Ortiz's Future In Boston

One of the major stories in Red Sox Nation is the future of David Ortiz; especially with his multiple clutch hit performances in the past week. According to reports, Ortiz is upset that he hasn't been approached about a new contract with the team as he would become a free agent after this season.

The question is: will David Ortiz be with the Red Sox next season?

Based on performance, my answer is "yes," as he's made a tremendous case for himself the way he's played this year. His stats are all up, highlighted by his average against lefties, which has been a major problem in the past. Another issue, especially in the previous two seasons, was his strikeout total. He had 134 in 2009 and 145 in 2010. Just 57 so far this season. He's become that force again in the middle of the line-up through his consistent at-bats and the players around him.

As with anything, David Ortiz's future will ultimately come down to dollars and years. Ortiz wants multiple years and is making around $12 million per season which you would think he'd be asking for.

With his production this year, would you give Ortiz two years, 24 million. A one-year contract at 12. A two-year for less money. Or would you cut ties with him altogether?

Do the Red Sox want him back? I would say absolutely. Taking him out of the line-up would definitely make this team weaker. We've seen evidence of that this season. He's a leader in the clubhouse and does great work in the community. But he's an older player more susceptible to deteriorating production and as of now the asking price is high according to what the market is for the DH position.

Again, it won't happen until that offseason, but I think a deal will get done and Big Papi will finish his career in a Red Sox uniform. I'm interested to see if you think that's the case and if so, what the contract will look like?

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