Allow full competition for sales of spirits

It should not be the job of the state to try to rig the system in any business model’s favor.

Obama's final budget has at least one good idea

There is no reason to consign the president's good ideas to oblivion without further examination.

2016 nomination fight could be a long one

The election has shaken the establishment cores of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Making ACA work

Millions of more Americans would have health insurance if all states had cooperated with the new law as did Connecticut.

Speed up generics

The FDA’s massive backlog of generic-drug applications needs to be addressed to lower the price of medicines.

Vital 1st step in attacking heroin crisis

Region recognizes heroin use a health emergency. Now comes the harder part.

Some neighborly literacy

Not all the news is bad or stressful. Little Free Libraries are one case in point.

Facing reality a necessary step toward fiscal stability

Emphasizing a lack of wage growth is usually not a priority for an administration. A Democratic governor doing so to make a case for cutting state spending may be odder still.

Measuring the effectiveness of state government

The logic is solid. If policymakers know which programs are effective or ineffective, they can budget accordingly.

Candidates mum on executive authority

What are the views of presidential candidates on the use of executive authority? They'd rather not talk about it.

Malloy proposal a step in rebuilding business confidence

The business community reacted with optimism to the austerity budget proposal presented by Gov. Malloy at the start of a new legislative session.

A tough budget for difficult times

In his address to the legislature, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy sounded like he was ready to do what is necessary and work with whoever is necessary to finally bring some fiscal stability to state governance.


Ashamed about staying

Sad Connecticut; I continue being asked the same question, but now with increased frequency. That question is, “When are you...

Will fellow Democrats heed Malloy's call?

Republicans welcome Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s recently announced efforts to restore fiscal stability to Connecticut’s finances,...

Spending SSI money should be a crime

I am writing because of the deplorable state our country has adopted as the result of President George W. Bush and his invasion of a country to...


Kerry signals ‘crunch time’ on Syria

If negotiations fell, expect the use of more U.S. Special Operation Forces to take the battle to ISIS.

‘Progressive’ and ‘conservative’ now meaningless terms

One of Trump’s most useful insights this election cycle is to recognize that voters don’t actually pay much attention to labels.

Awash in media, New Hampshire's primary day finally arrives

Given modern technology, following the candidates as they move through the state is almost like being there.