President Unpredictable prepares to take the oath

Consistency is overrated. It’s so 1950s. The game has changed. The point now is to command attention.

Find ways to fix, not kill, the VA system

Rather than create more of a mess by scrapping the VA altogether, what we really need is to tap the nation’s best organizational minds for ideas to truly reform the VA.

Hanging out down South with the amiable

I’m an accidental Democrat anyway, only because my grandma was one.

Nixon's dirtiest trick helped win presidency

Evidence of Nixon's efforts to sabotage the Vietnam peace talks and thus frustrate President Johnson’s 11th-hour attempt to help Hubert Humphrey’s election surfaced many years after his presidency.

That tide in the affairs of men

'Now I’m just a tired old liberal and I know very well that you cannot expect people to speak their lines like characters in a play you’ve imagined in your mind.'

Awful start to 2017 for House Republicans

It makes sense for the House to institute an ethics process serious enough so that when something goes wrong the majority party can claim to have dealt with it openly and forthrightly.

2016 wasn't the worst year ever

To be sure, 2016 was pretty rotten, but by no means the worst year in history, not even recent U.S. history. Surely we can individually and collectively strive to make 2017 as painless as possible, no?

A useless, empty ‘witness’ to Syrian slaughter

President Barack Obama speaks of the need to “bear witness” to injustice. He did little else for Aleppo.

Old, yes, but Biden and Brown ideas relevant for Democrats

Biden and Brown offer instructive examples for their down-and-out party. Other than President Barack Obama, no Democrat offers a more compelling message and record than these two.

Holiday jobs were harder to come by

Traditional youth holiday job opportunities are increasingly being automated.Boosting minimum wage for entry level jobs is making things worse.

Christmas lives on even as we fade

As you get old, you gain a stripped-down life, minus the clutter and hullabaloo, the excess food and alcohol, the meaningless gifts, and it is quite satisfying to sit with your true love in candlelight and let memories come and go.


Town official sees first responders in action, saving him

Difficult discussions most continue on spending priorities, but that won't diminish what we know to be true: Our first responders are professional, effective, and have excellent leadership.

Human toll of state budget cuts

The state wants to deceive us into thinking that these cuts and privatization are changes that will actually benefit our loved ones. Do not take us for fools.

Somers is ready to work together

"I saw and heard a willingness from Democrats and Republicans to work together to begin pulling our state out of this budgetary mess."

Post Obama: Racial reconciliation work remains

The election of the nation’s first African-American president led to expectations that America would put its ugly racial past behind it and move forward into a more racially sensitive and tolerant future.

Tiny house ties to a simpler past and future

Forty years later I am still searching for the comfort and safety of small spaces and nooks.

How to remember, how to atone, how to forgive

German city confronts its terrible past and the result for a local Jewish leader is a lesson in atonement and forgiveness.

Stop insulting swamps, we all need them

This is as good a time as any to clarify what swamps actually are and why they should be regarded as wonderful and valuable parts of nature

Undermining newspapers not good for democracy

Without local newspapers to keep them honest, most, if not all, of the decisions made by municipal leaders would be kept entirely out of the public eye.

We’d all be better off if people practiced civility

They say the country is bitterly divided. Maybe so, but that’s no reason to be rude.

Observing Kwanzaa in a time of turmoil

When I say “Happy Holidays,” I mean all three holidays of the season. They can and do co-exist and there are many of us who celebrate all or a combination.


Obama led the nation with grace and integrity

His high approval ratings suggestion that many Americans wish that President Obama was staying in the White House.

Don't pull plug on Norwich school project prematurely

Moving the proposal along to a citywide vote would invite a broad debate on the merits, instead of having four people make the decision to block the...

Mohegan's Preston project is outstanding news for region

After many years of disappointments, it appears that the former Norwich Hospital property will finally be developed. It was a bipartisan, cooperative...


Keep the CIA on path to ‘modernization’

Effort to modernize the intelligence agency is on target, but the execution has been overly bureaucratic.

Trump is wrong about black America

Trump’s compulsion to answer any perceived slight with both barrels blazing is a sign of dangerous insecurity and weakness, not strength.

Coddling state unions, selling out a city

As long as policy in Connecticut is content to operate Hartford as a poverty factory and Hartford is content to remain one, the current circumstances...