Mohegans Win a Hand in Western Mass

MGM backed out of plans to bulild a casino in Brimfield, Mass., and the company said it will look elsewhere in western Massachusetts, according to this story by the Associated Press.

That seems to give the Mohegans, who have been cultivating support for their western Massachusetts proposed casino site for years, an upper hand in the race for that casino license.

MGM could find the same resistance they did in Brimfield wherever they end up next.

MGM would pursue "other potential development sites" in the western part of the state, Hornbuckle said, but the statement did not identify any of other possible locations. The company said for now it would continue to work out of an office it had established in Brimfield.

The site that had been chosen in the town was adjacent to the Massachusetts Turnpike but had no direct access from the highway, a fact that posed a potentially major obstacle to development of the casino.


Maybe they should try a dart board.


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