Let the hunters hunt each other

Let’s ask the lion killer Walter Palmer and many other animal killers like Jan Casmir Seski and any other of these supposed "great hunters"...

Shut down Plum Island lab now

I read the headline, “

Planned Parenthood practices infanticide

The name Planned Parenthood is a misnomer. They provide no parenthood, only planned abortion. Every abortion kills a baby. Killing a baby is...


U.K. faces its own immigration crisis

Britain is facing a problem familiar to America, which has its own challenges with a porous "southern border."

In the business world, diversity pays

This potential for market blind spots, and not do-gooder-ness, is the real reason companies need to start investing in workforce diversity.

Under attack, Katz confident she has DCF moving in right direction

The enormity of what this agency confronts is daunting. Society’s failings end up at its doorstep.