All the information you need to cope, town by town

A man carries his shoes as he wades through flood waters on Ferry Street in downtown Essex Thursday Aug. 31, 2011, as the Connecticut River swells with water and debris from Tropical Storm Irene.


The first day of school at Fields Memorial School has been postponed one day to Thursday, Sept. 1.



CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 42 percent

Power has been restored to at least parts of Main Street in Niantic, according to the East Lyme Emergency Operations Center.


East Lyme schools are closed the rest of the week. The first day of school will be Tuesday, Sept. 6


GRISWOLD (as of 12:47 p.m. Wednesday)

CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 94 percent

Connecticut Light & Power crews are working to get power up and running, First Selectman Philip Anthony Jr. said, but it could still be awhile until all customers are up and running. About 94 percent of CL&P's 3,372 customers remain without power.

Jewett City Department of Public Utilities restored power to its customers Monday night, Anthony said.

A CL&P liaison is set up at Town Hall, Anthony said, and can be reached at (860) 376-7060 ext. 212.

He urged caution on several local roads that have some obstructions and debris remaining from Sunday's storm.


Griswold Public Schools have been postponed until Tuesday, Sept. 6. Superintendent of Schools Paul Freeman said power has been restored to the campus, and all buildings but the alternative school have power.

Showers, water

Hot showers (bring your own toiletries), drinking water (bring your own containers), toilets are available from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Griswold High School. Use the entrance by the football field.

Transfer station

The transfer station will open regular hours, beginning Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with no permit needed. On Friday, it will be open for brush only from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The transfer station will be closed Saturday for the holiday weekend.

Emergency contacts

Downed power lines: 911

Outages: CL&P at (800) 286-2000

Information: Town Hall at (860) 376-7060


GROTON (as of 12:30 p.m. Wednesday)

CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 71 percent

Frank Winkler of Groton Utilities said that GU has all its customers back in service. He asks that any Groton Utilities customers without electricity contact the Customer Care Center at 860-446-4000.

Showers, hot meals

- Showers and hot meals are available at the respite center at the Groton Senior Center on Newtown Road (Route 117). The center will serve the region, at least through Friday, providing shower facilities and hot meals from 3 to 9 p.m., for residents during the continuing power outages.

- Food and water are now available until 6 p.m., at Poquonnock Plains Park. Director of Emergency Communications Joe Sastre said town residents can receive a three-day supply of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) based on two per person, per day. He said he has also ordered ice, which had not yet arrived.


Continued power outages have compelled another delay to the opening of the Groton Public Schools. In a message posted Wednesday on the school district's website, Superintendent Paul Kadri updated the start dates for school openings as:

- Students in first through 12th grades are to report to school on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

- Pre-K and kindergarten students will start on Friday, Sept. 9.

- The Opening Day ceremony for staff will take place Friday, Sept. 2, at 7:30 a.m. at Fitch High School.

The new Marine Science Magnet High School is prepared for opening on Thursday morning, School Director Dr. Nick Spera has said. Teachers have had several days of professional development over the past month and are ready to receive students.

Tropical Storm Irene had little effect on the building, he said.

"Some schools don't have power yet," he said. "Fortunately, we do. I'll be in the building tomorrow. The kids will be in on Thursday."


LEDYARD (as of 9:15 p.m. Tuesday)

CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 86 percent

A crew from CL&P arrived in town on Monday and continues to coordinate with employees from public works to evaluate storm damage and move downed trees from the power lines.

Mayor Fred B. Allyn Jr. said Tuesday that if the town has power before the weekend, it would be "unexpected."

"The crews are really covering a lot of ground, but all we can do is try to get the trees off the wires and then they assess what they'll have to do next," Allyn said. "I don't even know where they'll start, to be honest with you."

He said the lack of landline service is posing a problem for communication in town. Cell phone service is spotty.

As of 3:30 p.m., on Tuesday, police Lt. Michael Finkelstein provided The Day with a list of 29 road closures. By 7p.m., there were only 10 roads closed in town.

Showers, water

- At the Groton Senior Center, the Red Cross has set up showers and is offering a hot meal at no charge Tuesday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 9p.m.

- Gales Ferry Volunteer Fire Department: Bring containers to collect drinking water from a hose

- Ledyard Fire Company: A tanker truck is providing water for bathing, not drinking (recommended to boil if needed for drinking)


Opening day for students is Tuesday, Sept. 6. Teachers and staff are expected to report to their buildings for meetings and classroom setup on Thursday.

Superintendent of Schools Michael Graner said the schools have water but not power. On Friday, faculty meetings are scheduled to take place at each school followed by opening day activities at the high school. School offices and the central office are scheduled to open Wednesday.

Storm debris

The transfer station is open every day this week for storm clean up from 9a.m. to 3:30p.m. Next week, it will be closed on Monday and reopen Tuesday on its normal schedule.

