GOP’s zombie-like attack on Medicare

Jeb Bush often seems like a Rip Van Winkle who slept through everything that has happened since he left the governor’s office.

Cyber insecurity has to be addressed

If any of these hacked organizations had insurance to cover such a hack, the insurer would likely avoid liability because the insureds failed to take even the most basic steps to protect data.

Europe’s impossible dream masks economic disaster

How did things go so wrong? The answer is that this is what happens when self-indulgent politicians ignore arithmetic and the lessons of history.

Obama makes his case for American weakness

There’s little that Obama’s Republican critics in Congress can do about the deal other than vote their symbolic disapproval.

Strong framework to prevent Iranian bomb

A key strength of this agreement is that it brings together the world’s leading powers and outlines commitments from Iran.

Cleaning up a mess in the recycling business

The American recycling business is in the dumps. According to Dave Steinert, the CEO of Waste Management, America's largest recycling company, the industry is experiencing a "national crisis," with almost all of America's 2,000 high-tech recycling...

There's no clear consensus on a definition of rape

It might seem flabbergasting that we haven't achieved a clear national consensus about a definition of rape by now. But our disagreements are both written into law and the result of long-unresolved cultural expectations.

Why Obamacare ruling could cost Jeb GOP nomination

These Bushes, who may be good at many things, cannot be trusted to pick sound members of the Supreme Court.

SpaceX knows risks, will blast off again

Of all our scientific pursuits, perhaps none is more prone to spectacular failure than space travel.

Confederacy's ugly history cannot be painted over

What good is it to lower flags if it leads to chins raised in defensiveness, defaced statues and suppression of speech?


End loopholes placing guns in wrong hands

Dylann Roof should not have been allowed to purchase the .45-caliber handgun police say he used in the mass killing in Charleston.

Malloy needs to fight for transportation lockbox

If Gov. Malloy expects to make transportation a legacy initiative, he will need to do a better selling job on creating a lockbox to pay for it.

One small step for the Smithsonian, one great leap for its fundraising

What is more modern for the historic museum than a campaign that harnesses the power of the Internet?


A taxing job that government does better

The IRS has actually tried outsourcing tax-collection activities before, at Congress’ behest. Twice, in fact, over the last two decades.

Dangerous new era of elusive lone wolf

They’re disparate, confused, Internet-savvy, eager for self-promotion and hard to find.