Barrett-Jackson car auction sales at Mohegan Sun top $26 million

Barrett-Jackson’s inaugural Northeast collector car auction at Mohegan Sun, a three-day event that ended Saturday night, drew more than 90,000 spectators, the auction company announced shortly before midnight.

New bait and tackle shop at Burr's Marina

Diane Womack likes to talk fish, which makes her a perfect proprietor of the new bait and tackle shop at Burr's Marina.

Robots, swarming drones and 'Iron Man': Welcome to the new arms race

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. In his quest to transform the way the Pentagon wages war, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has turned to Silicon Valley, hoping its experimental culture, innovation and sense of urgency would rub off on...




Tech incubator opens in former Pfizer building with three tenants

Pfizer in April 2014 donated its vacant Building 286 to CURE in an effort to bolster Connecticut's bioscience community, and the state kicked in $4.2 million to fund its conversion into an incubator.

Now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, what comes next?

Now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, what comes next? A plunging pound, for one

Global stocks tumble after Britain votes to leave the EU

US stocks are taking hefty losses after Britain's unprecedented vote to leave the European Union rocked world financial markets