New London budget plan backslides on fiscal responsibility

The council ignored warnings of a baked-in budget deficit, but the mayor in large part has himself to blame.

Maynard must decide fitness to serve

Still recovering the effects of a serious brain injury suffered in a fall last July, Sen. Maynard is not the legislator he was.

Chamber hit jackpot with Etess selection

Mitchell Etess perfectly matches the Citizen of the Year criteria: “a person who has made significant contributions to the region’s civic and business life.”

Isn't Mumford Cove tax break enough?

Groton would not allow either Groton Long Point or Mumford Cove to be built today with their residents’-only beaches.

Honoring silent sentinels on Memorial Day

Americans need to remember because those who sacrificed deserve it and because blocking out the reality that the day represents would be a perilous mistake.

Enriching the lessons of state history

The state’s history lessons too often focus only on the wealthy and powerful from our past.

Wage hike won’t work

Raising the minimum wage is ineffective at reducing poverty.Raising the minimum wage is ineffective at reducing poverty.

Back to the barracks

In Connecticut, there appears to be no will to change.

Release Lanza papers

This puzzling secrecy has been an embarrassment to the state

Heeding Obama's climate warning at academy graduation

"The science is indisputable," noted the president.

A couple of things while you're here, Mr. President

President Barack Obama will be the keynote speaker at the academy’s 134th commencement ceremony.

Include Republicans in state budget talks

By excluding Republicans from the budget negotiations, Gov. Malloy is excluding thousands of citizens in southeastern Connecticut.


Obama: global warming is opportunity knocking

President Obama’s recent New London address has been distorted by commentators from every aspect of the global warming spectrum. Nobody...

Return of alewife proves project's success

The alewife run up Bride Brook at Rocky Neck State Park ended in early May. Nearly 220,000 alewives (river herring) made it to their spawning...

Madoff scam pales compared to Obamacare

Bernie Madoff said his secretive methods were "too complicated for outsiders to understand," just like the Democrat Obamacare bill that Rep.


Obama turned doctors into data-entry techs

Liberals in a hurry refused to trust the self-interested wisdom of individual practictioners who were adopting electronic records on their own...

Shocking sloppiness won’t doom health reform

Lose federal health care exchange subsidies and Republican politicians are going to have a lot of angry people on their hands.

Stop logging our private phone calls

We know the 'metadata' collection program has been abused.