Living 'Citizen Kane' in 2016 election

I am very disappointed to learn who the choices are for president. Both candidates are highly flawed. I find it hard to believe that we...

Collins' opinion perplexing, NLMS leadership strong

I’ve been a member of the New London Maritime Society now for about a decade and I’ve been on the board of directors for eight...

New London's beauty

Speaking of beautification of train stations, there...


Rebuked, Chinese leaders consider next move

The U.S., rather than crowing about victory, it’s trying to talk the Chinese leadership off the ledge before it does something rash.

Can the Democrats stay out of their own way?

The purloined emails, published on the WikiLeaks website, only increase the ire and resentment of unreconciled Sanders supporters that the fix was in.

GOP’s own version of the nanny state

Republicans and conservatives in particular claim to want small, stingily funded government but they’re making bigger demands about what...