Wait. Now they do background checks on the new deputy chief?

Sasha Goldstein reports here that New London announced the selection of a new deputy police chief before doing background checks on him. Offer someone a job and announce it before you do a background check? Really?

Regardless, said city personnel director Bernadette Welch on Wednesday, the city will begin its due diligence into Reichard's past. Once that is complete, she said, a contract can be signed.


On Monday afternoon, hours before he announced the appointment, (MAYOR) Finizio said, he called the office of New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. to confirm that Reichard had retired from the department after Finizio saw "stuff popping up (on the Internet) saying (Reichard) was fired."

One wonders how Police Chief Margaret Ackley said at the announcement press conference Monday that the new deputy came "highly recommended" from the city of New Haven, if background checks had yet to be performed.

And who would highly recommend someone after suggesting it was time they retire?

Robert Smuts, New Haven's chief administrative officer, confirmed for Finizio that Reichard had retired after the then-police chief "suggested it was time for him to retire."

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