On background checks, Congress ignores public

It is generally accepted that since 2000 about 33,000 Americans (20,000 of which are suicides) are killed each year by guns. Per capita, this is much higher than any other country. To put this in perspective, this totals about 495,000 deaths. The...

Save Reid & Hughes, revive Norwich downtown

A powerful speech was delivered at the Norwich Community Development Corp. (NCDC) annual meeting by Donald Poland, an urban planner. See the Jan. 29 article, “

Montville police change costly and not needed

By my estimation, the cost of an independent Montville police force is, conservatively, $1.5 million higher than the town says. Plus, Montville loses a $578,000 incentive to keep 2016 budget under 2.5 percent increase cap. Police budget...

Heed Malloy message and work together

Having just watched and read the text of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s State of the State Address, I am greatly heartened by his leadership and the possibilities and potential for Connecticut’s future.  He talked about the...

Support from tribes critcal for hospice

Keeping hospice care and bereavement counseling services accessible in our community remains a critical goal of Center for Hospice Care in Southeastern Connecticut. Planning a Hospice House facility where in-patient care will be provided is an...

Toys 4 tots says thanks a lot

Members of the local Thames River Detachment Marine Corps League recently completed its New London County 2015 Toys 4 Tots campaign and would like to acknowledge the many generous people of New London County. Because of your generosity, 11,916...

The demographics they are a changin'

Hillary or Bernie will make history. The article, “Clinton wins Iowa, campaigns turn to New...

Recent letter writer got history wrong

In response to the letter "Israel drawing U.S. into a war," (Feb. 3), several historical inaccuracies need correction.

Buy a book help a charity

It was nice to the article, “Book Trader niche is selling gently used books,” (Jan. 24), about a local independent bookstore. I'd...

Billion-dollar error

With regard to article, “Geiger continues to predict positive outlook for Electric Boat,” (Jan. 26), EB in run of...

Beware of tricks, Montville petitioners

Regarding the recent headline, "Montville Town Council passes police department ordinance," (Jan. 22), this may clear the way for a...

Easy for experts to knock the police

Before the experts referred to in the article, “Racial disparities seen in police stun...


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Vital 1st step in attacking heroin crisis

Region recognizes heroin use a health emergency. Now comes the harder part.

Some neighborly literacy

Not all the news is bad or stressful. Little Free Libraries are one case in point.

Facing reality a necessary step toward fiscal stability

Emphasizing a lack of wage growth is usually not a priority for an administration. A Democratic governor doing so to make a case for cutting state...


The Islamic State is still on the rise

"(ISIS) should be called what it is: a threat to global security."

Malloy’s budget address alters political dynamics

The governor’s budget challenges the legislature’s Republicans to put up or shut up.

Sexist double standard bolsters Sanders' support

Female politicians − at least if they want to be taken seriously on a national stage − cannot be unkempt and unfiltered, hair mussed...