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Property transfers - May 5, 2012

Published May 05. 2012 4:00AM


127 Pinebrook Rd: Kelley, William M & Kelley, Joyce A to Chaput, Russell A & Chaput, Elise A, $292,500.

391 Cabin Rd: Hunter, Kevin W & Hunter, Lindsey M to Vangor, Jennifer M & Hatch, Travis M, $280,000.

71 Boretz Rd: Hamilton, Nelson E & Lalonde, Marc to Gamache, Matthew, $175,000.


1 Peach Tree Ln #1: Massolo Arthur Est & Deredita, Laurie M to Garvin, Elise J, $270,000.

3 Bramble Bush Dr: Comery, Thomas A & Warren, Stacey G to Prudential Relocation Inc, $275,000.

53 Dean Rd: Lyons, James F & Lyons, Kathleen E to Embree, Kevin P & Embree, Rebecca J, $300,000.

62 Dean Rd: Brodney, Michael A & Brodney, Marian R to Prudential Relocation Inc, $390,000.

79 Dean Rd: Franklin, Lauren H & Franklin, James L to Schultz, David T & Schultz, Laura A, $250,000.

4 Cedarbrook Ln: Gada, Christopher J & Gada, Michelle L to Xu, Jingwan, $245,000.

69 Spring Glen Rd: Joly June E Est & Mcquillan, June E to Financial Freedom Acq LLC, $1.

38 Hope St #31: Carr, Robert W & Robson, Elizabeth to Amadeo, Linda, $235,000.


2095 Glasgo Rd: Murphy, Francis J & Murphy, Janice J to Kinnie, Courtland C & Kinnie, Bridget M, $220,000.


5 Eastwood Rd: Gates, Michael B to Kueter, John B & Kueter, Genevieve G, $175,000.

199 North Rd: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Asturias, Maria M, $104,000.

9 Miami Ct: Shipman Management LLC to Martin, John & Martin, John, $80,000.

267 Deerfield Ridge Dr: Boehm, Markus & Lynch, Patricia A to Prudential Relocation Inc, $290,000.

415 Pequot Ave: Kelley John J Est & Edwards, Eileen to Mirsky, Michael P, $145,000.

114 Ledgeland Dr: Rogers, Bruce N & Rogers, Amy N to Prudential Relocation Inc, $350,000.


152 Clubhouse Rd: Chicoine, William G & Chicoine, Kelly A to Zaprianov, Christine, $220,000.

140 Oliver Rd: Curran, Larry W & Curran, Ann M to Dowd, Andrew, $248,000.

282 Geer Rd: Vitkovskis, Gints to Whipple, Robert L, $260,000.


6 Baron Ct: Sebastian, Tanisha S to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $1.

6 Oakwood Dr: Visco, Catherine B to Briones, Carlo R, $180,000.

37 Pheasant Run Dr: Blair, Kyle T & Blair, Susan B to Penn, Amy M & Penn, Ramon E, $210,000.

19 Chriswood Trce: Mccall, David M to Allen, Edward G & Allen, Jessica R, $392,000.

1660 Center Groton Rd: Bussel, Craig D & Bussel, Susanne M to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1.

7 Eska Dr: Hillier, James to Household Realty Corp, $1.

Hurlbutt Rd: Ledyard Town Of to Connecticut CVS Pharmacy, $625,000.


110 Maple Ave: Milefski Ellen F Est & Tracy, Joan E to Falcone, Michael, $179,000.

1729 Route 85: Fortuno, Rachel L to Schaeffer, Peter & Archard, Wallace, $130,000.


351 Wawecus Hill Rd: Reeves, Robert B to Formiglio, Harrison, $90,000.

73 Elizabeth St: Gaffin, Steven M & Dow, Donna M to Michaels, Timothy R, $137,000.

37 Flyers Dr: Brumpton, Christopher S & Brumpton, Tanya M to Navy FCU, $1.

90 Pine St: Smith, Eddie R to Household Realty Corp, $1.

35 Michele Dr: Ewing, Robert J & Ewing, Mary L to Millette, Robert F, $194,500.

296 Hamilton Ave #30: Murphy, Michael L to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1.


12 E Neck Rd: Beebe, Arlene M to Morris, Bradley R & Morris, Amy C, $2,100,000.

25 Crestwood Ln: Beebe, David E to Graham, Lawrence W, $277,000.

150 Mistuxet Ave: Duncklee, Lester H & Duncklee, L H to Toth, Brendan R & Toth, Sharon M, $200,000.

565 Greenhaven Rd: Brookfield Global Relocat to Cleare, Penelope A, $283,500.

565 Greenhaven Rd: Chubachi, Takayuki & Chubachi, Tomoko to Brookfield Global Relocat, $357,500.

19 Pequot Ct: Toth, Brendan R & Toth, Sharon M to Freitas, Michael & Freitas, Lucy, $375,000.


54 Rope Ferry Rd #B20: Anderson Arvid J Jr Est & Mcguirk, Judith L to Currier, Jennifer, $170,000.

310 Boston Post Rd #54: Goldberg, Debora L to Kwiatkowski, Steven A, $132,000.

74 Clark Ln: Webster Bank NA to Manedes, S & Manedes, Karen, $70,000.

91 Fog Plain Rd: Brelesky Wanda Est & Kaczor, Mark A to Kaczor, Mark A & Kaczor, Brian C, $82,500.

737 Broad Street Ext: WJH LLC to LEX Limited Ent LLC, $220,000.

73 Benham Ave: Waterford Benham LLC to Logan, Steven J, $390,000.

8 Butlertown Rd: Denette, Raymond & Denette, Holly M to Walters, Rafe T & Walters, Christine M, $253,000.

151 Old Norwich Rd: Thurston, Alvin R & Germaine, Donna S to Byrne, Ian, $154,000.

71 Soljer Dr: Soljer Drive Dev LLC to Lai, Eric W, $276,000.

14 2 Mile Hill Rd: Zhang, Lei & Zeng, Yuan to Prudential Relocations, $385,000.

28 Giovanni Dr: Li, Jun & Xia, Donghui to Adler, Stephen & Adler, Erin, $349,000.

207 Shore Rd: Charlotte C Ringer T & Ringer, Charlotte C to Carboni, Kathy, $206,400.

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