Editorial got it right on animal shelter plan

A positive shout out to the editorial, “Build a regional shelter,” (Feb. 25).

Finizio had reason to skip regional shelter

I disagree with City Councilor Michael Passero’s assertion, “Passero: Regional efforts need agreements,” (Feb. 23), that a proposed regional animal shelter in Montville is a missed opportunity for New London.

Assisted suicide bill should be rejected

I am concerned about proposed legislation to license doctors to aid suicide for some people.

Factor inflation into bridge fix comparison

A front page story, “Gold Star safe but needs rehab,” (Feb. 22), said it would cost about 30 times more than the original building cost to rehabilitate the Gold Star bridge. That is misleading, at best.

As TV news slips, print remains vital

I don’t always agree with Dick Ahles, but his column, “The steady decline of the news anchor,” of Sunday, Feb.22 was on the mark, and he articulated many of my thoughts on the subject.

Does President Barack Obama really, truly love his country?

My President has been accused of not loving this country.

Column half right, but questioning bravery unfair

While I essentially agree with Dick Ahles’ column, “The steady decline of the news anchor,” (Feb. 22), that news today has become overrun by happy talk and easy news, this, in my view, is because today’s news voraciously consumes several cable...

Kurds need weapons immediately to push back ISIS

The Kurds are the only group that are conducting an effective ground offensive against ISIS, however, they are fighting with inadequate weaponry.

Those intent on war didn't learn lesson

The letter calling the United States to declare war on Iran, “Action needed now to stop Iranian bomb,” (Feb. 22), is but one of several that have appeared in The Day over the past weeks.

Rudy got it right on Obama comment

Kudos to Rudy Giuliani! He hit the nail on the head, as evidenced in The Day’s ,“News in brief,” “Giuliani questions Obama’s love of U.S.,” (Feb. 20).

Ash Wednesday headline disrespectful

As a Catholic and a Christian, I was very offended by the title, “Ash-tagged in Taftville,” (Feb. 19), of young boys receiving ashes.

All Groton lacks is partridge in pear tree

Groton management it is time for change.\n


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Vote fix overdone

Steps to improve voting system in Connecticut needed, but complete overhaul may go too far.

Divisive speech

Making political hay over concerns about an Iranian bomb may damage U.S. and Israeli relations.

Keystone veto

President wisely uses his veto power to block a project that would be bad for the environment.


Striving forward beats patriotic pat on back

Loving this country enough to demand greatness is better than empty rhetoric about love of country.

Malloy protects government class

Poor are great for a few votes, but it is the state workers that Malloy is intent on pleasing.

Iran nuclear talks coming to a head

An imperfect deal may be better than no deal when it comes to preventing an Iranian bomb.