France’s election reveals a new political divide

If the most important political divide, in France as almost everywhere else, was once over the size of the state, the new political divide is about different visions of the identity of France itself.

Will Sessions' war on weed drive legalization?

If there’s a single thing that Attorney General Jeff Sessions hates more than undocumented immigrants it might just be marijuana.

Pence’s woman rule indicates bigger problem

There’s little distance between Pence's perspective and that of the ultra-Orthodox Jew who refuses to sit next to a woman on an airplane, or the fundamentalist Muslim who demands that women be covered head to toe.


The Clean Energy Myth

The truth of the matter doesn’t support the claim that fuel cell technology is a clean industry.

Backing 'home team' in 3rd casino fight

In the ongoing fight between these two tribes and MGM, the corporation that’s building a billion-dollar casino in Springfield, there’s absolutely no question who is the home team -- the Mohegan and Mashantucket tribes.

Russia an old hand at pitching fake news

To be effective, fake news must be rapid and repetitive. It doesn't have to be consistent because the goal is confusion.

Solar has role to play in powering a green economy

The real question is, what role can solar play to transition our economy to 100 percent renewable energy. And the answer to this question is: a huge one!

Responding to Syrian ‘crucifixion’

What Syria needs is not more war but megatons of compassion, megatons of food, water and medical supplies.

Arts provide great enrichment for a small investment

The arts reveal who we are by reflecting our culture, values and challenges.

Self-driving cars are the future of urban mobility

A recent study found that shared, self-driving vehicle could reduce the number of cars on the road by 90 percent or more. For our cities, the change would be dramatic.

Embracing immigration with innovative policies

Immigrant entrepreneurs find the regulatory landscape in Connecticut a challenge. They are not unique in this regard.

Waves of immigrants have enriched nation

Immigrants have transformed and driven the United States forward. Smart policies can assure that will continue to be the case in the years to come.

A green hobby, solar can’t power economy

Compared to the staggering amount of energy needed to fuel our modern lifestyle, solar technology is no more than a hobby, suitable for mounting on one’s roof like some environmentalist’s hood ornament.


Watson the leader City of Groton needs

The mayoral candidate open to adjusting to changes through increased cooperation between town and city leaders is the better choice for City of...

A long first 100 days for Trump

The jarring advances and defeats of the 45th president's policy promises have gone beyond the usual trials and triumphs of a new administration. So...

State's budget crisis just got much worse

With tax revenues falling dramatically short of projections, Connecticut faces a fiscal crisis balancing this year's budget and producing a spending...


Elusive search for ‘fair’ education funding formula

Now if only childbearing outside marriage and child neglect could be found unconstitutional, instead of how much government pays for education.

Murphy confronts Trump's isolationism, calls for boosting foreign aid

Connecticut's junior senator makes a strong argument as to why President Trump's proposed cuts in diplomacy and foreign aid are so wrongheaded.

Trump turns traditional, Europe populism pauses

Trump certainly ran as a populist and won as a populist but, a mere 100 days in, he is governing as a traditionalist.