Thresher widow unites with husband at sea

Irene passed away at 87 years of age, on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, leaving behind a last request to be buried at sea alongside her husband.

More gambling, less tech support, no way to build state economy

While legislative leaders were making things tougher for many of Connecticut’s most promising industries, they were bending over backwards to find ways to prop up the state’s faltering casino industry.

Vote ‘yes’ to boost UConn alumni support

The University Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board of Directors and the UCAA Board of Directors have endorsed this change.

Preparing workforce for growing sub construction

My commitment is to work with various groups to help workers build the skill sets necessary to fill the new positions at Electric Boat and hundreds of their supply companies.

Courtney stood up for Connecticut jobs

We are proud to have Congressman Courtney representing us in Congress and standing up for workers in his district.

Connecticut’s Democratic lawmakers attacked corporate greed, provided tax relief

The unitary tax will require them to pay taxes on the distributed wealth that morally and truthfully should be contributed to Connecticut.

The importance of the Fulbright experience

Students learned what they have in common, as well as the ways cultures, circumstances, political systems and backgrounds make them unique.

Let private industry take lead on nuclear waste storage

Getting a permanent government nuclear waste repository built is not an easy thing to do

Groton City leaders blocking information

If the town council received evidence justifying the higher costs, I believe it would give the city the money requested.If the town council received evidence justifying the higher costs, I believe it would give the city the money requested.

Unfair Town Council policy is forcing City of Groton to consider independence

Many Groton city residents have reached the conclusion that the city’s financial independence from the town is becoming imperative.

He once ran to glory in Boston, but finds his path blocked in Mumford Cove

I believe the new policy is un-neighborly and shortsighted. It has blocked runners, cyclists, walkers, and shell-fishers, and could have other consequences.


The mall redefined

There is no doubt the Foxwoods mall opening, reportedly the first in a decade in the country, goes against the trend.

Christie’s choosy candor

Christie’s candor will come with limits, of course. But that doesn’t mean his candidacy is without promise.

Force UConn to keep budget debate open

For decades, the General Assembly has treated UConn like a favorite child.


Trump is a farce to be reckoned with

Viewers will tune in to the Republican debates just to see whom Trump insults next.

Will Cruz lead GOP defiance of the court?

Moderate Republicans want to escape positions that isolate them from an increasingly diverse and tolerant country, others seem ready to double down...

Euro becomes weapon of mass destruction

The demands placed on Greece were made in the spirit of tough love among family members, but it had the effect of pushing Greece into default and...