It's time for some tough love

It’s never good when your mom figure says it’s time for some tough love.

I overheard mine saying that while I was chewing on the upholstery in the back seat of the car on the way home from Therapy Dog International school this week. I’m taking classes to be trained as a therapy dog and my big exam is this Monday.

Guess I didn’t exactly toe the line at class this past week. Hence, the tough love proclamation. I must admit I find this concept laughable coming from the woman who calls me, “Best Dog in the World” and “Angel from Heaven” on a bad day.

On a good day, I’m “Mommy’s baby,” whom she showers with kisses.

Yeah, it’s a little embarrassing for a dog who once roamed the mean streets of Chattanooga until landing in the pound on Gun Barrel Road.

But a little embarrassment is worth it when you get treated like, well, “Mommy’s baby,” most days.

Still, I hear more than see the change in her. The dropping of the voice at the end of “go lie down,” for example, and the withholding of kisses until I do something to deserve them are evidence.

Luckily, that’s not hard for me.

Looks like I’ve got several days of tough lovin’ to look forward to before the big test. Wish me luck. If she and I pass, things can go back to normal for “Mommy’s baby.”

In the meantime, I think I’ll stretch out on the leather couch.

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