How not to pass 'go'

Torrance Furr, who was out of prison but remained under state supervision after being convicted of fondling the children of his former girlfriend, did something that was sure to grab the attention of his probation officer.

He accidentally sent a text message to the officer saying he was looking to buy a $10 bag of drugs, according to prosecutor Theresa Anne Ferryman.

Furr, 38, of Waterford, went back to prison for three years after admitting last week to violating the conditions of his probation. In addition to sending the text message, Furr had been dismissed from sex offender treatment for being argumentative, tested positive for illegal drugs and been found in possession of a firearm, according to Ferryman.

“He’s admitted he’s done things wrong and is willing to serve jail time,” said Furr’s attorney, Sebastian DeSantis, at his sentencing last week.

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