A deal with Greece or a 1914 disaster?

Greece running out of euros, and being forced to reintroduce its own currency amid a banking crisis — is something everyone should want to avoid.

Republicans will stall, await the presidency

This situation is a reminder that all that high-minded talk about how Republicans in Congress needed to show they could govern was vastly overblown.

If U.S. allows Assad to fall, Syrian genocide could follow

The fall of Palmyra May 22 was a very big deal, because it was clear evidence that the Syrian army’s morale is starting to crumble.

Russia’s World War II burden still is heavy

Long before Putin, my Soviet schoolteachers told me that the Soviet Union would have won the Great Patriotic War without the help of insincere Western allies.

Veterans help returning service members deal with PTSD

The nation has taken good steps toward ensuring better care for returning veterans, but more can and must be done.

Lying U.S. into Iraq War was a criminal act by Bush White House

The Iraq War wasn’t an innocent mistake, the Bush administration wanted a war.

Power from populists stuns White House

Impressive victory for the ascendant populist wing of the Democratic Party, and its spiritual leader, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The Iran framework: Obama’s successful engagement

To reach this point after more than 35 years when other administrations have either failed to cut a deal or refused to try is nothing short of extraordinary.

Wall Street vampires fear Warren’s light

Wall Street's vampires and their Republican backers fear the glare of publicity that defenders of reform like Sen. Elizabeth Warren would shine on their efforts to roll back oversight.

Lacking faith in an atheist president

Surveys rank atheism as the trait most likely to turn off potential voters, and atheists are the least trusted group in the United States.


Lugar's profiles in bipartisanship

Richard Lugar was a man willing to work with the other party. Unfortunately, it made him vulnerable to a Tea Party candidate.

What became of Malloy's 'shared sacrifice'?

Shared sacrifice has turned into a willingness to sacrifice most anything to sustain the growth of government.

Stosz, Coast Guard Academy trailblazer, departs

As superintendent, Vice Adm. Stosz was visible and active in the local community, embracing the concept of an academy that was part of, not apart...


This call will not be recorded

We owe our reclaimed privacy largely to Sen. Rand Paul, who forced the Senate to meet in a rare Sunday session.

O’Malley’s legacy of taxes and vacancies

Unlike Hillary Clinton, O’Malley’s chief rival for the Democratic nomination, he has a record of sweeping, identifiable initiatives,...