RCDA and Fort Trumbull are ready for development

RCDA wants to continue development efforts at Fort Trumbull, but mayor is making it more difficult.

'Somewhere ... the sun is shining bright'

Even in this coldest of snowy winters, love of baseball warms a UConn classrom.

Sen. Murphy's smart approach to Iranian nuclear negotiations

U.S. must be firm but cannot give Iran an excuse to walk away from talks.

Passero's ideas don't hold up to scrutiny

Union leader says Finizio's idea line up better with needs of working people.

Bad location for a worthy institution

Fort Trumbull is the far better location for National Coast Guard Museum.

Coast Guard museum will benefit region

Coast Guard National Museum would be a boon to New London and regional economy.

Fraternities, sororities have their good sides

The benefits of pledging a sorority or fraternity far outweigh the problems reported by the media.

Smart management, not more taxes, will make 'NL Proud'

Taxing nonprofits will not solve New London problems, but new creative approaches to managing spending can.

Some final words about a good friend

A true friend is rare to find and one as interesting as Dan Boyle, rarer still.


Keystone veto

President wisely uses his veto power to block a project that would be bad for the environment.

Open arrest records

Letting police decide what to release or not in cases of arrest is poor public policy.

Build a regional shelter

There is so much to like about the proposed regional animal shelter it is surprising naysayers can find reasons to criticize it.


Malloy protects government class

Poor are great for a few votes, but it is the state workers that Malloy is intent on pleasing.

Iran nuclear talks coming to a head

An imperfect deal may be better than no deal when it comes to preventing an Iranian bomb.

Debate policy positions not who loves America

Focus on president's policies and comments, but don't question his love for his country.