Republicans become enemies of the Sun

Renewable energy is linked in many people’s minds with attempts to limit climate change — and climate denial has become a key part of conservative identity.

Good for the Fed for not heeding banks

There’s no reason to believe that what’s good for bankers is good for America.

GOP candidates well right of their hero

'A closer look at Reagan’s record and the positions of the current crop of GOP candidates reveals … how far to the right of Reagan they and the Republican Party have moved.”

Under Fiorina, HP earned millions from questionable sales in Iran

Under Fiorina's leadership, Hewlett-Packard indirectly sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of products to Iran, despite strict U.S. export sanctions.

Got everything ready for Constitution Day?

The U.S. Constitution, one of the most important political documents in history, has been reduced to an afterthought.

Will U.S. labor catch up violently or peacefully?

A hedge fund billionaire observes that income equality will be addressed "either through revolution, higher taxes or war."

Trading job security for job independence

The average American worker is confronting a number of problems right now — stagnant income, an overhang of debt from the housing bubble, the high cost of college and the replacement of pension plans with high-fee, low-return 401(k) plans.


Pacific trade deal deserves fair hearing

There is the potential that Congress will kill the deal based on politics, not sound policy.

A terrible mistake

There is a tendency in any organization to cover mistakes and twist information to avoid hard truths that can end careers. The U.S. military cannot...

Another Seaside study

Given the past history and the potential for future controversy, the Seaside saga is probably long from over.


Obama loves to talk, but he fails to lead

Perhaps the president might consider telling us what law, short of gun confiscation, would prevent, or substantially reduce, gun violence.

Drug price gouging a product of our political system

If Hollywood had created Martin Shkreli as the monster from Wall Street, we would have accused it of unfair characterization. But Shkreli — a...

Sanders' clarion call

First came the big crowds, now comes the big money. At this point, anyone who doesn't take Bernie Sanders seriously must not be paying attention.