Gay marriage a legal, not religious issue

The injustice of some U. S Supreme Court members is motivated by politics, not law.

Finizio Facebook spin has reader concerned

Social media has become an invaluable way for campaigns to reach out to people who are not normally involved in the political process. The New London mayor’s race is no different. Michael Passero has his Passero for New London page and the...

Make war's cost clear to adversaries

In every war there is collateral damage. Friendly forces accidently kill friendly allies. That is one of many horrors of war.

What's in a name? A lot for submarines

May I propose that New London lead the way and suggest a naming for the U.S. Navy’s new class of Ballistic Missile Submarine?

Obama's tax deductions were reasonable

After reading the letter, "Obama's tax breaks show his hypocrisy," (April 27), I realize quickly that the writer either (1) was distorting the truth purposely or (2) had never filed a tax return. The amount of distorted/false testimony about the...

Fighting for casinos, 'Failure not an option'

Today ware in crisis more searching for way to position our State for the impending competition that we face in the coming months. We must act responsibly to stem the tide of patrons who will bypass Connecticut for the newly planned casinos in New...

Cut education request to help New London taxpayers

The BOE is requesting a $64 million budget with a $2.5 million increase for New London taxpayers. The reasons given are a 1 percent increase in teacher’s pay, an 8 percent increase in health insurance costs, and the addition of 344 students...

Urge selectmen to oppose cell tower

AT&T currently has an application before the Connecticut Siting Council for the placement of a telecommunications (cell phone) tower on private land in a residential area on Ancient Highway in East Lyme. The Connecticut Siting Council holds...

Cell tower would be a blight on neighborhood

I am writing in response to the article, “East Lyme residents learn about cell tower proposals,” (April 23). Aside from issues...

Letter unfairly demonized President Obama

Once again, The Day has printed a letter from a reader that shows not only the ignorance of the writer but also that of The Day's editorial staff by embellishing it with the derogatory headline proclaiming "Obama's tax breaks show his hypocrisy,"...

Why no bidding on Montville High School clinic?

On April 21, I attended the Montville School Board meeting at our High School. Unfortunately, I came away with certain misgivings. Every item voted on was approved with little or no discussion as though it was a race to conclude the meeting as fast...

Stonington budget balances needs and costs

As both a resident and a registered Republican in the town of Stonington, I am impressed by the cooperative spirit demonstrated within the budget process this year. I urge voters to pass the budget May 12.


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Boosting Norwich borrowing cap makes sense

The fact is, when it comes to the borrowing cap, no one knows what voters “would rather see.”

Message delivered on the dangers of texting and driving

We expect that police departments are impressed by the numbers and appreciate how necessary it is to deal effectively with this public safety threat.

Don't renege on support for charter schools

Demand for seats in charter schools showing they are providing hope that is badly needed in urban neighborhoods.


Unruly Britannia

The U.S. could benefit from the British system of shorter campaigns, which would decrease costs and might enhance voter interest.

Bin Laden's last plots against U.S.

This picture of a cagey, quirky bin Laden, directing a terrorist "great game" from his secret lair in Abbottabad, Pakistan, emerges in eight...

‘Property tax relief’ is a euphemism for raises

Democrats on the General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee think they have the solution to state government’s budget...