New London progressing under Finizio leadership

As a New London resident and business owner, I have witnessed major improvements since our change over to an elected Mayor form of government.

Make voting mandatory

The most important thing civilization can do in a republic or democracy, is vote.

Electronic medical records a big drain on doctors

It is good that more doctors are choosing to practice primary care: “Primary medical care getting renewed interest in region as mandatory insurance increases demand” (March 2).

Stress life quality in Stonington land-use plan

Let the people decide - The residents should decide how their lives intersect with their environment. More noise, more trash, more pavement, more traffic is not what the Plan of Conservation and Development should be.

Here's a novel idea, spend less money!

The state government is looking for more revenue to balance the budget. How come I have not heard any of them talk about spending less? It's time for them to cut back.

Thames Street looks great, but what about cars?

I remember growing up on Thames Street 25 years ago. You could walk down the street without any trouble.

Proposed gun seizures violate due process

In response to the editorial, “Keeping guns from dangerous shouldn’t be controversial,” (March 19), I have an additional proposal.

Poor costly location for planned Coast Guard Museum

New Coast Guard Museum site potentially unsuitable.

New world leader

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who puts their security and that of the country before social interference, and engineering like someone we know. If only this was true in the United States.

Finizio fiscal record nothing to brag about

In response to Mayor Finizio's campaign manager's letter, "To continue progress, stick with Finizio," (March 22), we should recall the city's credit rating was downgraded last year under the current administration's mismanagement.

'Death with Dignity' is appropriate term

In the best tradition of journalism, The Day is keeping its readers informed about a topic that could directly affect them in very personal ways. A pending bill in Hartford (HB 7015), called “An Act Providing a Medical Option of...

Hypocrisy is Obama's not Israeli leader's

With the rancor surrounding the recent Israel elections, it is critical to distill the facts.


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Finizio's two-straight big tax hikes for New London too much

Despite facing an election, Mayor Finizio is proposing another substantial tax increase for New Londoners. While credit is due the mayor for getting...

Connecticut College confronts hurtful and racist speech

In matter of a few days the campus confronted the boundaries of free academic speech and the ugly reality of racist graffiti.

Land preservation ruling could set powerful precedent

If land-use restrictions intended to keep properties in their natural state are to be effective they must be enforced.


Free market forces now back tolerance

Not long ago, the drive to compete drove businesses to discriminate. Today something very different is at work, and that's good news.

Hills are alive with Clinton mooching

The Clintons cut every corner they can to raise money for their election machine. It's corruption, but will enough people even care?

Statewide car tax is no type of reform

Moving money from municipalities with largely self-sufficient populations to municipalities with largely dependent populations is just more of the...