The rapid evolution of the newspaper industry

Newspapers are leveraging technology and audience data more than ever to create new content, products and services that attract audiences and advertisers.

95 years ago women gained the vote

The fact so many don't bother voting is a sad commentary on the status of our democracy.

Dump the Trump? Not so fast, losers

Another reason Trump will be with us for the long run is the Washington and media elite, who for far too long have covered politics from a philosophical position that has them stuck in their own Private Idaho.

What makes New London High and its students special

When you ask alumni or students today why they love being a Whaler, they say that students are accepted for who they are.

Internal controls needed at Comptroller’s Office

The comptroller is responsible of all of the accounting oversight. Lembo cannot pick and choose which areas will have appropriate oversight.

To curb domestic violence, teach boys the right lessons

We are failing our boys by telling them to be tough and strong and to prove their manhood by dominating others.

The environmental illusionists

The best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to conserve energy, not rely on alternatives to fossil fuel.

Obama didn't kill coal; the market did

Critics of the Environmental Protection Agency's new Clean Power Plan are describing it in apocalyptic terms. But much of what they believe about the plan — that it will destroy the coal industry, kill jobs and raise costs for consumers...


Brady freed, Goodell and NFL sacked

It remains baffling why the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, acting on scant evidence, chose to turn this relatively minor matter about the...

Protect freedoms on Supreme Court's steps

Reminding the court of its past finding that “debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open.”

Funding Coast Guard for Arctic mission

With Russia intent on exploiting changes that are opening new shipping lanes and access to natural resources across what were once permanently frozen...


Our stake in the future and the past

In the age of Donald Trump, the cult of self-interest occasionally seems like an article of the Bill of Rights

Tests mean little without real standards

Testing is one thing and standards are something else. Standards are requirements students have to meet for promotion from grade to grade and for...

Tragedy in Roanoke personalized the 'media'

President Obama and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe were quick to exploit the incident, predictably calling for more gun laws, but laws do not stop...