Waterford fire dept. plan was inequitable

In implementing the town’s fire service staffing plan, Waterford’s administration failed to include critically important stakeholders;...

More casino jobs not an economic solution

The sovereign Tribal Nations are encouraging the state to allow satellite casinos not on tribal land, isn't that annexation? They say that jobs would...

Victory for the people in Town of Waterford

Congratulations to the residents of Waterford for undoing the backroom deal made with Supt. Jerry Belair. This agreement looked like something cooked...


Ted Cruz’s irrational war on the IRS

Cruz's crazy idea of eliminating the agency responsible for collecting the taxes on which all government runs damages his credibility from the start.

Obama should 'purge the evil,' not embrace it

'Suicide is not in Israel's interests, or that of the United States, but suicide is what President Obama seens to want Israel to commit ...'

Tiny steps toward pragmatic pot policies

Much hypocrisy and inconsistenty continue when it comes to dealing with marijuana.