St. Bernard Embezzlement Case Transferred To NL Court

Norwich — The embezzlement case of Salvatore R. Licitra Jr., charged with embezzling nearly $850,000 from St. Bernard School in Montville, was transferred to New London Superior Court Monday.

Licitra, 42, a former bus driver and all-around assistant at the high school, appeared only briefly in court, his attorney said.

Licitra's case was transferred to Part A in New London, and he is due to appear in court again Aug. 6.

The former employee has been charged with first-degree larceny after authorities said he set up a bank account under the auspices of the school, then redirected hundreds of thousands of dollars by billing finance officials for invoices and services they did not owe.

Licitra, meanwhile, has acknowledged to authorities that he set up the account, but contends that he used it for legitimate expenses at the school, including cash payments to other employees and repair costs for the school bus fleet.
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