Smarter crime policy

The initiative builds upon the state’s already successful policies of working to divert drug users from the prison system to treatment programs.

Reduce the cruelty of solitary confinement

The horror of solitary confinement remains clear today.

Only July 4, celebrating 'the things that unite us'

"We are one nation indivisible ...Republican and Democrat, we are all Americans."

The mall redefined

There is no doubt the Foxwoods mall opening, reportedly the first in a decade in the country, goes against the trend.

Christie’s choosy candor

Christie’s candor will come with limits, of course. But that doesn’t mean his candidacy is without promise.

Force UConn to keep budget debate open

For decades, the General Assembly has treated UConn like a favorite child.

Address Connecticut's 'permanent fiscal crisis'

Fundamentally, the budget did little or nothing to address the state's fiscal problems.

Ocean Beach Park still fun at 75

As for the entertainment venue that the policies and trends of the late 1930s and early 1940s produced, it continues to serve its purpose — a place for the working class to seek relief from the summer’s heat.

Jindal lost his way

Jindal would be in much better shape if he had made good on his original promise — to serve as the savvy Republican policy wonk.

60 years fighting for open government

It is the 60th anniversary of the group’s founding by Connecticut journalists seeking to protect the public’s right to know.

Sooner Mystic depot reopens the better

The new business planned for the depot will be a welcome addition in downtown Mystic, but the timeline to open it is maddeningly vague.

Liberty wins in same-sex marriage ruling

Authors of Constitution "entrusted to future generations a charter protecting the right of all persons to enjoy liberty as we learn its meaning."


The ethos of Kelo

Upwards of 97 percent of Americans disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision in Kelo vs. New London. Maybe the citizenry feel that their...

Censoring the prez

Back in the 1970s, comedian George Carlin dissected the English language and hypothesized there are about 400,000 words in the lexicon but only...

Another lunatic makes this reader cringe

We all know “Be careful what you wish for, you may actually get it” but how about “….wish for, you may actually...


Hospital affiliation, library loans, and indignation

Executive branch raises, but less money to bury the poor.

Trump is a farce to be reckoned with

Viewers will tune in to the Republican debates just to see whom Trump insults next.

Will Cruz lead GOP defiance of the court?

Moderate Republicans want to escape positions that isolate them from an increasingly diverse and tolerant country, others seem ready to double down...