Finding ways to build better boys

Helping boys succeed does not mean turning the clock back for girls.

Enact state budget that protects property taxpayers

If lawmakers want to ensure the state’s economic competiveness, they must start with sustaining Connecticut’s towns and cities.

Reminding visiting Obama of all of King’s vision

As Martin Luther King observed, focus must turn to conquering "giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism."

Don't allow police to operate in secrecy

Failure to enact House Bill 6750 as originally proposed will be one of the final nails in the coffin of open government in Connecticut.

Stonington Republicans back budget

As taxpayers, voters and Republicans, we are voting “yes” because it is a good budget.

In Stonington: 'A new beginning'

It is time for further action by passing a budget carefully crafted to meet a myriad town needs.

Why dispirited Republicans sat out Groton City vote

As far as running for council seats, many potential candidates expressed concern over being subjected to public humiliation, degradation and/or disrespectfulness.

Bureaucracy, outdated regulations challenge broadband 'railroad'

A broadband railroad is unlikely to be built throughout Connecticut anytime soon. The Central Pacific Railroad laid 10 miles of track in a single record day in 1869. By comparison, it can still take up to 90 days for a 21st century company to...


Now, we have an opportunity – in fact, an obligation – to repay the trust and confidence that the tribes placed in us a generation ago.

Don't hide details of police arrests and conduct

At a time when the public is calling for more transparency when it comes to the actions of police, Connecticut should not let a standard of secrecy stand.


Maynard must decide fitness to serve

Still recovering the effects of a serious brain injury suffered in a fall last July, Sen. Maynard is not the legislator he was.

Chamber hit jackpot with Etess selection

Mitchell Etess perfectly matches the Citizen of the Year criteria: “a person who has made significant contributions to the region’s...

Isn't Mumford Cove tax break enough?

Groton would not allow either Groton Long Point or Mumford Cove to be built today with their residents’-only beaches.


Clinton’s focus trivia while Syria unraveled

Try reading these messages not as a catalog of scandal (which doesn’t appear to be there) but as fragments of an epistolary novel of Imperial...

Social liberal shift is now undeniable

On multiple social issues, Americans have indeed become more likely to adopt the standard lefty stance.

Like life, testing must be high-stakes

Connecticut’s schools practice the social promotion of students. Nearly every student who shows up is given a high school diploma even if he...