Police logs - July 28

Arrests by state and local police

Key witness in Wirth homicide in Norwich hospitalized on eve of court hearing

As the life ebbed out of her in the early morning hours of Dec. 14, 2011, 26-year-old Jaclyn Wirth told a 911 dispatcher she was "pouring out blood," and begged responders to hurry. In the background, her 7-year-old son, Sergio, cried and screamed,...

Judicial Marshal Sgt. Roode is a motivated, steady supervisor

Judicial Marshal Sgt. Melissa A. Roode realized how important her job was during her first month at work, when a prisoner tried to hurt himself at the Norwich courthouse.

East Lyme investigator Jean Cavanaugh gives voice to victims of sexual assault

Investigator Jean Cavanaugh's work is heartbreaking, but rewarding. She is a member of a regional multi-disciplinary team of professionals that collaborates on child sexual assault cases. She is a certified forensic interviewer and is sometimes...

Correctional lieutenant puts game face on shift after shift

"In corrections, there's no gun strapped to our waists," says Correctional Lt. Elizabeth Wagner. "We are on the floor with (prisoners) all day long. We trust each other to protect each other. When we say, 'I have your back,' we mean it. It's a trust...

Police logs - July 27

Arrest by local and state police departments.

Women find their niche in law enforcement

Women in law enforcement have made great strides over the past 30 years, but challenges remain.



How about a New London premiere of Disney's new Coast Guard film?

"The Finest Hours" tells the story of a daring 1952 Coast Guard rescue and should help fundraising...


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Stonington-based NESS has made big impact in New London

New England Science & Sailing taught 3,200 students last year and more than half received some form of financial aid.

Ruley's death 'undetermined,' son-in-law's death called homicide

Autopsies done on the body of Norwich African American artist Ellis Ruley and his son-in-law Douglas Harris revealed that Ruley did die of hypothermia and exposure to cold, as was originally reported in 1959, but it could not be determined what...

Large, empty bird's nest causes power outage in Noank

A large, empty osprey nest that caught fire early Monday afternoon caused a power outage initially affecting more than 900 Eversource customers, according to Mitch Gross, a spokesman for the company.

A rainy morning at Eastern Point Beach

City of Groton lifeguard Dylan Crider, of Baltic, shelters from the morning rain at Eastern Point Beach Monday.