Trump’s itchy Twitter finger triggers speculation

For Trump to entertain the prospect of an indictment is an unforced error that plants questions about whether he has any reason to think an indictment might be coming.

Once more, John McCain was the hero

McCain referenced what many yearn for -- collaborative, compromising work in Washington for the sake of incremental progress of the kind that has made this nation freer, more prosperous and powerful than any other.

Silence from Ivanka and Jared, but just wait

The power couple may not agree with the attacks on the environment, transgender citizens or health care, but they are waiting to be heard at the right time. That is probably a long time away.

More turning to hospice, but perhaps too late

Many patients receive expensive care until nearly the end, when they’re switched to hospice care. This obviously limits the potential for reducing costs and for relieving patients’ suffering.


Trump’s babble in the face of tragedy

One of the difficult but primary duties of the modern presidency is to speak for the nation in times of tragedy. Not every president does this equally well. But none has been incapable. Until Donald Trump.

Democrats lost their base and must now rebuild

The Democratic Party is mainly urban, coastal, social issue-directed, identity politics-focused, global in outlook, and digital economy-oriented. They are losing elections by not projecting a compelling message to working-class, middle-America.

Reaping many benefits of community gardens

'Our mission is to encourage and support community gardens in our region in order to create healthful food choices for all residents and to increase food security.'

Time to move forward on New London Charter

Amendments are necessary to the charter to tighten up wording and prevent administrative abuse from continuing.

Train skilled workers, create good jobs with good wages

House Republicans's zeroing out of apprenticeship training grants would weaken the Fitzgerald Act provisions that built the foundations of the U.S. war effort in World War II. Now is not the time to weaken job training.

New London sidewalk projects proper, necessary and economical

The sidewalk contract was properly entered into by the city and is important to the city’s pedestrian traffic plan and patterns.

State’s energy planning fails to consider energy investment

The state's new energy plan misleads the public into believing that the future energy supply for the state is secure when, in reality, it is just the opposite.

Republican amnesia on labor concessions history

It would be easier to endure Republican complaints if they didn’t have a record of taking the exact opposite stance on previous union givebacks.

Begging Democrats to stop playing budgetary politics

This agreement is a bad deal for two important reasons. Firstly, it protects the entire state workforce from layoffs for four years and extends the the contract through 2027. Secondly,it doesn’t address the costs to taxpayers of wages,...

America’s golden (and dangerous) age of stupidity

It is not just science under siege. The administration attacks facts and evidence wherever they do not suit their policy views. All evidence-based communities are under attack — the intelligence community, law enforcement, think tanks and...


Bannon's departing warning for Democrats

As detestable as Bannon's politics may be, his political instincts that President Trump could win the White House proved correct.

Ukraine’s black market means missiles for North Korea

Ukrainian technology and a specific Ukrainian factory now appear to be the origin of the new North Korean missile surge.

No one escapes blame for budget stalemate

While Democrats hold the lion's share of the blame for state fiscal crisis, Republicans can still play a role in addressing it.


Columnist Eugene Robinson

GOP leaders must overcome their timidity and denounce Trump

With only a few exceptions, GOP political leaders have been too timid to denounce the president and the reprehensible game of racial politics he's...

Columnist Richard Cohen

Learn from Gen. Robert E. Lee but don't honor him

Lee should be recalled as a slave owner who would not give them up, who felt so keenly about slavery that he renounced his commission in the U.S.

Columnist David Ignatius

Back from the brink, Korean war talk cools

Kim’s problem in the escalating crisis has been that he faced a united front from the U.S. and China — backed by South Korea, Japan and...