"Who's Crazy Here?" author offers free seminar

Stonington — Author and mental health advocate Gracelyn Guyol (our Woman of Grace for August 2011) will present a free workshop on “Reversing and Preventing Illness,” Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon, at Road Church in the parish hall, 903 Pequot Trail.

Anyone who has sliced a finger knows it will normally heal if the wound is cleansed. Less commonly understoood is what causes a body’s innate healing systems to malfunction or how to reverse established illnesses.

Guyol will discuss techniques to rebuild health, increase energy, and reduce exposure to toxins. Foods causing inflammation will be discussed, since inflammation contributes to many degenerative conditions. Guyol will also answer questions from the audience.

Fear of cancer in 1996 pushed Guyol to become a self-taught expert on getting well. The author of two books, “Healing Depression and Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs” and “Who’s Crazy Here?,” Guyol has used specific, natural supplements at an average monthly cost of $150 to eliminate symptoms associated with bipolar disorder, arthritis and allergies.

“Many people cannot afford health insurance.Others struggle to make co-pays for dozens of prescriptions. State and federal governments don’t know how they can reduce health care costs without cutting services,” Guyol said.

“My seminars are intended to raise awareness about extremely effective natural healing options that are inexpensive because they cannot be patented. Answers lie in creating collaborations between patients, practitioners, and government agencies.”



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