Pruitt dangerous pick to lead the EPA

The North Stonington Conservation Commission takes seriously the stance President Trump has taken in appointing Scott Pruitt to lead the...

On topic of undermining, Republicans can't complain

I had to laugh when I read that Sean Hannity was very upset because Rachel Maddow was revealing President Trump's 2005 partial tax return. Sean...

No more middlemen in electric supply chain

Buy Direct, avoid the middleman, and save. Except, of course, if you are buying electricity in Connecticut, then we have a middleman. Middlemen...


An editorial writer bears some arms

Firing a series of guns was an interesting exercise, but didn't change my mind on gun policy and politics.

The thrill of shooting, the agony of the shotgun

The adrenaline rush was inimitable. The responsibility was overwhelming. The education was gladly received.

U.S. checks & balances trump strongman Trump

Madison’s genius was to understand that the best bulwark against tyranny was not virtue but ambition counteracting ambition, faction...