Reflections on Newtown, five years later

Newtown isn’t the same. I’m not the same. And I doubt you’re the same. But five years later, we keep going.

UPS and Pfizer's dirty little secret

Pfizer investors may want to know why the corporation is using their money in a manner that may reduce the company's profitability.

The quest for collusion is over as the desperate shriek for impeachment begins

Mueller's team has made a number of consequential findings, but none of them establish collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia

8 reasons this Trump supporter is very happy

Eight years of Obama rule damaged the values of America’s young people, but Trump is restoring the country and its economy to greatness.

Seeing women only as in need of protection no better than seeing them as prey

It's in purity balls and chastity pledges. Fathers, here, are protectors. Of their daughters. Of their honor. Of, ultimately, their virginity.

In sexual misconduct cases, 'due process' is a dodge for men

As allegations of sexual misconduct spring up, alarmed observers have suggested that due process isn't being properly extended to the accused. We should be wary of stretching the precept to situations where it doesn't apply

Recalling the double sacrifice for many Pearl Harbor attack families

Every Dec. 7th Mrs. Miller took a bouquet of flowers and placed them in a small stream on their farm, hoping that her thoughts and prayers — if not the flowers — would reach her sons George and Jessie, killed in the attack.

Niantic shellfishing hatchery must be done right

Decisions we make today about the development in the Niantic River will set a precedent for the future and may not be reversible.

Don’t be afraid to grieve, we need it

Choosing grief can be one of the most transformative and life-affirming things a person can do for themselves.

I'm a Depression historian. The GOP tax bill is straight out of 1929.

As in the 1920s, Republicans are sprinting toward an economic cliff. The American people must call a halt before it's too late.

In defense of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The media hostility toward Sanders really has nothing to do with her but stems from its barely concealed hatred for Trump.

Why arts and culture matter

Nonprofit museums and performing arts venues invest in their communities and maintain a workforce that remains close to home. Jobs are not shipped overseas and, once invested in a place, these nonprofits maintain a presence and add value to a...


Trump's snicker politics confront a new reality

How elected officials behave, how powerful men treat women, and how those in public life react to allegations against others in power are part of the...

Can't ignore deficit when restoring Medicare Savings Program

By national standards, Connecticut’s program is generous. Some changes to cut its costs may be in order. But the cuts passed in the most...

Finding the best fit for running Stonington

Stonington’s soon-to-be-seated charter commission should be allowed to do its due diligence and study a variety of forms of alternative...


Columnist Catherine Rampell

A feast for regulatory parasites

"The amount of complexity they're adding is staggering, just unbelievably staggering," fumes the usually mild-mannered Steven M. Rosenthal, a tax...

Columnist Cal Thomas

Trump's accomplishments obscured by distractions

Unemployment is at its lowest level since 2000. It is also at a 17-year low for African-Americans, and it has dropped for all other major racial and...

Columnist Richard Cohen

Cable TV president and his monitor

The Times interviewed 60 advisers, associates, friends and members of Congress for the article and reports that Trump spends four to eight hours a...