A new definition for pro-life

There is a certain contradiction in the position of certain lawmakers who declare themselves to be pro-life just because they are opposed to...

Green Party a worthy alternative

The Democrats and Republicans have, for decades, taken turns ruling over towns, states, and the country. Generally, the populace will switch...

Whale Wall has talented new savior

Glad to see a notice on Jamie Pearson’s work on the whale wall mural. I was honored to do the original restoration on Wyland’s...


GOP should restore ideals of Coolidge

Is the long-neglected Coolidge making a comeback? I hope so.

Cafeteria Catholics love cafeteria pope

What’s the difference between Pope Francis and the politicians he met on his tour of the United States? Not much.

Readers had plenty to say about column on reader comments

A few disagreed with my premise — that conservative views tend to dominate the reader comment discussions on political articles and...