Lack of information on New London school building project

Whatever happened to the $98 million high school construction project? There is no reported progress, no schedule information, no architectural information, and no updated cost information. June 2015, the General Assembly authorizes...

Right on one thing, patients weren't a factor

I am troubled by Dr. Maletz's letter, “Don’t forget patients in hospital’s success,” (Sept 19). Backus Hospital has made a decision to close Crossroad...

Trump speaks truth, liberals go on attack

Donald Trump's rising poll numbers are causing the far left to use extreme language. We hear words like racist, hate, the 'F' word and other obscene language describing one or the other candidates for president. I hear it from friends...

Traditional meeting backs great, new project

Last Tuesday night, through the use of the New England tradition of a town meeting format, Stonington overwhelmingly voted for purchasing land off Route 27 to create a waterfront park. I attended and enthusiastically support the...

Day made mistake skipping great debate

The Sept. 18 debate featuring contenders for the 39th and 40th (Groton and New London) Connecticut state House seats at the New London Library was a refreshing change from the political stalemate and name-calling we are subjected to daily in the...

Provide bins aplenty for Montville service

In reference to the Sept. 19 article, “Montville recycling pickup will soon be biweekly, with...

Keep Obama momentum by electing Clinton

President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney started an unwarranted Iraq War based on false premises. President Obama took us out of Iraq and didn’t start any new wars! President Bush didn’t prevent the 9/11 World Trade...

Don't impose project on New London neighborhood

New London Planning and Zoning will soon vote regarding the Edgerton School proposal. In my opinion there is really only one way to vote on this. Vote no and preserve the neighborhood. The City Council should have just voted no, but they...

Tried to warn them

Twenty years ago, I wrote a letter to The Day pleading with the politicians to widen I-95 to six lanes, before it turned into a parking lot. Well, guess what, after trying to drive from Stonington to East Lyme the last few weeks, it's now...

Housing the homeless an unfair burden in NL

In describing the reaction to Homeless Hospitality Center's "Czarina," Catherine Zall, spearheading the purchase of yet another property for temporary housing, the editorial, “

Bowles must reveal his draft records

I enlisted in the Army at 17 and served 3.5 years in a Patriot missile unit on missions in Germany, Poland and Israel. I served honorably and am extremely proud of my service. As a veteran I am concerned about Tim Bowles, the Democratic...

Don't fleece taxpayers for pol's propaganda

As a Connecticut resident and victim of the continued fiscal irresponsibility of our elected politicians, I was irate when I opened U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy’s most recent propaganda mailer. The full-color tri-fold ad is printed on expensive...


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From yeoman to legend, Arnold Palmer changed golf

Arnold Palmer's flare and working-class roots made golf accessible to the masses and changed the appeal of the game forever.

Treat police, public equally and release arrest report

Arrest reports are public records and should be released promptly, whether or not the person arrested is a state trooper.

Deals of necessity to keep defense-industry jobs

Giving additional incentives to vastly lucrative corporations may be hard to take, but losing the jobs if they move elsewhere would be tougher to...


Will millennials ever like Hillary Clinton?

In the end most young voters will vote for Clinton, not out of love, but out of fear that Trump might win.

Getting away with economic murder

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is asking tough questions about the lack of prosecutions stemming from the 2008 economic collapse. Her timing is curious.

New Yorkers walk past bombing bluster

All the panic was on the television news channels, fanned to a great extent by Donald Trump and surrogates. New Yorkers were unphased.