Why is officer accused of excessive force still on the street?

Investigations into police department findings that Officer Deana Nott used excessive force have...

Sharp elbows in negotiations for Bank Street development

One property owner loses parking for his tenants five days after he refuses to sell his historical...

New London is diverting traffic from downtown

Business owners praise the new calm on Bank Street.

Trump voter remorse

The tide for Trump seems to be turning in story comments on

Will Sean Spicer remember his alma mater when he gets rich?

Maybe the celebrity alum will donate to Connecticut College.

Contractor with $1.6 million no-bid NL sidewalks deal sold off granite

Piles of 19th-century granite curbs removed from New London streets are being sold by a Westerly...


Sisk joins her mother on the list of Shennecossett club championship winners

A wave of emotion hit Dawn Sisk when she spotted her parents near the end of the Shennecossett Golf...

Great Neck's own Ryder Cup is a smashing success thanks to O'Neill

Indeed, the 12th annual “Players Cup,” Great Neck’s version of the Ryder Cup,...

It's up to each of us to turn the bad into something productive

My friend Sally Jenkins is a sports columnist at the Washington Post. I’ve always been a big...

Columnist of the People is having a problem with patience

And now for another installment from Columnist of the People (COTP), a pathetic, Dear Abby...

Why can't everyone give as much back to the city as Ed Sweeney?

New London — This was the part of New London schools nobody sees. Or wants to. A teacher...

What a difference a year makes

Thirty minutes in Tuesday night and the Connecticut Sun were dead. Doornail. Jimmy Hoffa. This...


George Washington: 18th-century road warrior

George Washington had a low opinion of the quality of early American roads, and he would know...

rick's list - Behind Great Quotes Edition

Where do you suppose René Descartes was when he uttered his immortal "Cogito ergo...

Wolf spiders, snakes, bats and other intruders

The other day, just as I prepared to slip on a pair of running shorts that been draped over a deck...

Rick's List - Travel Woes Edition

More complaints about Koster's misery through the prism of a recent trip to Denver

The evolutionary war

Evolution was cruel when it invented puberty.


Back from the brink, Korean war talk cools

Kim’s problem in the escalating crisis has been that he faced a united front from the U.S. and China — backed by South Korea, Japan and Russia.

Trump’s empathy for white racial grievance is nothing new

The president’s Monday reversal was clearly a political calculation. I believe what we heard Saturday was simply a genuine first reaction.

Trump condemns neo-Nazis only after badgering

Not to have rejected immediately the support or to tell the neo-Nazis they misunderstood his message shocks even the most jaded Trump critics.

Hatred is local and personal; so is healing

However symbolic an episode becomes, the triggering event happens on the ground, and the ground is somewhere specific.

Don't sell out an American way of life

Why would fossil fuel interests win over ranching, farming and recreation interests? The answer is that fossil fuels have more money and more of it goes into...

Cut it out, you big bully

All President Trump is accomplishing with his personal attacks on Sen. Blumenthal is to help the senator's image here in Connecticut and continue to hurt his own.