Stop ACA repeal using tax reform cover

Stop ACA Repeal.  Efforts by the Republican Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act have been defeated in recent months due to strong public opposition. This opposition arose from the fact that repeal of the ACA would cost over...

Set Uconn goal of 100% renewable power

It’s easy to ignore the effects of climate change when isolated away from natural disasters in our corner of southeastern Connecticut. The winters seem just as cold, and without our houses being actively swept away by storm surges, climate...

Humbled by opportunity to serve Norwich

To all my fellow Norwich residents. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge all for every bit of advice, for every moment of help, for every dollar of support and for every single vote cast on my behalf, and on behalf of "A Clean Slate for...

It appears Trump envies Putin's power

It is predictable that President Trump denies any Russian meddling in the 2016 election, after receiving personal assurances from Vladimir Putin that his country wasn’t involved. Ah yes, our president again trusts the words of a ruthless...

Anti-shellfishing hypocrisy?

This in regards to Oyster farming in Quiambaug Cove, “The NIMBY oyster people,” (Nov. 12). I can't help but wonder how many of those opposed to the...

Time for a Day investigative report

I commend The Day for the front page prominence you gave to the report on traffic stop data showing Hispanics were disproportionately affected, “

Misuse of public funds has no consequences

It is comforting to see when the Secretary of Health and Welfare can blow $1 million of taxpayer money on his private jet excursions. It helps us understand the attitude of CMEEC officers who felt entitled to dip into public money for...

One-sided article on shellfish plan

I am very disappointed and surprised that The Day did not take the time to interview the Waterford Harbor Commission members or cite their publicly available findings prior to writing such a one-sided article, “

Spend like Georgia, stop Connecticut exodus

I have discovered some facts about our state budget that I believe are troubling. According to information I found on Wikipedia, the state of Georgia is almost 10-times the size of Connecticut and has a population of almost 9.7 million. That...

Unfair, disgraceful attacks on Coast Guard Academy leadership

Once again, the Coast Guard Academy is under attack. The city of New London’s bastion of excellence and diversity, a shining star in the middle of a beleaguered city, a beautiful showcase that brings hundreds of thousands of dollars into...

Don't allow rollback of successful program

The fight is being won right now by the student denizens of New London. The pathways starting in grammar school have culminated in an 8th Grade class at Bennie Dover that is about to graduate students into the new Science and Technology Magnet...

Flag means nothing if right to protest blocked

Hello all you red-blooded, chest-pounding, flannel-wearing, flag-waving folks out there. It is my understanding that you think that football players taking a knee is disrespecting our flag and country. If you chose to be distracted by the...


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Malloy took the hit, so stop your complaining

Legislative leaders should have saved the drama and provided a simple, joint statement: “Don’t blame us, blame him.”

Checking president's ability to wage nuclear war

With the Cold War behind us, it no longer makes sense to allow a president to launch an offensive nuclear strike without a declaration from Congress.

Evaluating Eversource's storm response is a reasonable step

This should be a mission of fact-finding — with a goal of improved preparedness and response — not one of blame and scapegoating.


Columnist David Ignatius

As Trump returns from Asia, America retreats from the world

This administration is an empty suit. It doesn't make decisions. It doesn't set priorities.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Faithful must beware the cult of politics

For too many modern Protestants, politics has become a cult. They are forgetting their first love.

Columnist Richard Cohen

Murdoch, Fox and the aging GOP base of support

What remains of the GOP is rural, less educated, less affluent and, to be charitable, less young. On the back of any envelope, it's a bad business...