I Have A Little Person

All of a sudden my two year old can use a spoon and fork.  If he is paying attention, he can eat an entire bowl of cereal without making a mess.  Sometimes I find myself just watching him eat, wondering how this happened. 

There are so many things he does now that remind me that he isn't a baby anymore.  He can remember and sing so many songs.  He has the sense of humor and creativity to ad-lib lyrics ("Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets we're on our way to help a Christmas Tree and save the day").  He can jump and gallop (how the heck did he learn to gallop?  We certainly don't gallop around the house...).  Don't even get me started on his ability to maneuver through my iPhone.  He has opinions ("How boooouuuuut....SOUP for lunch??"). 

Maybe these grown-up things are so much more obvious to me now that I have this little baby to compare and contrast to.  It's mindboggling to me what happens in two years.  I mean, really?  Two years is not that much time.  And to go from this cooing and gurgling little (well, she's not that little) baby to a small person?  It's almost too much to get my mind around.

And as I watch him eating his apple in one hand while he drives his McQueen in the other I can't help but think that I'm going to wake up and he is going to be 30 and married and I won't be the center of his universe anymore.  But then he throws himself on the floor and starts crying about not wanting cheesies for lunch and I realize that I will have this little boy on my hands for quite a bit longer. 

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