Budget hurts vulnerable senior and disabled residents

Extreme, reckless reduction of insurance eligibility will put thousands of seniors and disabled persons in immediate danger.

Shellfish proposals sign of healthier waterways

While the merits of individual proposals need to be evaluated to make sure they meet regulatory requirements, the fact that proposals are being made is good news.

Danica Roem's win proves it: We don't need to restrict campaign contributions

It is the grass roots - the outsiders most unfamiliar with politics – that suffer from complicated campaign-finance laws.

Eversource repair crews faced difficult challenge

The Eversource crews who were working to restore power worked tirelessly around the clock, even while the storm was still raging.

Shellfish aquaculture has many benefits

If we are to regain local shellfish in harvestable quantities, we need aquaculture to help us.

Norwich Public Utilities is economic engine for Norwich, region

With a workforce of 150 and an annual budget of more than $97 million, NPU is supporting expanded community economic activity in Norwich that includes the creation of 130 – 189 jobs each year between 2016 and 2036.

A collaborative approach to divorce

An added benefit is that the family’s privacy remains intact. Financial affidavits can remain sealed and ignoble allegations are not publicly aired as they are in a litigated divorce.

‘Stability of the entire world … routinely threatened by … 140 characters’

We must never meekly accept the daily sundering of our country. The personal attacks, the threats against principles, freedoms and institution, the flagrant disregard for truth and decency.

‘Add-a-Dollar’ to provide light and heat

When families live with no utilities or heat, they often engage in behaviors that can cause physical harm or even death.

Placing service above politics in Stonington

A departing selectman sees a bright future for his town and the village of Pawcatuck within it.

Preserving our environment: It benefits our health, economy and communities

Our community leaders must continue to consider how to balance economic growth and environmental preservation to support vibrant communities.


Relocate Niantic River shellfish hatchery plan

There were legitimate problems with the process and location for a proposed shellfish hatchery in Niantic River, but Waterford and East Lyme...

Malloy took the hit, so stop your complaining

Legislative leaders should have saved the drama and provided a simple, joint statement: “Don’t blame us, blame him.”

Checking president's ability to wage nuclear war

With the Cold War behind us, it no longer makes sense to allow a president to launch an offensive nuclear strike without a declaration from Congress.


Columnist Cal Thomas

California dreaming? Lately, not so much

High taxes, protection for illegal immigrants, high housing prices, earthquakes, fires and outrageous traffic. No wonder more people are going than...

Columnist Red Jahncke

Because bipartisan budget didn't curb labor costs it didn't fix problem

The budget closed the $5.1 billion deficit mostly with artful gambits, one-time gimmicks, and wishful estimates.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

In Connecticut, blame game will mean raucous 2018 election

Democrats will want to make it about Trump and Republicans in Congress, while state Republicans want the focus to be on the state budget problems...