East Lyme grads prepare to step out into the world

Michael Babcock, center, an East Lyme High School graduate, high-fives a fellow graduate after they received their diplomas at the ceremony at the high school on Friday.
Michael Babcock, center, an East Lyme High School graduate, high-fives a fellow graduate after they received their diplomas at the ceremony at the high school on Friday. Abigail Pheiffer/The Day Buy Photo

East Lyme - Senior Laureate Rose Carver used shoes to describe and talk about the Class of 2010 at East Lyme High School.

Shoes, she said, are her passion.

Carver told the 302 graduates wearing maroon-colored robes and mortarboards that they are all different shoes and personalities. Some are "classy, with a twist," like zebra pumps. But, they are all from the same store and the same class.

"Remember, while some of us may be a little beat up, and a little harder to walk in, for the past four years we've all walked together," Carver said. "And today, we're all walking the same path - a path that spills out of this tiny store and onto the streets of the world."

Senior Class President Rebecca Smith told her Viking classmates that they've done so much sitting together, that it's time to walk. She described sitting together on the playground, in the lunchroom and on the bus in elementary school. In middle school, she said they sat, girls on one side, and boys on the other side of the room during school dances.

During their four years at East Lyme High, they sat through Friday night football games, spirit week and school lunches.

"And now, we sit here today at our commencement ceremony," Smith said to the graduates seated in chairs on the football field.

But for all the sitting they've done, she said they actually stood for much more. As a class, she said they stand for their values, their aspirations, their accomplishments and their memories.

"So when you do hear your names called tonight to stand and walk to the stage, think of everything each of us individually have stood and will continue to stand for," Smith said.

The theme of change was what Principal Jeff Provost talked about to the graduates. He said during their four years at the high school, students have seen drastic changes in the administrative and teaching staffs. They've experienced three different principals, three different assistant superintendents and two superintendents.

"Now you are about to embark on the biggest change of your lives," Provost said. "You are prepared for the changes and opportunities that lie ahead of you. You will be the individuals making the changes in the future and I have all the confidence that you will lead us in a positive direction."

Superintendent James Lombardo provided the graduates with a joke, a little advice and a memorable story. He reminded them that success isn't just measured externally.

"As you head out today ... do well, be successful, make money, realize your dreams, certainly do all that," Lombardo said. "But just remember, in the end, none of that stuff will matter. None of that stuff will really be remembered by anyone."

"As you make your choices over time, choose in such a way that allows your drive for achievement to be balanced by an equal commitment to love and to play, to family, to friends and community," Lombardo said.

Several graduates were recognized with scholarships and special awards. Also making speeches were salutatorian Brianne Mireckin and valedictorian Gihan Hewage.



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