Measuring the effectiveness of state government

The logic is solid. If policymakers know which programs are effective or ineffective, they can budget accordingly.

Candidates mum on executive authority

What are the views of presidential candidates on the use of executive authority? They'd rather not talk about it.

Malloy proposal a step in rebuilding business confidence

The business community reacted with optimism to the austerity budget proposal presented by Gov. Malloy at the start of a new legislative session.

A tough budget for difficult times

In his address to the legislature, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy sounded like he was ready to do what is necessary and work with whoever is necessary to finally bring some fiscal stability to state governance.

Observations on opening night in Iowa

Sen. Rubio's third-place finish may turn out to be the biggest "victory" of Iowa 2016.

Looking for better ways to shop in Groton

Improving Groton's commercial areas along Route 1 and in downtown Mystic will take careful planning.

Finally: Let the voting begin

After months and months of voluminous insults, haranguing, posturing and far less insightful, intelligent or inspirational discourse during the three-ring circus otherwise known as the 2016 presidential campaign, voters at last will get their chance...

Blame protesters for tragic outcome

The death of at least one militant and wounding of another in a shootout with law enforcement officers Tuesday is regrettable, but the protesters seemed to be prepared for this eventuality. In fact, they were inviting it.

Praise for a timely warning on heroin overdoses

Dr. Deirdre Cronin, an emergency department physician at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London, deserves high praise for alerting the community about what she called “an unprecedented number” of heroin overdoses.

Beware gimmicks as Conn. confronts more deficits

The fix did not hold, the boat is still leaking.

Get a flu shot

Like winter, the flu might sometimes be delayed but it will not be denied, unless you get vaccinated.

A solitary death

Although it’s unusual for a person’s death to go long unnoticed, it’s not unusual for someone who lives alone to die alone.


The demographics they are a changin'

Hillary or Bernie will make history. The article,

Recent letter writer got history wrong

In response to the letter "

Buy a book help a charity

It was nice to the article, “Book Trader...


Cruz knocks Kelo decision in N.H. primary

Asked about a local eminent domain issue, Ted Cruz deftly turned the issue to the Kelo decision and his desire to see it overturned.

So far conservatism leads Trumpianism

The threat to the GOP posed by the Trump insurgency is not that he's anti-establishment. It's that he's not conservative.

Lesson from Iowa for 2016 campaign

You can’t call Sanders a crank or an accident anymore. He embodies something real.