shellfish testing

It seems far more sensible to find a way to pay a courier than to begin opening more testing laboratories.

Stop extinction politics

The success of the Endangered Species Act should be measured by saves, and by that yardstick, the act has been a clear success. Only 30 species have disappeared after being placed on the list.

Foxwoods at 25, what a trip it has been

Against all odds, a massive casino erose in the woods of Ledyard. Twenty-five years later it faces new challenges and a less certain future.

McMaster is a good choice for national security advisor

The general has proved he is willing to talk truth to power, an important quality needed in the Trump administration.

Gun permit robbery?

A boost in the cost of gun permit fees seems reasonable. But the nearly 330 percent hike proposed by the governor is too much.

Another Connecticut third party passes on

Unlike the more noteworthy third party success in Connecticut, the Independence for Montville Party developed locally and not around a political personality.

Yale right to remove pro-slavery name

It is surprising that it took Yale so long to realize that removing the name of slavery proponent John C. Calhoun from one of its building was the right thing to do.

Malloy overreaches, cuts Groton far too deep

In calling for moving some state aid from wealthier communities to struggling cities, Malloy sets a worthy goal, but his current proposal is too extreme.

Reckoning time for CMEEC, Derby trip participants

The good news is that the strong public response to the outrageous behavior of utility officials has led to this day of reckoning. But what will the reckoning look like?

Skepticism surrounds Malloy hospital tax plan

If the state allows cities to tax their hospitals, the assumption should be they won’t be getting anything back, Malloy’s assurances of state financial help notwithstanding.


Trump's 'Apprentice' show was hardly epic

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Fundamental change due in selecting electors

Currently the Connecticut legislature is struggling with how the Electoral College vs. national popular vote will work in our state. Those...

Linares' budget logic means educational racism

In attacking the proposed state budget, State Senator Art Linares, op-ed, “


Liberal-loving press its own worst enemy

The media are like the operator of a poor restaurant who is in denial. People are walking their business out the door, but newspapers won't change...

9 years of health care debate and counting

The nature of the crowd confronting Congressman Courtney was far different than it was back in 2009, but the subject remains the same. How does...

Playing off Trump the ‘Madman’ has foreign policy advantages

The combination of radical rhetoric from Trump and conventional policy by his staff may induce better behavior both in friend and foe.