Curbside pickup is on schedule.

Emergency contacts

Downed power lines: 911

Outages: CL&P at (800) 286-2000

Police dispatch: (860) 464-6400


LYME (as of 7:20 p.m. Tuesday)

CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 93 percent

When the storm hit Sunday, it was impossible for firefighters and ambulance crew to even leave the Hamburg fire station, Emergency Management Director Lee Watkins said.

You couldn't drive a mile down Route 156 in either direction without encountering a downed tree, he said.

Road cleanup began Sunday, and by Tuesday afternoon, firefighters had counted more than 250 locations where trees were found lying on wires, Watkins said. Seven houses were damaged by trees, two extensively, he said.

Phone lines went dead, and for awhile, no one could use their land lines, which meant they also couldn't call 911 if they needed help.

Already spotty cell service got worse.

"Emergency response with everything blocked has been our biggest problem and fear," Watkins said.

Thankfully, there have been no major emergencies, Watkins said. The 20 residents on the town's "special needs list" all declined to leave their homes in favor of the emergency shelter in East Lyme and appear to be OK, he said.

A majority of roads in town are now passable, though a power line is reportedly still lying across Route 82 East. Parts of Grassy Hill Road, Beaver Brook Road and Blood Street may still be blocked, though crews cleared hard-hit Joshuatown Road on Monday.

A firefighter described that scenic, winding road "as something from Jurassic Park," Watkins said.

By Tuesday night, Watkins expected about 95 percent of roads would be cleared.

As Connecticut Light & Power crews work to restore power to homes – 94 percent of the 1,314 customers in Lyme were still without power as of Tuesday evening– Watkins warned residents against driving over power lines, as they have been under the presumption that the lines are dead.

"There is real and significant potential danger," Watkins said. Improperly set up generators can also feed energy back into the lines and pose an electrocution risk, he said.

Showers, water

Hot showers, drinking water (bring your own containers), toilets are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at:

- Hamburg fire station: 213 Hamburg Road

- Hadlyme fire station: Route 82

Hot meals, drinking water, WiFi, cell phone and laptop charging stations are available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at:

- Lymes' Senior Center, 26 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme


Power in all Lyme-Old Lyme schools is back except for Lyme Consolidated School. Faculty and staff are to report back to school on Thursday for two days of staff development. Schools will open Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Emergency contacts

Downed power lines: 911

Outages: CL&P at (800) 286-2000

Information: Town Hall at (860) 434-7733

Storm debris

The landfill is closed until further notice to free up resources for emergency response.



CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 72 percent

Superintendent of Schools Pamela Aubin said Tuesday afternoon that the town's public schools will remain closed until next Tuesday, Sept. 6.

On Monday, Aubin delayed the first day of school by a day, to Thursday, in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene. She pushed back the first day of school to Tuesday because of continuing power outages throughout town.

Montville High School will still be open from 6 to 9 p.m. for residents to take showers and fill up water jugs. They are asked to bring their own towels and toiletries.

Aubin said the town's school buildings and buses did not sustain major damage, but continuing power outages forced the delay. Residents should continue to check the public schools' website,, for updates.



CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 22 percent


City schools opened Wednesday morning.

Superintendent of Schools Nicholas A. Fischer said all school buildings had electricity and classes would start as scheduled. A teacher professional development day, which was supposed to take place Monday, has been postponed to October.


NORTH STONINGTON (as of 3 p.m. Wednesday)

CL&P outages: 100 percent

First Selectman Nicholas H. Mullane II was in Ledyard to talk to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, but progress was being made in town.

Cell phone service is back up, and land-line telephone service is working in the village and in several other neighborhoods in town.

While 100 percent of the town remains without power, emergency management coordinator Marc Tate said he met with representatives from Connecticut Light & Power Wednesday morning and went over a plan to begin getting power restored.

Showers, water

Hot showers (bring your own toiletries), drinking water (bring your own containers), toilets are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Preston Plains Middle School. The school is at the intersection of Route 2 and Route 164.


The first day of school has been postponed until Wednesday, Sept. 7.


NORWICH (as of 2:30 p.m. Wednesday)

Norwich Public Utilities outages as of 2:30 p.m. Wednesday: 5 percent

Norwich Emergency Management will lift its state of emergency at 3 p.m. today, as about 95 percent of the city has been restored to power and nearly all streets are passable.

Norwich Public Utilities hopes to have nearly all of the remaining 1,200 customers who still don't have power back online by the end of today. As of 2:30 p.m., 95 percent of the city has power.

NPU brought in crews from Massachusetts to work on the final outage areas. The remaining areas without power are scattered and isolated, where crews have to "spend quite a bit of time to restore relatively few customers," NPU spokesman Mike Hughes said. The area of Scotland Road, Canterbury Turnpike, Old Canterbury Turnpike and White Plains Road will be finished today, along with Hamilton Avenue and Corning Road and some side streets in the Thamesville area off Route 32.

