Seven good reasons to re-elect Steward in Waterford

These are the reasons why I will support Dan Steward with my vote for First Selectman in Waterford. 1. He works hard to help his...

New London's Maritime Heritage Festival was a summer hit

Much appreciation needs to go to the organizers and participants of the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival. Gratitude also needs to go to the...

In Waterford, return Cote to Board of Education

Sheri Cote is a great choice for Waterford Board of Education.  I have known Ms. Cote since 1999. During that time I have seen her have...


'Bachelorette’s degrees' are not boosting pay

Why, when women invest in education, do they seem to choose majors that don’t pay off as well financially?

Corralling our objectives in Syria

The U.S. must first gather better intelligence about this battle space. We have been surprised too many times.

Chaos is the GOP’s new normal

If anything, the tea party, fringe rebellion is gaining strength.