Conn College professor was addressing reality

Regarding, “Conn College professor responds to reaction to Facebook post” (April 15). Do not college professors have the right to a visceral emotional response when reacting to terrorism?

Defense of Finizio was a snow job

What a joke: ¨The city always comes first ... the job of running the government in different situations will always come before the campaign,¨ according to Zak Leavy, Mayor Daryl Finizio's campaign manager, “Passero says fundraising...

Is Hillary Clinton really the best Democrats can offer?

Her resume of accomplishments would test the greatest writers of fiction. Is this the best that the Democrat Party has to offer? (Hillary Clinton)

Agrees with Day on land trust ruling

The Day continued its practice of thoughtful coverage of environmental issues with its editorial “Land preservation ruling could set powerful precedent,” (March 31), commenting on the judgment in favor of the Lyme Land Conservation...

Don't cut stipend for vulnerable elderly

As President of the Resident Council at Pendleton Health and Rehabilitation Center, I agree whole heartedly with both Bayview Healthcare and The Day. The monthly stipend is used for such things as clothing, shoes, haircuts, cosmetics etc. People in...

Time for war

I fought in only one war, WWII, but there is a common element in all of America’s wars – Americans will die. ISIS has declared war on America.

Passero up to the big job he faces in New London

The mayor claimed he walked into a mess when he became mayor. Well, Michael Passero, you too are going to walk into a mess. When elected, you will have to clean up all the lawsuits that the current Mayor has brought upon our city.

Lighthouse zone change would be a mistake

The zoning of the Old Lighthouse Museum was no accident. It was a deliberate recognition of the proper inclusion of a historic site in a residential area.

Republicans protect rich, it is that simple

Republicans have produced political stalemate, extreme inequality, and climate disruption and are oblivious to our low rank in national well-being: poverty, inequality, democracy, education, social mobility, infrastructure, health, environment,...

Helping the planet one act at a time

If everyone on Earth would learn to care for the Earth properly everyday it would benefit the planet’s many ecosystems immensely.

Shame on Day for selective standards in failing to knock Secretary Merrill

I find it strange that no newspaper or self-styled good government organizations like the League of Women Voters has not demanded the resignation of Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

Millstone stresses safety within the workforce

I am writing to you in response to your article, “Former contractor says NRC has ignored problems at Millstone,” (April 15). I am the Preside of the New London-Norwich Building and Construction Trades Council, representing thousands of...


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GOP Senate drought will likely continue

Chances are the Republicans’ 21st century losing streak will continue in 2016 regardless of their choice as nominee

Are Yankees yearning or dreading A-Rod's achievements?

The Yankees had planned to exploit the marketing opportunities A-Rod's records would present. Now their product is contaminated.

Court takes step to curb excessive police search powers

Recent decision still leaves in place the ability of police to search vehicles with drug-sniffing dogs without just cause in violation of...


Cops, courts, prosecutors align to promote secrecy

The police can now withhold anything beyond the name, address, date, time and charges.

The drone wars, strikes against morality

Some degree of collateral human damage should be considered the rule, not the exception.

Obama's Nixon doctrine: the anointing of Iran

The only problem with Obama’s version of the Nixon doctrine is that Iran today is not the Westernized, secular, pro-American regional power it...