Thank fracking for U.S. energy surge

When OPEC tried to bankrupt frackers by flooding the world with cheaply produced oil, the effort backfired. American entrepreneurs learned to frack oil and natural gas even more cheaply and undercut the foreign gambit.

Turkey looks to Twitter to block U.S. critic

Twitter notified a critic of Turkey's leader that it had received a court order from Turkey demanding the shutdown of his Twitter feed on the grounds that it had violated the personal rights of the Turkish president.

Trump should tell ethanol industry, “You’re fired!”

Ethanol is not essential to America’s economy. In fact, it might better be described as a drag on the economy.

Trump calls China’s bluff on North Korea

Behind the scenes, officials said that the decision to unveil the new sanctions came after a good faith effort to identify Chinese firms the United States believes are undermining international sanctions against the Kim Jong Un's North Korean regime.


Consider Working Families choice in New London school board race

Since 2002, Working Families has been challenging the political status quo in Connecticut, achieving statewide victories like increasing the minimum wage and securing paid sick days for workers.

President’s ‘silent accomplices’ need to speak up

I am scared. Scared to write this, send this, post this, share this, scared to step forward. But I must.

Don't get caught napping on Seaside

Things have been seemingly quiet concerning the plans for Seaside State Park, but now comes a proposal that would mean a big change for the park and the surrounding neighborhood.

Bypass plan blocked, next stop the budget

The bypass proposal demonstrates what can happen when the people of southeastern Connecticut speak loud, speak clearly and most of all, speak out.

What a London cabbie taught me about Uber

Uber has not totally eliminated taxis. But now these are forced to upgrade their services, and the consumer benefits.

Remembering World War I aviators, including a native son

American pilots helped win the Great War 100 years ago, as aviation came of age.

Preserve our marine monument

It is our highest calling to exercise responsible stewardship over creation.

'Golden couple' losing their luster

Jared Kushner, already reported to be a "person of interest" in the Justice Department probe of the Trump campaign, arguably has the most to lose from the revelation that the campaign did at least attempt to collude with the Russian government to...

Bungled collusion is still collusion

Once you’ve said “I’m in,” it makes no difference that the meeting was a bust.

Independence Day depression about the state of our Union

Members of our critically important middle-class have been ignored and deliberately allowed to wither on the vine as if they don’t matter.


1 down, 1 to go on critical labor deal

The Republican alternative would almost certainly be met with a legal challenge by the unions and prolong the political stalemate in Hartford. In...

Trying new fish can help local fisheries

Skate and spiny dogfish have become the abundant species, but locals still expect cod or haddock on their dinner plates.

Murphy raises serious legal questions about Trump administration's efforts to undermine Obamacare

The production of a series of anti-Obamacare videos coming from the Dept. of Health and Human Services may have violated several federal laws.


A 'wholly honorable man,' McCain faces a new fight, maybe his last

McCain withstood torture, accepted it, really, as the price of service, which he had chosen

Keep up the attack on Republicans' cruel health care proposals

When it comes to health care policy, it would be a mistake to take anything for granted. Senate naysayers are under tremendous pressure to give in,...

Survival of the moderately fit

Even on the matter of fitness, our population has become polarized. Large numbers have surrendered to obesity, while others seem willing to suffer...