Births - Feb. 20


FEB. 12 - A daughter to Alison Sposato and Jason Vega of Westerly.

FEB. 15 - A son to Rissa and Richard Delicato of Westerly.


JAN. 24 - A son to Dwayne and Emily Stallings.

JAN. 25 - Twin daughters to Anurag Singh and Malvi Jaggi; a son to Ronald and Donna Griffin.

JAN. 26 - A son to Lazaro Almos and Maria Pichardo.

JAN. 27 - A son to Felicia Aldi.

JAN. 27 - A daughter to Daniel and Meghan Danko; twins, a son and a daughter to Fernando Torres and Ivelisse Heredia.

JAN. 28 - A daughter to Derek and Jeannette Noel; a daughter to Albert, III and Debra Gosselin; a son to Matthew Sanborn and Tiffany Stark.

JAN. 29 - A son to Thomas and Jean DeSalle; a son to Shiquel Pires-Dunn and Ashley Falzone.

JAN. 30 - A son to Mark and Brittany McCorkle; a daughter to John and Jennifer Sauter.

JAN. 31 - A son to Francisco and Erica DeJesus; a daughter to Jessica Berube.

FEB. 1 - A son to Christopher Songdahl and Andrea Halen.

FEB. 2 - A son to Jeremiah and Abbie Hill.

FEB. 2 - A daughter to Jeremy and Katherine Andruskiewicz.

FEB. 3 - A daughter to Marckenzie Deneus and Danuta Grabowska; a daughter to Michael Woodward and Savanna Benoit.

FEB. 4 - A son to Ryan and Emily Shrader; a daughter to Michael O'Brien and Tiffany Chastain; a daughter to John Rodriguez and Vanessa Ithier.

FEB. 5 - A daughter to Thor and December Colter; a son to Justin and Laura Brehant; a daughter to Emmanuela Pierre.

FEB. 6 - A son to Anthony and Anne Defilippo; a son to Jepidiah David Bogue and Christina Soulas.

FEB. 7 - A son to Gregory Spero and April Elgin; a son to Brett and Kimberly Peterson.

FEB. 8 - A son to John and Ingrid Buckley.

FEB. 9 - A daughter to Cristian and Jessica Lai; a daughter to Nicholas and Lindsey Seniuk.

FEB. 10 - A son to Leonard Walker and Dione Gregor; a daughter to Thomas Burris and Cathryn Connolly; a daughter to Bi Zai Zeng and Yuen Ting Lai.

FEB. 11 - A son to Donald Roode and Amy Pomo.

FEB. 12 - A daughter to Nathan Mathieu and Valerie Struck; a son to Lenes Leblanc and Martine Francois; a son to Allana Stoute.

FEB. 14 - A son to Gary II and Alyssa Pendleton; a son to Michael and Kayleigh Mowrey; a son to Blair DeCou and Jessica Sebastian; a son to Kevin Losacano and Megan Milefski.

FEB. 15 - A daughter to Dante and Jessica Chartrand.


JAN. 3 - A daughter to Richard Bourbon and Marie Bourbon Dessources of Norwich; a daughter to David and Kendel Lambe of East Lyme; a daughter to Vikram and Japneet Verma of East Lyme; a son to Reginald and Lakeisha Bienaime of Groton.

JAN. 4 - A daughter to Ernst Joseph and Souvenie Dorvilme of Groton; a daughter to Robert and Kelly Miller of Oakdale; a son to Benjamin Holmes and Alyssa Reyes of New London; a son to Shiva and Archana Thigulla of Groton.

JAN. 5 - A son to Shawn Bray Sr. and Alexis Brainard of Noank; a daughter to Paul and Alexandra Kohlin of Groton; a son to Orlando Estrada and Inesharie Rivera of Norwich; a son to Thomas and Jennifer Wtulich of Mystic.

JAN. 6 - A son to Dana and Edwin Doss Jr. of Waterford; a son to Kendall and Annette Henderson of Groton; a daughter to Jonathon and Jesse McCoy of Stonington; a daughter to Patricia and Guy Sanders IV of Groton.

JAN. 7 - A son to Matthew and Aviva Simpson of New London; a daughter to Robert Hendrickson and Jennifer Brown of Niantic; a daughter to Kary De La Cruz of New London; a son to Daniel Records and Alicia Irace of Norwich; a son to Brendon and Susan Tierney of New London; a son to Kevin and Annemarie VanCleave of Waterford.

JAN. 8 - A son to Ramon Garcia Nieves and Aurelia Albino Angel of New London; a daughter to Zachery and Fawn Johnson of Groton; a daughter to Gabriel Morales and Angelica Lugardo of New London.

JAN. 9 - A son to Terrill Martinez and Shavawne Ragland of New London. JAN. 10 - A son to Elizabeth Blevins of Ledyard; a daughter to Erica and Robert Firmin III of East Lyme; a daughter to Gregory and Sarah Luerman of Groton.

JAN. 11 - A son to Rodolphe Damas and Shanda Easley of New London; a son to George Mitchell and Danielle Mercure of Pawcatuck;

JAN. 12 - A son to James and Amanda Moore of Groton; a son to Gregory and Elizabeth Storer of Mystic.

JAN. 13 - A son to Jeremy and Stephanie Han of Mystic.

JAN. 14 - A daughter to Elizabeth and Walter Taylor III of Groton.

JAN. 15 - A son to Melissa and Roland Allard Jr. of East Lyme; a daughter to Steven and Sara Casar of New London; twin sons to Kenneth Bernardi and Andrea Dzialo of Norwich; a son to Todd and Jennifer Fake of Mystic.

JAN. 16 - A daughter to Timothy and Kelly Brennan of Gales Ferry; a son to Matthew and Alicia Carroll of Pawcatuck; a son to Tahiri Cortes of New London; a daughter to Jason and Keyla Eliasson of Griswold; a daughter to Ryan and Kimberly Feliciano of Groton; a son to Thomas Cullen and Lynn Sizer of Groton; a son to Roosevelt Sinvil and Chantel Wrighten of Norwich.

JAN. 18 - A son to William and Alicia Farkas of Groton; a son to Peter and Laura Hines of Groton.

JAN. 19 - A daughter to Francisco Moreno and Jaylean Berrios of New London; twins, a son and a daughter to Scott and Leah Bessette of Mystic; a daughter to Benjamin and Tracy Paige of Groton; a son to James Connelly and Marguerite Santos of Stonington.

JAN. 20 - A daughter to Jeffery and Marysia Chabotte of Norwich; a son to Michael and Myranda Cowles of Groton; a son to Dennis and Kristen Muench of Preston; a son to Raymond Lopez and Brandie Perry of Taftville.

JAN. 21 - A son to Andrew and Heather Hatch of Norwich.


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