Gov. Malloy to give away $2.5 million to an accused sexist racist?

If you were leery about all the state money Gov. Malloy has proposed giving away in his "First Five" economic development program you may not be surprised that his proposed subsidy of a professional ticket scalper has gone sour. JC Reindl reports here about the arrest of Malloy's "serial entrepreneur," as he called Donald Vaccaro of TicketNetwork Inc., on charges that he groped women and made a racially charged obscene statement at a weekend Oscar party.

The smart politicians were scrambling Monday to cut loose. Rep. Joe Courtney and others announced they were giving away campaign donations from Vaccaro, now charged with a hate crime.

Malloy had some scolding words and a mildish rebuke: "Mr. Vaccaro should be ashamed of himself." But there was no word from the govenor about his plans to subsidize with more than $2.5 million in state money the company of a guy who turns out to be an alleged serial womanizer.

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