Trump's totalitarian tendencies cause for concern

Donald Trump’s leadership style is reminiscent of many totalitarian leaders of the past. 1. They believed that only they could solve...

Her free weddings deserved Day's attention

I find it disheartening that The Day found it had to go out of state for some good news (a couple getting married on top of the Empire State...

Trump over his head? Sure seems like it

Does President Trump want to change the establishment or destroy it? Every day Trump seems to accomplish some misguided act. Recently he...


Playing off Trump the ‘Madman’ has foreign policy advantages

The combination of radical rhetoric from Trump and conventional policy by his staff may induce better behavior both in friend and foe.

The Trump White House is already cooking the books

New administration wants to use unrealistic economic growth estimates to paper over the astronomically large deficits that would result if it used...

The Trump bump in Moscow’s market

Financial markets were betting that President Trump would ease the sanctions on Russia. So far, they've been wrong.