Taxation fraudsters now control Congress

Public should be angry about GOP plan to accelerate transfer of wealth to rich Americans.

Campaign rules pinch Christie, Walker harder

Are federal rules that make it tougher for governors to raise money for a presidential run fair?

Take your pick: Treasonous, cynical or just plain stupid?

If the goal was to reduce the chances of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran and damange U.S. credibility, the GOP senators succeeded.


Finizio's two-straight big tax hikes for New London too much

Despite facing an election, Mayor Finizio is proposing another substantial tax increase for New Londoners. While credit is due the mayor for getting...

Connecticut College confronts hurtful and racist speech

In matter of a few days the campus confronted the boundaries of free academic speech and the ugly reality of racist graffiti.

Land preservation ruling could set powerful precedent

If land-use restrictions intended to keep properties in their natural state are to be effective they must be enforced.


Free market forces now back tolerance

Not long ago, the drive to compete drove businesses to discriminate. Today something very different is at work, and that's good news.

Hills are alive with Clinton mooching

The Clintons cut every corner they can to raise money for their election machine. It's corruption, but will enough people even care?

Statewide car tax is no type of reform

Moving money from municipalities with largely self-sufficient populations to municipalities with largely dependent populations is just more of the...