Trump, Hillary: Circus vs. coronation

Republicans and Democrats are following different routes to a presidential nomination.

Gas tax boost needed to meet transportation needs

One big problem is that the Highway Trust Fund, dependent on the 18.4 cents per gallon federal gasoline tax, has not increased in 22 years and is not producing enough revenue to fund transportation needs.

China’s market mayhem

If leaders truly want to reduce the casino swings to which China’s markets are prone, reforms are necessary.

Proceed cautiously on big minimum wage boost

The reality is that a rush to dramatically boost the minimum wage could potentially hurt the very people its proponents want to help, poor families and unskilled workers.

Bids for New London Lighthouse Inn great, but now comes hard part

None of the offers is very high for buying a large, historic inn with 4.2 acres of land that is a short walk from Long Island Sound.

Navy baby on board?

New Navy policy on maternity leave is generous, at least by dismal U.S. standards.

End loopholes placing guns in wrong hands

Dylann Roof should not have been allowed to purchase the .45-caliber handgun police say he used in the mass killing in Charleston.

Malloy needs to fight for transportation lockbox

If Gov. Malloy expects to make transportation a legacy initiative, he will need to do a better selling job on creating a lockbox to pay for it.

One small step for the Smithsonian, one great leap for its fundraising

What is more modern for the historic museum than a campaign that harnesses the power of the Internet?

Lawsuit no reason to disqualify Groton police chief candidate

We have to agree with the town manager that “it wasn’t reason to disqualify him.”

Boston dismisses Olympics

Boston citizens and commuters were far more worried about traffic disruptions and the potential for higher taxes to pay for building Olympic venues than they were enamored over the status of being an Olympic host city

Self-created wounds dog Clinton campaign

While the latest details don't amount to a scandal, Clinton's poor judgment and lack of access to server remain troubling.


60 years of Whaler pride

A special time for New London High School alumni; recognition needs to go to Donna Vendetto, Maureen Thompson and the entire Alumni Association...

Pastor, wife depart welcoming community

When my wife and I came to southeastern Connecticut 54 years ago to establish a church, our friends warned us about New England. They said the...

A path to war, not to peace

The world mocks us as we offer "Peace in our time." Or is a prelude to World War III President Obama's real gift to the world? Appeasement to...


In the business world, diversity pays

This potential for market blind spots, and not do-gooder-ness, is the real reason companies need to start investing in workforce diversity.

Under attack, Katz confident she has DCF moving in right direction

The enormity of what this agency confronts is daunting. Society’s failings end up at its doorstep.

Among the ruins, a case of righteousness

One Jew is doing what he can to save Middle East Christianity from extinction.