Fireman Passero, New London's cat-rescue mayor

After some intervention, the city rescues a cat from a tree, despite a policy against it.

It's never too early to shop for Christmas

Some people around here might deserve more than stones in their stockings.

In Sprague, a town crew works on selectman's property

A political opponent of Sprague First Selectman Cathy Osten produces a video of a town crew working...

Republicans might raise Connecticut taxes, too

GOP tax reform could hit Connecticut residents hard, handing a campaign issue to Democrats

The NIMBY oyster people

Oyster farming clashes with the interests of waterfront property owners, and it's getting ugly.

Could Nancy Wyman become Connecticut's Hillary?

It would be hard for the lieutenant governor to escape Gov. Dannel Malloy's negatives, if she runs...


Rick's List - Rick's Police Logs Edition

One of the most popular features in our newspaper is the daily enumeration of...

Elevated thoughts: Lessons from a hillside

A granite outcrop not far from our house rises steeply above the forest floor, providing...

Old roads recall forgotten stories

My mother wasn’t pleased when Main Street in New London was renamed Eugene O’Neill...

Done in again by the Scantic River's Staircase Rapids

You know that heart-pounding feeling when thunderous, Class III rapids propel your kayak toward a...

It takes a garden

Denise Heinrich waited 17 years to become a UConn Master Gardener. When she finally completed the...


Giving delinquents endless chances is bad policy

Many young delinquents, some prosecutors say, don't fear the law because they have learned that juveniles are never really punished for anything in Connecticut.

The face of a soulless, intellectually corrupt party

The policy goals Republicans onced cared about about were long ago sublimated by the goal of holding power, of winning.

California dreaming? Lately, not so much

High taxes, protection for illegal immigrants, high housing prices, earthquakes, fires and outrageous traffic. No wonder more people are going than coming.

Because bipartisan budget didn't curb labor costs it didn't fix problem

The budget closed the $5.1 billion deficit mostly with artful gambits, one-time gimmicks, and wishful estimates.

In Connecticut, blame game will mean raucous 2018 election

Democrats will want to make it about Trump and Republicans in Congress, while state Republicans want the focus to be on the state budget problems under Democratic rule.

As Trump returns from Asia, America retreats from the world

This administration is an empty suit. It doesn't make decisions. It doesn't set priorities.