'Strategic Ambiguity’ Prompts Guesses About U.S., North Korea

If “strategic ambiguity” is not the final answer or solution, it’s still preferable to the suffering and hardship that all sides need to avoid.

Trade war with China would damage Trump — and America

China is the largest holder of U.S. debt, America's largest trading partner and the fastest growing market for U.S. exports. In a trade war, they can hurt us.

Former civics teacher dismayed by Republican lawmakers

It will be up to U.S. voters in 2018 to deliver instant Karma to the Republican lawmakers enabling Trump's unpresidential behavior.

For many it's 'fake' if Trump says so

A study found 42 percent of Republicans believe accurate - but negative - stories qualify as 'fake news.' President Trump is using that tendency among his supporters to discredit the news media.

Rediscovering America: A Quiz on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The quiz from the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University in Ohio provides an opportunity to test your knowledge of the civil rights leader.

Confessions of a state rep: 'We need to be tough and disciplined ... Don't hold your breath'

Urban writes that her critics completely miss the point and actually aid and abet the current dysfunction in how the state budgets.

Recalling Jim Turner, the man who saved EB

In his southern gentlemanly way, Turner suggested that moving to non-defense manufacturing wasn’t an option for EB. He was fighting to keep the company in the submarine building business.

Protecting 'Dreamers' is good for the country

These Dreamers are getting an education, starting businesses, serving in our military, and contributing to our economy. Yet, their version of the American Dream is now out of their hands.

Urban's animus toward Amistad ignores recent success

The local state rep has permitted her well-founded disappointment with the failure of the first organization to fuel a continuing opposition to any continuing support for Amistad.

The legal obligation to educationally prepare all our children

The legislature and governor had ample opportunity to address the state Supreme Court’s concerns, and they did not effectively do so.

This president will not be silent on Iran

President Barack Obama repeatedly failed to express America's solidarity with the Iranian protesters. President Donald Trump has taken a different course.

Study suggests slow Puerto Rico recovery could enhance PTSD among residents

Studies show that those who remain in place after a disaster have the worst long-term psychological problems, particularly if the recovery is slow.


Making a deal to reopen government was right move

It remains baffling why President Trump, who campaigned on his ability to make deals, did not grab the one right in front of him and avoid a shutdown.

Slowely killing Obamacare to detriment of millions

It will fall to state governments to resist this renewed assault on universal access to adequate health insurance.

State must assure Medicaid patient transportation system works

Our reporting documented cases in which drivers showed up very late or not at all, of people waiting long periods on hold after phoning for service,...


Columnist Froma Harrop

Democrats are lousy salesmen for own success

The market has risen 26% in Trump's first year. In the same period of Obama's first term it gained 33 percent. Did you hear Democrats loudly...

Columnist Chris Powell

Courts can’t fix bad parenting, but welfare reform might help

Gaining a successful education has little to do with school spending and nearly everything to do with parenting.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Crowded field for governor does not bode well for state

With 19 candidates running for governor, and counting, it is hard to see any of them emerging with the political capital that will be necessary to...