Treatment of Vietnam veterans is not exaggerated

I am responding to the letter, “Vietnam vet treatment is often exaggerated,” (March 15). I am married to one of those veterans.

Life is a necessity to pursue liberty and happiness

Fans of Planned Parenthood were surely stunned by The Day’s editorial, “Let terminally ill try it all,” (March 12), pitch citing...

State shouldn't expand gambling

Despite growing competition, Connecticut shouldn't allow more casinos.


God forbid Connecticut loses addicted gamblers to a Massachusetts casino

What a strategy! Maintain the Connecticut economy by keeping troubled gamblers close to home.

Presidential GOP racing form: First Edition

The Democratic field is easy to figure out, it's Clintion. But the Republican side is the ultimate political horse race.

Ted Cruz’s irrational war on the IRS

Cruz's crazy idea of eliminating the agency responsible for collecting the taxes on which all government runs damages his credibility from the start.