Only two streets are still blocked by downed trees and power lines: Pratte Avenue in Taftville and the northern end of Canterbury Turnpike in Occum, close to the intersection with Route 97.

Public Works Director Barry Ellison said some roads still have obstructions but are passable.

Showers, water

Showers and water for home use are available at the Norwich Regional Technical School for the entire eastern Connecticut region. The school will be open until 3 p.m. today and as needed on Thursday with hours not yet determined, Norwich Emergency Management Director Gene Arters said.

Bottles of water and military Meals Ready to Eat also are available to residents who still lack power.


Norwich Public Schools, Norwich Free Academy and Norwich Tech will open on Tuesday.

Storm debris

The Rogers Road transfer station will be open for residents to bring brush and leaves at no charge. The transfer station will be open from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. without the usual breaks for lunch and will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, also without a break.

Norwich Public Works will do a citywide curbside brush collection starting Sept. 6, making one pass through all streets. There is no street-by-street schedule for this collection, Ellison said, so if residents can't get brush by the roadside by the time the truck comes, they can put brush out for the regular October curbside brush collection.

Garbage and recycling collections are on schedule this week.

Emergency contacts

Downed wires: 911

Power outages: Norwich Public Utilities at (860) 887-2555

Information: City Manager's office at (860) 823-3750


OLD LYME (as of 12:40 p.m. Wednesday)

CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 71 percent

Long Island Sound washed out roads by White Sand Beach in Old Lyme and eroded sand out from under homes on West End Drive in Hawk's Nest Beach.

Old Lyme Public Works Director Ed Adanti experienced first-hand how damaging storm winds can be. Adanti was driving on Flat Rock Hill Road at 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 28 to assess damage when a tree — about 60 feet tall and about 10 to 12 inches in diameter — fell on his town-issued car, he said.

"I heard the crack from a tree," Adanti said. "I slowed down, and I caught it coming down and I stopped, but it still hit the roof of the car, the hood, the trunk."

Adanti was not injured and was able to get out from under the tree, thanks to help from volunteer Old Lyme firefighters, who happened to be coming up the road.

"Just lucky, I guess," he said of making it out unharmed. "I'm going to start going to church."


Showers are available from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the temporary high school locker room trailers behind Center School. Bring your own toiletries and towels.

Meals, water

- Hot meals, bottled water, Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), bathrooms, WiFi, cell phone and laptop charging stations are available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Lymes' Senior Center, 26 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme, for Lyme and Old Lyme residents.

- MREs can also be picked up at the Old Lyme Police Department on Shore Road.

- Water for flushing only can be collected from hoses outside the Lyme Street, Cross Lane and Boughton Road firehouses and at the senior center.


- Power in all Lyme-Old Lyme Public Schools is back except for Lyme Consolidated School. Faculty and staff are to report back to school on Thursday for two days of staff development. Schools will open Tuesday, Sept. 6.

- Power is back at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Staff may return to work if they are able. First day of classes has been rescheduled to Thursday, Sept. 8. Freshmen orientation will now be held at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 6. Student orientation will be Wednesday, Sept. 7.

Storm debris

Road crews will not be making any roadside pickups. Bring storm debris to the transfer station from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.



CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 61 percent


The first day of school for both students and staff has been pushed back to Sept. 6, said Superintendent Joseph Onofrio II.

Staff was originally scheduled to report to work today. Onofrio said the district would revisit the schedule if power is not expected to be restored to the schools by Sept. 6. There was no damage to school buildings save for some roof leaks, he said.


PRESTON (as of 3 p.m. Wednesday)

CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 81 percent

Preston residents are getting frustrated that 81 percent of the town still has no power and are complaining they haven't even seen a utility truck assessing damage.

Some power lines remain down and in the street in some places.

But progress is being made. First Selectman Robert Congdon is riding this afternoon with a crew from CL&P to assess the town's damage. First, he said, trees that are entangled with wires must be removed. The town public works crews cleared all downed trees that were not touching wires by Monday.

"We don't have many yellow trucks in town," Congdon said affirming residents' comments that they haven't seen utility repair trucks. "All the lines will be cleared of trees by the end of today. Then they can start putting up wires."

Showers, water

The Preston Plains School will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for Preston and North Stonington residents until power has been restored and residents have running water.


Schools will open Tuesday, Sept. 6, and buses will start running to high schools in surrounding towns on that day.

Businesses Open

Some businesses that have generators are open. Most have no power.

