Voting that's smart, Somers and Scott

Connecticut is broke and the state’s legislative Democratic majority has failed to fix it. It’s time for responsible and...

Henowitz will confront climate change threat

Republican candidate for state Senate Paul Formica is a ranking member of the Energy and Technology Committee, yet just last year, when asked...

Formica will help workers the smart way

Paul Formica represents the positive, collaborative change in politics this state and community needs to turn Connecticut’s fortunes...


Trump treats foreign policy like a 'Survivor' game

As in the past, Trump, in the final debate, seemed to take Putin's side against President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Conscience money could help opioid crisis

Prescription painkillers were developed to ease suffering, but they have also produced an epidemic of overdose deaths. Those who promoted them and...

My write-in vote, 2 weeks to decide

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. But I could never vote for Donald Trump.