Manafort played huge role in Trump’s election

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declared that Manafort had only a “very limited role for a very limited time” in the Trump campaign. That was a false statement.

Sen. Schumer’s resistance thrills conservatives

The Senate minority leader is doing more than anyone in our nation’s capital to ensure the passage of the most conservative health care and tax reform possible

If U.S. wants growth, it needs immigrants

As the American population ages and retires, the economy must increasingly depend on people from abroad to pick up the slack.

It’s becoming obvious that we are not alone

It looks like life is as common as dirt in the universe, which for living creatures like us is infinitely more interesting than a dead universe ruled only by physics and chemistry.

Ivanka Trump is a White House player

It’s hard to say exactly how much sway Ivanka Trump has over her father. She’s thought to be one of his closest advisers.


Trump's latest impossible promise

After the Obamacare-repeal disaster, President Trump has decided to move on to tax reform. He's hoping to quickly restore public faith in his leadership, which has so far been stymied by federal judges, the House Freedom Caucus and basic math. But...

Hidden ER costs upend health markets

To control health-care spending, patients need to know which providers and treatments are in-network, so they can seek care accordingly.

Pruitt will return EPA to its core mission

Pruitt should end the war on carbon that imposed dramatic and costly new regulations on states and businesses.

Day missed the mark in backing Millstone bill

The Day's editorial failed to address the litany of problems posed by the legislation that would give a powerful corporation an unfair competitive advantage and discourage renewable energy development.

Saving Groton Library weekend operating hours

Groton has a great library and having it available on weekends is vitally important, even if it means closing it for some weekday hours.

He knows his place in parking lot hierarchy

As a white male, I have a pretty good idea where I will be parking when the smoke clears and each group has its fair share of reserved spaces.

Exhibit A: How Trump tax plan benefits the very rich

The 2005 return shows Trump paid $38 million in taxes on $150 million income. If the tax laws he wants to pass were in place then, his tax bill would have been $4 million.

Expect higher rates if Millstone bill passes

Although Millstone claims to be in financial distress, it refuses to provide any evidence and so does its owner Dominion Resources, a Virginia-based company that earned $2.1 billion last year alone.

Inhibiting electric vehicle sales hurts nation

Electric vehicles reduce the demand for foreign oil, which is in our national interest. So why is Connecticut is dragging its heels in allowing the direct sale of electric cars?

A Scots-Irish view on St. Patty’s Day

Just as we’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate the best of our American Irish heritage, if you check your family tree back to colonial times, you’ll likely find that you’re a wee bit Scotch-Irish


Let the sun shine in on utilities

Municipal utilities officials involved in out-of-state luxury trips have taken their medicine, but the cooperative that fostered their lack of...

In Russia, a protest that can't be killed

On Sunday, tens of thousands in more than 80 Russian cities held unsanctioned, peaceful protests against corruption. The authorities censored the...

Police de-escalation saves lives

Techniques newly in use by local police aim at keeping conflicts from getting out of control.


Carmakers, don't pick a fight with California

California and the 12 states, plus the District of Columbia, that have adopted California's emissions rules, represent nearly 35 percent of the U.S.

Colt subsidy makes state the arsenal of hypocrisy

The governor seems to be saying that guns are bad unless they are made by members of a union allied with his political party, in which case guns...

Personality and policy

Leaders who lead by personality can also die by personality, which is what happened in the House last week when the president’s threats and...