Why the Paris accords matter to Connecticut

Fossil fuels helped shape most of the technological and economic advances we enjoy today.

Assisted-suicide laws send dangerous message

Research shows suicide rates increase for society as a whole when state's legalize doctor-assisted suicides.

Chippewa tribe rebuilds without casino profits

Bad River supports the harvesting of annual wild rice, fish, maple syrup and game hunting by its community members because it is consistent with the ways of their ancestors.


U.S. spending dangerously out of control

More of our dollars will go toward paying down the debt, and not purchasing the things we need, or saving to assure a sound retirement.

Feeding the local economy

Supporting local farmers and food producers by buying even limited quantities of local food has a definitively positive economic impact.

Cooler heads needed in Syrian conflict

All sides should be looking for ways to better communicate.


Shopping Doesn't Have to Be a Drag

The mall-ification of America has made shopping a bore.

Why Donald Trump looks like a savior

We’ve all become convinced of our victimhood, of our very thorough trouncing by our enemies near and far, because that’s what political...

Clean elections an issue for Conn. GOP in 2016

What a difference 10 years can make; today it is state Democrats who have the “Citizens Election Program” (CEP) under attack by...