Did the butler do it?

A vast estate in northwestern Connecticut, a rich heiress, Texas oil money, a demand for $8.5 million in ransom and a creepy threat of injecting the victims with a deadly virus: It's all part of a trial starting in U.S. District Court this week in New Haven. The Associated Press reports here on the trial of the former butler for Anne H. Bass, former wife of Texas billionaire Sid Bass.

It reads like a storyline for a TV movie thriller.

Authorities say Nicolescu and at least two other men broke into the house around 11 p.m. on April 15, 2007, on the estate spanning several hundred acres in the western Connecticut town of Kent ...After about five hours in the house, the men became concerned with the presence of the child, the health of the victims and their apparent inability to immediately obtain the money, the affidavit says. Before fleeing, the men gave the victims a beverage that they claimed was the antidote and the victims fell asleep.

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