Tough challenge ahead for new Montville leaders

Connecticut has created a hostile environment for our businesses and an adversarial environment for our municipalities. Instead of controlling...

'We're not safe with this president'

Donald Trump says we don't need a State Department because his diplomacy is all that matters. This is naive and, more...

Faux patriots blind to constitutional protections

I am a retired Naval officer who served 23 years and consider myself a patriot who served to support all people in my...


Columnist Chris Powell

Giving delinquents endless chances is bad policy

Many young delinquents, some prosecutors say, don't fear the law because they have learned that juveniles are never really punished for anything in...

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

The face of a soulless, intellectually corrupt party

The policy goals Republicans onced cared about about were long ago sublimated by the goal of holding power, of winning.

Columnist Cal Thomas

California dreaming? Lately, not so much

High taxes, protection for illegal immigrants, high housing prices, earthquakes, fires and outrageous traffic. No wonder more people are going than...