Trump parade wouldn't send intended message

A parade will not, despite what Trump may think, be seen as a sign of American confidence. Instead it will display our fears about North Korea.

U.S. stands alone in scale of school violence

Between 2000 and 2010, researchers documented 57 incident of multiple murders at schools in 36 countries. Half of those incidents - 28 - occurred in the United States.

A blue wave or just a big ripple?

Already, Democratic strategists are getting a little jumpy about the party's shrinking advantage in the polls.

Malloy's progressive fantasies ignore reality that the state is broke

It was a speech, full of hopes and airy dreams, but as one senator noted, "We don’t have any money. Why are you even saying things that you can’t possibly do?"

Military parades like the one Trump envisions were used in other eras to celebrate victory

Helicopters buzzed by the Washington Monument. Abrams tanks and Patriot missiles systems rolled past cheering civilians. It was 1991, a celebration of the victory in Operation Desert Storm.

Trump's State of the Union should scare you

President Trump’s approval rating has careened downhill, but among his base, he’s making America great, again, preserving the traditional systems that placed native-born white Christian heterosexuality atop our demographic pyramid.


What the Second Amendment meant to the Founders

The 2nd Amendment focused not on self-protection, but on maintaining local militias as a bulwark against a standing army rising up and taking freedom away from the people.

Communities thrive on a mix of younger, older generations

Young Professionals of Eastern Connecticut has grown into the largest organization of its kind in the area, serving young adults from throughout our communities.

Ending Harvard’s single-sex social clubs would have a major impact

Men are perfectly happy to have women in their male-only spaces if those women take on subordinate roles or are there to meet their sexual desires.

Forge Farm 'no longer truly historic'

The house’s near total reconstruction left Landmarks in a difficult situation. Our effort to preserve the house as an example of early American architecture resulted in the creation of a replica of a historic house

Will the trillions spent on weapons leave U.S. unprepared for next war?

Our great nuclear weapons may be as useful against a cyber blitzkrieg as the fixed fortifications of the Maginot line were against the 1940 Nazi assault.

Failing to prepare for a sustainable future

An analytical review and assessment of global environmental data for the past years strongly suggests an economically and environmentally doomed planet.

Connecticut Landmarks plans to improve 'Berry House' in Stonington

'We carefully manage our operating and repair/replacement costs. It is our current intention to devote considerable funds to improving the condition of The Berry House and grounds."

Landmarks abandoned commitment to historic home

As neighbors over this entire time period, we were firsthand witnesses to Landmarks' total avoidance of any responsibility to maintain and preserve the house and grounds.

Sending a Tesla into space is the greatest symbol of American grandeur

President John F. Kennedy called for the most useless space shot of all − we would put a man on the moon. We did. Then we put another one up there. And more. They didn't have much to do.

Iraq War veteran says military doesn't want or need Trump's parade

The proposed parade would put scarce resources toward feeding the president's ego instead of providing for our national security.


More Norwich school disruption a mistake

The effort to find savings is understandable, but constant reorganization is not serving the needs of students or their families.

Lyme Facebook and Instagram pages show changing times

Lyme is struggling to find enough volunteers to serve on municipal boards and commissions. Increased communication and engagement with community...

Graham's 'invincible innocence'

Many of the most famous evangelists had their day and quickly faded. A few were frauds or hypocrites. But through a half-century and more, the Rev.


Columnist Froma Harrop

In facing Russia, we don't even have a Neville Chamberlain

This information war could be won, but there must be someone to lead the troops. Trump is plainly not interested.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Democratic senators push sexual harassment into 2018 election debate

Some of the proposals in a Democratic bill to address sexual harassment should generate widespread support, but other aspects appear by design to put...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

The GOP tax reform used to be extremely unpopular. Not anymore.

Democrats are in a bind because they voted against that increase in take-home pay. The growing public support for tax reform is especially a problem...