Norwich mayor squarely behind casino growth

The gaming industry is changing and Connecticut needs to change with it.

Finizio defends proposed New London budget

Without a plan to keep taxes from perpetually rising, New London’s economy would decline from over taxation.

Proposed car tax change unfair to small towns

Using the property tax as the mechanism to achieve motor vehicle tax parity is unconscionable.

Rebuild America’s unions to restore its middle class

In earlier decades, when wages rose in tandem with economic growth, it was largely because the labor movement was robust enough to help people get into — and stay in — the middle class.

Fears of GMOs not grounded in science

The Internet is full of false information. It is said Monsanto sues small farmers for GE crops ending up in their non-GE fields. Another myth is that organic farmers are losing their certification from GE crops “contaminating” their...

Support building project, give Stonington children schools they deserve

Voters should approve Tuesday referendum that would complete the modernization of all Stonington schools.

Access to new drugs could curb addiction

A new generation of painkiller medications that prevent a quick, intense high could reduce drug abuse.

Bradley Airport clear choice for eastern Connecticut travelers

State residents should support the state's investment in Bradly International Airport by making it their primary air travel choice.

Columnist didn't let facts get in way of Lawrence + Memorial hatchet job

In writing a commentary that would fail the test of basic journalism, Day columnist failed to talk to hospital and got his facts wrong.

Stonington-based foreign policy expert backs Iran deal

Reaching such a framework agreement was a key step towards securing our interests in the broader Middle East.

Sprecace is the one who won't own up to driving New London into debt

Former Republican councilor still can’t acknowledge his mistakes, or the fact that Mayor Finizio has turned New London’s finances around.

Finizio overlooks his role in creating past New London deficits

If Mayor Finizio had managed the budget he inherited when he became mayor the deficit would not have been so large, but fixing it would not have served his political purposes.


Focus on violent criminals and rehabilitation

Rather than being soft on crime, these alternative approaches can lower crime and the cost of government, which is why nationally it is receiving...

Vast federal government waste

Spotlighting waste is the first step toward eliminating it.

GOP Senate drought will likely continue

Chances are the Republicans’ 21st century losing streak will continue in 2016 regardless of their choice as nominee


On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a fraud

As we know, on the Web interested parties or crazy people can create a phony consensus.

Cops, courts, prosecutors align to promote secrecy

The police can now withhold anything beyond the name, address, date, time and charges.

The drone wars, strikes against morality

Some degree of collateral human damage should be considered the rule, not the exception.