Alabama Senate race leaves anti-abortionists no choice

As far as anti-abortionists are concerned, Alabama's Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, is wrong on our country's premier human-rights issue.

Yes, the Clintons should be investigated

Any impartial investigation of Russia's efforts to meddle in our democratic process needs to include a full inquiry of the Russian money flowing into Clinton world.

New Hobbesian war on our privacy

Today, foreign governments and private hackers can use the same tools we all feared the U.S. government would use.

Russian collusion clear, the lying spectacular

There is a spectacular accumulation of lies. Lies on disclosure forms. Lies at confirmation hearings. Lies on Twitter. Lies in the White House briefing room. Lies to the FBI. Self-protective lies by the attorney general.

Don’t write Trumpism’s obituary just yet

There is certainly evidence to suggest "Trumpism without Trump" isn't the best electoral strategy, but it's still not a totally compelling case.

GOP’s bold tax moves may pay off later

The broad outlines of the Republican tax plan reflect what a bipartisan tax reform compromise might look like.

A year after Trump, political upheaval continues

The lead ideology of the Republican Party at the national level is now immoral. The lead ideology of the Democratic Party is likely to be determined by radicals with little to offer the country save anger and bad economics.

Cue the fat lady, Trump is done

Trump is so over. Totally irrelevant, exhausted, flamed out. The sleepytime eyes and la-di-da hair and the tweet-tweet-tweet say it all.

Trump cares not a whit about rule of law

Today we have tweets, not democracy, in action. We don't have ethics; we have finger-pointing.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders laments media 'hostility' toward Trump

Studies have shown overwhelmingly negative coverage of Trump in the mainstream media.


Stop wasting our money on military contractors

We need to stop rewarding politicians who spend money like drunken sailors on weapons that will likely never see combat.

The Pilgrims: Sloppy, lucky, and smart

It was fundamental values that allowed Plymouth to thrive. The Pilgrims had come as families. They had come to work and build new lives, not get rich quick off gold, slaves, or conquest.

Pruitt leads Trump’s economic war on the environment

The declared war is lubricated by the ideology of growth economics, a social science, instead of biophysical economics.

Budget hurts vulnerable senior and disabled residents

Extreme, reckless reduction of insurance eligibility will put thousands of seniors and disabled persons in immediate danger.

Shellfish proposals sign of healthier waterways

While the merits of individual proposals need to be evaluated to make sure they meet regulatory requirements, the fact that proposals are being made is good news.

Danica Roem's win proves it: We don't need to restrict campaign contributions

It is the grass roots - the outsiders most unfamiliar with politics – that suffer from complicated campaign-finance laws.

Eversource repair crews faced difficult challenge

The Eversource crews who were working to restore power worked tirelessly around the clock, even while the storm was still raging.

Shellfish aquaculture has many benefits

If we are to regain local shellfish in harvestable quantities, we need aquaculture to help us.

Norwich Public Utilities is economic engine for Norwich, region

With a workforce of 150 and an annual budget of more than $97 million, NPU is supporting expanded community economic activity in Norwich that includes the creation of 130 – 189 jobs each year between 2016 and 2036.

A collaborative approach to divorce

An added benefit is that the family’s privacy remains intact. Financial affidavits can remain sealed and ignoble allegations are not publicly aired as they are in a litigated divorce.


Support your community, shop local this holiday season

Online retailers used to have a considerable advantage over brick-and-mortar stores, but the difference has narrowed or disappeared.

Reichard long served as the New London police chief, now it's official

During difficult periods, Reichard provided stability to the department. He deserved to become the official chief of police for New London.

Children are starving in Yemen; The White House should intervene

U.N. humanitarian officials warned that the shutdown would quickly lead to an emergency. Now their predictions are coming true.


Columnist David Ignatius

How to protect against fake 'facts'

Democracy assumes a well-informed citizenry that argues about solutions -- not about facts.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

The GOP readies itself to welcome Roy Moore

When you voted last November, it turns out you were actually volunteering for national jury duty. And you didn't even get your $40 daily stipend!

Columnist Chris Powell

Giving delinquents endless chances is bad policy

Many young delinquents, some prosecutors say, don't fear the law because they have learned that juveniles are never really punished for anything in...