Rediscovering America: A Quiz on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The quiz from the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University in Ohio provides an opportunity to test your knowledge of the civil rights leader.

Confessions of a state rep: 'We need to be tough and disciplined ... Don't hold your breath'

Urban writes that her critics completely miss the point and actually aid and abet the current dysfunction in how the state budgets.

Recalling Jim Turner, the man who saved EB

In his southern gentlemanly way, Turner suggested that moving to non-defense manufacturing wasn’t an option for EB. He was fighting to keep the company in the submarine building business.

Protecting 'Dreamers' is good for the country

These Dreamers are getting an education, starting businesses, serving in our military, and contributing to our economy. Yet, their version of the American Dream is now out of their hands.

Urban's animus toward Amistad ignores recent success

The local state rep has permitted her well-founded disappointment with the failure of the first organization to fuel a continuing opposition to any continuing support for Amistad.

The legal obligation to educationally prepare all our children

The legislature and governor had ample opportunity to address the state Supreme Court’s concerns, and they did not effectively do so.

This president will not be silent on Iran

President Barack Obama repeatedly failed to express America's solidarity with the Iranian protesters. President Donald Trump has taken a different course.

Study suggests slow Puerto Rico recovery could enhance PTSD among residents

Studies show that those who remain in place after a disaster have the worst long-term psychological problems, particularly if the recovery is slow.

Five tough lessons Congress learned in President Trump's first year

A warning to congressmen who are thinking about crossing Trump: If you ask Republican voters to choose between you and Trump, right now, they'll choose Trump.

The opioid crisis isn't just about negligence. It's about complicity.

This isn't just a story of simple negligence; it's a story about whether drug manufacturers and distributors turned a willfully blind eye toward illegal drug trafficking.

Groton Charter changes would improve fiscal efficiency

The three big recommendations would eliminate the RTM, implement an Annual Budget Referendum, and create a Board of Finance.

Charter changes would send Groton backwards

There is bipartisan opposition to the changes put forth in the Charter Revision Commission Report because adopting these changes will not make Groton government better.


Despite ugly rhetoric, work to save DACA

Suggesting Democrats “don’t really want it (DACA),” is a lie. Democrats would happily approve a law extending the provisions of...

Nystrom off to good start, but Norwich agenda must include CCD tax

One area Nystrom does not appear eager to explore is the back-breaking and development discouraging special tax that property owners must pay in the...

Republicans need to call out racist in chief

The vast majority of Americans are fair minded. They know what they are seeing is wrong and does not represent the values of this nation and its free...


Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Conveying Trump's words is no easy task

Commentators and opinion writers who made logical, principled arguments helped bring context to the president's comments. But that kind of...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Tong misplays bigot card in attack on Herbst

Herbst’s comments appeared to line up with traditional conservative versus liberal debate when it comes to the role of the courts. It was a...

Columnist Cal Thomas

Is Oprah the latest 'Messiah' for Democrats?

According to some Hollywood liberals and Democrats across the country, Oprah is a superhero, a god, the answer to their prayers of deliverance.