Hewett in 39th

Embarrassing comment behind him, Hewett must work to restore his stature in the House.

Hike federal gas tax

Increasing gas tax to improve transportation system will result in long-term economic growth.

Formica gets nod over Ritter in 20th

Formica our choice among two strong candidates in 20th Senatorial District.

Gun-advocate votes could sway election

What will Second Amendment defenders do with their votes for governor?

Safety trumps liberty when fighting Ebola

Civil liberties sometimes must be sacrificed for public safety. This is such a time.

Scott in 40th

John Scott would bring a fresh perspective to representing Groton and part of Ledyard.

Bumgardner in 41st

It might be time for a youth movement.

Return Jutila in 37th

Rep. Ed Jutila is The Day's choice in 37th House District.

Tech smart Waterford

Waterford effectively using social networking to keep public informed and engaged.

Want to close pay gap? Ask your boss for a raise

Pay gap will continue if women remain less willing than men to push for raises.

Practical steps to reduce heroin use

Over prescribing of painkillers is helping fuel the growth in heroin addicts.

We must do better treating addiction

Unless access and the quality of treatment improve, many heroin addicts will remain so and some will die.


The Wright vote to protect our homes

State Representative Elissa Wright is a forceful advocate for families and consumers.

Growth and climate

I cite the preceding figures because of recent articles written by people who claim that human-induced global climate change is a myth.

Conn. voters deserved to hear more of Visconti

Joe Visconti, the third candidate for governor who petitioned onto the ballot with over 10,000 signatures, is being locked out of the televised...


Long live New London's lively Garde debates

Local debate series mixes politics, passion and entertainment.

Helping rebuild Gaza is suicide by diplomacy

Why on earth is U.S. paying to rebuild Gaza for Hamas?

Debate at the Garde Thursday may be unique

Unlike other debates, three candidates will be heard from in New London.