Next for Sound View? Restrooms, please

Welcomed improvements are anticipated for the Old Lyme beach community, but giving people a place to go, so to speak, is also needed.

Limiting gun access

Every conflict, from the mundane to the serious — not just domestic disputes and robberies, but traffic altercations and bar fights — is more deadly in the U.S. because of the presence of guns.

Could Block Island wind farm be first and last?

It is remarkable, in an unfortunate way, that this will be the nation's first offshore wind project.

New London's great debate

City voters who watched (or will take the time to do so) were treated to a substantive debate.

Learning behind bars

Studies show that prisoner education is cost-effective in reducing recidivism.

Taking 'crash' out of Norwich's Route 82 'alley'

Eliminating the crossing of oncoming lanes along Route 82 in Norwich will prevent the majority and often most serious of the accidents there.

New London ethics finding not credible

Elected leaders have the right to respond to their critics without facing ethics complaints.

Fixing Groton Ambulance a big challenge

The larger issue is the ability of these nonprofit services, with their volunteer leaders, to adequately handle the intricacies of current ambulance service work.

Men of action avert a massacre

Quick thinking and bravery combined to prevent a likely mass killing on Paris-bound train.

Patrons share blame for DMV lines

Thousands who stood in line at Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle offices last week didn't need to be there.

Mine disaster lessons

Gold King will probably become shorthand for what happens when the EPA moves too fast and too clumsily.

Good times at Esker Point in Groton

The series just completed its 26th season and this one was bigger and better than ever.


Recalling history involving U.S.-Iranian relations

In 1953, agents of the CIA kidnapped the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran and exiled him. He was replaced by the Shah of Iran, a...

Oxen-pull detestable

Both my husband and I were so sad when we saw the

Embryonic cell research is producing success

In response to Susan Czekala Waters letter, "


GOP confronts reality Trump could win

That jolt you felt Thursday morning wasn’t an earthquake, it was the detonation of the Quinnipiac bomb.

Government jobs invested in manufacturing poverty

Where are all this poverty and child neglect coming from and how can they be reversed? Why do so many kids today have poor parents or none at all?

Krauthammer was right, Obama was transformative

Obama became president "to do something" and he certainly has.