Sensible prison policy

A few years ago it would have seemed impossible that a bill aimed at reducing incarceration would win bipartisan support.

Not enough hospital relief

The governor should concede more than just a few small hospitals were hurt by his unilateral budget cuts.

Secret Service boss disappoints

Were secret service agents blatantly violating privacy laws with the hopes of embarrassing a foe?

Clinton's calculated reversal

Hillary Clinton's change of heart on the TPP seems to have everything to do with the political challenge posed by Bernie Sanders.

Congressional inaction on gun control inexcusable

While Sen. Murphy may have come on too strong in his recent statement about gun control, it was delivered out of an understandable sense of frustration.

Pacific trade deal deserves fair hearing

There is the potential that Congress will kill the deal based on politics, not sound policy.

A terrible mistake

There is a tendency in any organization to cover mistakes and twist information to avoid hard truths that can end careers. The U.S. military cannot allow that to happen.

Another Seaside study

Given the past history and the potential for future controversy, the Seaside saga is probably long from over.

An advocate for nuclear safety

Whether local public attention to nuclear energy waxed or waned, Bill Sheehan's seriousness of purpose was always steadfast. He represented the public's best interest and strived to ensure the nuclear plants operate safely and effectively.

Revisiting the idea of a regional ethics commission

There are many problems with local ethics panels that a regional approach could solve.

A nation numbed again by gun violence

Ever since Sandy Hook this nation has been shaken by shooting sprees, yet lawmakers stubbornly refuse to pass reasonable gun controls.

Cutting too quickly?

It appears the governor acted too quickly to get the cuts he wanted and which he could not get passed by the legislature.


Conservative Christians aren't being consistent

I find it somewhat ironic that for all of their hand-wringing about bringing Christian values to politics (opposing gay marriage, abortion, and...

Congress needs unity on gun control

What a wonderful letter by Dr. Perry, “A new...

Catala will work hard for New London students

Election Day is less than a month away. The past two years went by fast. I have seen progress in New London Public Schools. I have seen...


Yet another massacre, yet another charade

The gun debate goes nowhere. The media move on. Until the next incident, when the cycle begins again.

Nation of psychos may need militias

It may be time to create an auxiliary of hundreds of thousands of civilian volunteers trained in firearms use and safety.

Striving to control Pakistani nuclear arms

Curbing the danger of a nuclear Pakistan will be no easy matter.