Win, lose or break even — why we go to casinos

To while away a night at the tables is, on an unspoken level, to make sense of one’s place in a world fueled by desires but governed by chance.

Supreme Court at center of 2016 election

This year, both candidates are seizing on the issue of who will get to fill future vacancies on the Supreme Court, along with a current one.

How Republicans blew it on Benghazi

Republicans investigating the Benghazi attack got lost in the weeds of the debacle. The should have focused on the Obama/Clinton policy failures.

Guns on Campus won deter mass shootings

College and university campuses are already safer than other public places. Introducing concealed weapons will not deter or reduce any campus crime.

Let armed college students protect themselves

Our only effective recourse to prevent or minimize future mass shootings is to arm as many good college students as possible.


Federal goverment should pay for schools

The next president should be an “education president” and create a federal funding source for education.

We need Thurgood Marshall's wisdom these days

What Justice Marshall taught us was more than love of justice or tolerance of disagreement. He taught through example the importance of loving our neighbor across our differences.

War-weary South Sudan is not typical of Africa

Civil wars filled most of the past 60 years, and threaten again.

Why a downtown Coast Guard Museum makes sense

The selected location both fixes a train access problem and will help drive downtown revitalization.

TSA agents work hard to keep you safe

I’m a former Marine, and I served in combat. As a TSA agent I still have that sense of duty, like I did in Desert Storm.

A memorable day with Elie Wiesel

As the "10th man," a Day reporter was forever linked through prayer with 'the conscience of the world' -- Elie Wiesel.

Malloy: Take time to reflect on recent tragedies, and learn from them

Over the last week, the nation has witnessed horror. The events have shocked our collective soul. They have been jolts to our conscience – both in Connecticut and across the country – that require a moment of mass reflection.

Time to reorganize local government services

Connecticut can no longer afford to duplicate services in 169 communities. To fiscally survive, Connecticut needs to consolidate education, emergency services and other functions.

Realizing the potential of Connecticut's ports

When it comes to coordating and promoting the use of its ports, Connecticut has a lot of catching up to do.

Instilling a love of reading

Particularly for children in low-income homes, a push to read is often lacking and the ramifications can be devastating.


Trump's empty rhetoric void of solutions

Trump is attempting to use the illusion of civil disorder and rampant crime to generate fear and gin up votes. In other words, more of the same.

Monitor sober houses

These halfway houses, where multiple and an ever changing number of patients are supposed to have the best opportunity to recover from alcohol or...

A troubling summer

It's the middle of July and this feels like one of those summers that convulsively changes history.


Notes from Cleveland: The 2-part rebellion

Chris Christie’s prosecutorial indictment of Hillary Clinton, with its call-and-response of “guilty or not guilty,” was a...

Another Syrian-born terror threat emerges

A stark warning of the danger ahead comes from the Institute for the Study of War: "Jabhat al-Nusra will have created an Islamic emirate in...

Some immigrants really like Trump

Established immigrants have a long tradition of shutting out the next cohort seeking shelter, security and freedom from persecution.