Obama is Chamberlain for 21st century threat

President Obama's and Democrats' policies toward terrorists amounts to: How can we appease you? Let us count the ways. Close Guantanamo...

Give manual shifters some room please!

Every new driver on our roads should have to pass their test on a manual shift, as well as an automatic! I say that because if someone has never...

Poor traffic control after bad I-95 crash

I am responding to the accident on I-95 Aug. 15. I know this was an enormous job trying to save lives and clean up the highway, but I feel that...


Tragedy in Roanoke personalized the 'media'

President Obama and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe were quick to exploit the incident, predictably calling for more gun laws, but laws do not stop...

GOP confronts reality Trump could win

That jolt you felt Thursday morning wasn’t an earthquake, it was the detonation of the Quinnipiac bomb.

Government jobs invested in manufacturing poverty

Where are all this poverty and child neglect coming from and how can they be reversed? Why do so many kids today have poor parents or none at all?