Bear trophy-hunting should remain illegal

Senate Bill 522 would open up a trophy-hunting season on Connecticut’s bears. While on its face it may seem plausible that hunting bears...

Heroes help heal wounds 50 years later

We continue to engage in global retracted battles that again claim lives and inflict medical injuries. Our VA health care system in New London has...


Elusive search for ‘fair’ education funding formula

Now if only childbearing outside marriage and child neglect could be found unconstitutional, instead of how much government pays for education.

Murphy confronts Trump's isolationism, calls for boosting foreign aid

Connecticut's junior senator makes a strong argument as to why President Trump's proposed cuts in diplomacy and foreign aid are so wrongheaded.

Trump turns traditional, Europe populism pauses

Trump certainly ran as a populist and won as a populist but, a mere 100 days in, he is governing as a traditionalist.