Keeping Coast Guard Band where it belongs

The conclusion reached seemed to be the obvious one because no good reason was ever offered for relocating the Coast Guard Band.

Shadow over Olympics

This ethically warped performance by the panjandrums of the international Olympic “movement” casts a dark shadow indeed over the Rio proceedings.

Encouraging more offshore wind farms

State and federal governments should do what they can to encourage the development of this renewable energy source.

Democrats need to fix unfair primary process

Sen. Sanders' biggest legacy from this campaign may be in changing how Democrats select their presidential nominees.

A beautiful effort begins in Stonington

In Stonington, the train station project is a worthy first step, but the committee has bigger plans.

Trump's empty rhetoric void of solutions

Trump is attempting to use the illusion of civil disorder and rampant crime to generate fear and gin up votes. In other words, more of the same.

Monitor sober houses

These halfway houses, where multiple and an ever changing number of patients are supposed to have the best opportunity to recover from alcohol or drug addiction, provide a special challenge.

A troubling summer

It's the middle of July and this feels like one of those summers that convulsively changes history.

Confronting blight in Norwich

Rather than ignoring the difficult problem of blight in urban neighborhoods, Norwich officials are confronting it firsthand.

WWE slammed

A federal lawsuit will determine if the professional wrestling empire has any responsibility for the brain damage its wrestlers suffered. The case appears to be a sound one.

GOP’s cultural reverse

Abolish the IRS? Refuse to protect endangered species? Revive discrimination against same-sex couples? The Republicans expect to win a national election on that platform?

East Lyme school lesson

The East Lyme Board of Education made the right decision moving forward with a $34 million school project plan that lacked broad support. The challenge is to build a concensus around a new plan.


Living 'Citizen Kane' in 2016 election

I am very disappointed to learn who the choices are for president. Both candidates are highly flawed. I find it hard to believe that we...

Collins' opinion perplexing, NLMS leadership strong

I’ve been a member of the New London Maritime Society now for about a decade and I’ve been on the board of directors for eight...

New London's beauty

Speaking of beautification of train stations, there...


Rebuked, Chinese leaders consider next move

The U.S., rather than crowing about victory, it’s trying to talk the Chinese leadership off the ledge before it does something rash.

Can the Democrats stay out of their own way?

The purloined emails, published on the WikiLeaks website, only increase the ire and resentment of unreconciled Sanders supporters that the fix was in.

GOP’s own version of the nanny state

Republicans and conservatives in particular claim to want small, stingily funded government but they’re making bigger demands about what...