Gun-free zones invite madmen attacks

Well, I surely hope all Americans see the foolishness of gun-free zones in this day and age. The folks in Paris probably wish a few people had guns with them when the terrorists struck. And while on that subject, whoever had the silly idea...

Malloy refugee stance endangers Connecticut

Before our brave governor admits all these refugees into Connecticut, maybe he should use the money set aside for this to help 1,600 unfunded pensions. Or maybe help 400 families on welfare, or even help 1,600 people on fixed incomes, that can't...

Forget sentimentality in struggle for civilization

What the Paris tragedy reveals -- aside from the unspeakable brutality and utter intolerance of radical Islamicists (and their friendly allies in the worldwide Left) -- is the extreme danger inherent in a misguided and sentimentalized compassion.

Malloy follows Obama down refugee hole

Gov. Malloy follows President Obama, as usual, welcoming Syrian refugees endangering Connecticut.  Liberal stalwart, Malloy in lockstep with all of President Obama's abysmal policies, now wants to lead us into possible danger. An...

More Conn. gambling brings more problems

The Day editorial, "Despite opposition, Keno arrives," (Oct. 14), once again panned Keno's imminent introduction in Connecticut claiming it preys on...

High taxes forcing residents to flee Connecticut

Last year, my wife’s siblings sold their mother’s house in Florida and had the furnishings shipped up here using the PODS Company. When picking up the container, the PODS employee asked me an interesting question, “So,...

Upset by homeowners who sued Stonington

Concerning the story --"Neighbors sue Stonington over dog park" -- from the time of their arrival the new...

Heroes like Rabin needed for peace

Much oblige for a fair and balanced synopsis of the history of the Palestinian/Israeli relationship and the role of leadership that was presented in the guest commentary, “

Work-zone safety on our roads

It is too difficult see the signs road workers hold up while trimming trees and working on our roads. Sometimes there is only one sign holder, when there should always be two, one on each end. It should be mandatory that each...

Watson's re-election brings her to tears

Unfortunately for Groton, Harry Watson is one of our biggest problems within government. He has never met a budget he didn't vote for. He has no problem spending taxpayer money. Voters should educate themselves about a candidate’s...

Democrat lies ignored by liberal media

Do Democrats endorse lying as a political strategy? Let’s look at the facts. President Obama, the architect of Obamacare, went on national television to tell us that “if we liked our doctor we could keep our doctor and if we liked...

Connecticut again sings blue-state blues

Liberals like to call themselves progressives, but I think they have a problem confusing the word progress with improvement. The Nov. 3 election was a case in point. This state ranks at or near the bottom in just about every measure of the...


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Pfizer's greedy play

Corporations say the corporate tax rate of 35 percent in the United States is excessive. In truth, very few corporations pay that rate.

Investing in New London's teachers

New London is undertaking a major transition of its public schools. Success, however, depends on attracting and retaining good teachers.

Republicans exploitive, Democrats comatose, leadership lacking

Crises such as these are the moments when real leadership has a chance to emerge. So far, there’s been too little of it.


Nation is concerned, but is our president?

On the handling of Syrian refugees, the Democratic Party is about to face a critical test that could have ramifications in many elections to come.

Zuckerberg’s paternity leave is a big deal

Outside of the tech sector, relatively few Americans have access to paid family leave.

Bellicose Trump sets GOP tone on Syria

Republican presidential contenders offering little more than bellicose rhetoric and overblown pledges of toughness.