Storm debris

The town transfer station will be open today and Thursday for town residents to dispose of spoiled food only from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Congdon hopes the transfer station can be open regular hours on Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Residents can bring brush to the public works garage on Route 2 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Emergency contacts

Downed power lines: 911

Outages: CL&P at (800) 286-2000

Information: Selectmen's office at Town Hall at (860) 887-5581 ext. 1


Today's orientation for teachers has been canceled because the town does not have power in its two schools. The first day of school has been psotponed to Tuesday, Sept. 6. The first day will be a full day for all students.

The town will not provide transportation for high school students until Sept. 6.

Showers, water

Town and school officials have installed a generator at the Preston Plains School at the corner of Route 2 and Route 164 and will open the school at 2 p.m. for residents of Preston and North Stonington as a daytime shelter and to take showers and fill jugs with water for home use.



CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 100 percent


Interim School Superintendent Dr. H. Kaye Griffin said the first day of school for Salem School students and instructional staff will be Sept. 6.

Griffin said that school does not have power. Residents should continue to check the town website,, for updates.


STONINGTON (as of 12:13 p.m. Wednesday)

CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 54 percent. Immediately after the storm, 95 percent of customers here were without power.

First Selectman Ed Haberek said CL & P crews have restored power in sections of Pawcatuck and along Route 1 today and hope to have power to the borough restored by the end of Wednesday night. The restoration of power along Route 1 was especially important because it allows power to be restored to adjacent neighborhoods along with three elderly housing complexes, Town Hall and the police station."

"In general, people have been very good and have understood the magnitude of the storm," Haberek said.

He added that when certain sections of town are restored, residents expect another one to come up right away.

"Just because the lines are up, the power may not be able to be activated because we are dealing with substation and circuit issues," he said.

Haberek said the town is also obtaining an emergency permit from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection so the town and property owners can proceed with cleanup and repair efforts in coastal areas, which typically require individual permits.

The town is also looking for a crane to take down a section of the Campbell Grain Building in Pawcatuck after a two-story outer wall was torn away by the wind. All roads in town are now passable.

Showers, water, food

Bottled water and MREs are available at the Stonington Human Services building. Call (860) 599-7583 or (860) 599-7584 to arrange to pick up supplies.

The town is also trying to obtain large canisters of oxygen for residents who have medical needs and need refills.


Schools will be closed on Thursday. Superintendent of Schools Leanne Masterjoseph will make an announcement Thursday on whether schools will open Friday.


WATERFORD (as of 1:30 p.m. Wednesday)

CL&P outages as of 3 p.m. Wednesday: 44 percent

The food and water distribution center at the Waterford Public Works Complex, at 1000 Hartford Road (Route 85) is out of Meals Ready to Eat.

The center hopes to have more MREs at approximately 4 p.m. today. Water and ice is available.

Starting at 7 a.m., East Lyme and Waterford residents began to arrive at the Waterford Public Works complex to pick up cases of water and boxes of MREs. Residents were allowed one case of water and two MREs per person depending on the size of their families.

According to Public Works Director Ron Cusano, a truck donated from AB Training Center -- a tractor trailer driving school on Great Neck Road -- drove to Rentschler Field in East Hartford Tuesday to pick up the supplies.

When distribution started today, the town had more than 600 cases of water and several pallets of MREs.

The distribution center will be open until 7 p.m. today and will open again at 7 a.m. Thursday.

Cusano said DW Transport in Montville has volunteered to pick up additional supplies at Rentschler Field today that would be ready for Thursday.

The town expects to have bags of ice available Thursday.

By 9 a.m., cars and trucks were arriving to at the complex with regularity.

The amount of people who took advantage of the free provisions surprised Cusano.

"I didn't think we'd get this many people," Cusano said.

Brandon Donovan of East Lyme said his Black Point neighborhood has power but said that going out and getting food and water for his three children could get expensive.

Olivia Turowski of Waterford said she was also hoping to cut down on daily runs to the supermarket.

Turowski said she has never tried a MRE, more familiar to military service members.

"We'll see," Turowski said.


- Hot showers will be available at Waterford Community Center, at 24 Rope Ferry Road, until 8 p.m. Wednesday. The center has three showers available in each locker room. Residents should bring their own toiletries.

- Residents may also take hot showers at East Lyme Middle School, on 31 Society Road.


Schools will open on Tuesday, Sept. 6. Staff will have its convocation on Friday at Clark Lane Middle School.

Storm debris pickup

The transfer station at 1000 Hartford Road (Route 85) will be open six days a week until Sept. 10. Hours will be 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Brush will be accepted for free expect for commercial accounts.

Starting Tuesday, public works crews will begin roadside pickup of brush. Brush length cannot exceed 6 feet. Pickup will continue until Sept. 16. The order of debris pickup will follow the garbage pickup schedule.

Emergency contacts

Downed power lines: 911

Outages: CL&P at (800) 434-7733

Information: Town Hall (860) 442-0553


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