Ledyard numbers wrong, letter writer concedes

I would like to apologize to the Ledyard Town Council, Ledyard Board of Education, and all Ledyard taxpayers for the letter, “Ledyard should adopt 2.0 insurance...

In Obama, Christians face new Caesar

Roughly 2,000 years ago the Roman emperors, the Caesars, who were dictators, demanded that the Roman people say, "Hail Caesar" while throwing incense on a fire to indicate their worship of him. The early Christians refused to do that as it...

Commission on Aging wrong place to cut

It's baffling that a current budget proposal targets only the Commission on Aging for elimination among the six constituent, legislative commissions (Women, Children, Aging, and African-American, Puerto Rican and Asian Pacific Affairs). Why...

Submarine Century section had glaring omission

"Connecticut's Submarine Century" left the dock without all the passengers aboard.  The omission of the role of Fort Trumbull in submarine warfare in the April 10, Submarine...

Registration mix-up disenfranchised voter

I was an unaffiliated voter until 2008 when I changed in order to vote in the primaries. This political season I enthusiastically followed all of the debates and daily political news events. Imagine my surprise when I was not allowed to...

Groton got it wrong, endangering her vote

In the film "Brubaker" when someone speaks up for what they believe is wrong with the establishment they end up in a grave. In the town of Groton when this happens they take you off the Republican voting list. I headed to the polls...

Time for Connecticut to fix voting process

Connecticut, April 26 illustrated the arcane voting rules that exist. The time has come to address the issue. Although I voted due to party affiliation, the fact that many were turned away simply because they have chosen not to align with a party...

Sanders should quit and support Clinton

Bernie Sanders, isn't it time, after the last count of delegates, to put your support behind your party? You vow to take yourself to California. Would you hurt the Democratic Party for the sake of yourself? Hillary Clinton has...

Prince memories remain

Southeastern Connecticut had been fortunate to have had Prince perform at the Mohegan Sun Arena. His sold out shows (including Janelle Monet and Esparanza Spalding) during December 2013 were truly electric! The Sun’s Arena made for great...

End primary system, let parties choose

The presidential primary election system is inherently undemocratic and anti-third party, and none of the Day’s proposed changes will fix that, “

Time to reconsider Coast Guard Museum location

A recent article, “Coast Guard Museum Association working to cultivate next donor base,” (April 11), about the...

Tim Bowles' record ignored by columnist

David Collins goes too far with his dismissal of Democrat Tim Bowles as "an alpaca farmer," as though he is someone with no qualifications, "The Republican ascent,"...


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Heroin crisis plays out in headlines and homes

This problem requires varied and continued effort. Addiction will never be a problem that will be fully “solved,” but as a region, and...

Cuts, as promised

Republicans elected to the Norwich City Council said they would cut taxes and, painfully, they are.

Will Conn. get 'responsible conclusion' to budget crisis?

The governor will have the greatest influence on how this fiscal debate plays out.


Trump fills vacuum left by the GOP

What does the GOP believe in? There was a time when anyone with a passing interest in politics could have answered that question. Today, who knows?

Trump or Clinton? Say it ain't so

No presidential election in modern times has offered as much opportunity for a third-party challenge.

Trump's victory won't mean anything Nov. 8

Trump's victory in the Connecticut Republican primary, dominated by white men, won't be repeated in the general election with its diverse electorate.