Republicans buy into cults of personality

In modern America, cults of personality built around undeserving politicians seem to be a Republican thing.

As the server turns, Clinton’s hopes tumble

The public may not know the difference between top secret, classified and sensitive, but it understands Clinton had to have known she was disregarding the national interest when she launched that server.

Health care question Republicans must answer

Gov. Scott Walker has proposed a credible alternative to Obamacare that would protect those with pre-existing conditions without the federal coercion.

Global economic weakness may be new norm

Investors are clearly jittery, with good reason. U.S. economic news has been good though not great lately, but the world as a whole still seems remarkably accident-prone.

Social Security attacks are a dubious strategy

It’s remarkable that most of the Republicans who would be president are lining up for another round of punishment by attacking Social Security.

Are we headed for a four-party moment?

The usual methods of co-optation by which Republican and Democratic politicians have maintained cohesion within their respective big tents are proving remarkably ineffective.

Time for normal rates and more wine

Interest at zero is an emergency setting. Why do we still have a Fed policy designed for an economy that needed life support?

Hitchhiking can be dangerous, even for robots

So who killed hitchBOT? The friendly hitchhiking robot made it across Germany, the Netherlands and Canada with nary a scratch, its treks followed by children and technology enthusiasts worldwide. Alas, the U.S. proved less welcoming: Last weekend,...


Correct ruling in tragic New London case

Police officers have a difficult job and must be given leeway when suspects present a danger.

Shafner, a humble giant

In a 56-year legal career, Matt Shafner saw the legal system as the great equalizer, the place where a person could seek restitution for damages...

Brady freed, Goodell and NFL sacked

It remains baffling why the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, acting on scant evidence, chose to turn this relatively minor matter about the...


Only Biden-Warren stops inevitable Clinton

Except for one long shot, there is no stopping Hillary Clinton from getting the Democratic nomination.

Our stake in the future and the past

In the age of Donald Trump, the cult of self-interest occasionally seems like an article of the Bill of Rights

Tests mean little without real standards

Testing is one thing and standards are something else. Standards are requirements students have to meet for promotion from grade to grade and for...