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Marvel Home Decorating gives new meaning to 'personal space'

Although clients rely on her eye for trends and creativity, Gail Grillo isn’t constantly reinventing the wheel in her own home’s decor.

Small Potatoes celebrates Connecticut creativity

Erica Corbett has an eye for talent and an eye for organization, and it shows in her unique consignment shop.

Seana Bill returns to roots as fine woodworker

Seana Bill is breathing new life into a dying craft that few people are attempting today, let alone women.


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"The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly"by Sun-mi Hwang (Penguin original, $15)A lovely, lovely little book with a wonderful cover. A bestseller in South Korea, the is the story of a little hen who calls herself Sprout and her...

Writer Gunilla Norris explores the spiritual landscape of friendship

For Gunilla Norris the subject of friendship is one that has been simmering within her, most of her life, and at age 75 it was time to write about it. And she does just that, in her latest book titled "Sheltered in the Heart – Spirituality in Deep Friendship" released this past November by Homebound Publications out...


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At its launch in May of 2005, Grace was a thumb-in-the-eye to convention — our stylish, smart and highly local rebuttal to the so-called omen's magazines that promoted celebrity and circulated damaging, unrealistic ideals of beauty.

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