Nitpicking aside, Clinton best for the U.S.

Clinton is the one individual who has the ability and experience to handle the difficult challenges that lay ahead.

Democrat's budget takes wrecking ball to Conn. economy

No good will happen for economy as long as the Democrats are totally in charge.

Wealthy Connecticut spends its way to ruin

Connecticut is rich in human resources, but is left poor by years of overspending.

Frink’s work as teacher and composer came full circle before his death

In his life as a teacher, my husband did not deviate from the responsibility to the student. He always thought that everyone has a gift.

Stop whining, Sen. Formica, GOP never had valid budget plan

This charade of Republican fiscal austerity is the primary reason why Republican politicians were not part of any final budget negotiations.

Destroying a Norwich city park for a questionable goal

The heretofore serenely unexamined life of the Chelsea Botanical Gardens initiative is at an end.

Hewett: New London a winner in recent session

Not everyone got what they wanted, but we came together from small towns and big cities, rural environments and urban settings and passed a budget that puts people first.

Teen party can become nightmare

Teens who choose to party can face serious legal consequences for their decisions. They also place their families in jeopardy.

Probate fees increased along with state taxes

The failure to appropriate funding in the current budget will return the probate system to the instability that plagued it for more than a decade before restructuring.

Pope ties abuse of nature to selfishness of capitalism

This encyclical should mark civilization’s most significant turning point since the Industrial Revolution.

Republican reflects on first year in state legislature

It’s not possible to craft the best of any product when you close out 40 percent of the input.


Proceed cautiously on big minimum wage boost

The reality is that a rush to dramatically boost the minimum wage could potentially hurt the very people its proponents want to help, poor families...

Bids for New London Lighthouse Inn great, but now comes hard part

None of the offers is very high for buying a large, historic inn with 4.2 acres of land that is a short walk from Long Island Sound.

Navy baby on board?

New Navy policy on maternity leave is generous, at least by dismal U.S. standards.


Under attack, Katz confident she has DCF moving in right direction

The enormity of what this agency confronts is daunting. Society’s failings end up at its doorstep.

Among the ruins, a case of righteousness

One Jew is doing what he can to save Middle East Christianity from extinction.

A taxing job that government does better

The IRS has actually tried outsourcing tax-collection activities before, at Congress’ behest. Twice, in fact, over the last two decades.