Unfettered greed won't help the people

In the latest episode of clueless in Connecticut, The Day readers were subjected to a fusillade of political nonsense by right-wing apologist Chris Powell, "The People's Republic of Connecticut," (May 2). He began his rant by advocating that businesses should be allowed to price gouge people during natural disasters. He followed with advocacy of big-box discount liquor stores "market right" to crush small business owners by changing the rules in midstream. He followed that by vilifying an effort to raise the minimum wage. He justified his position by indicating the state had raised taxes, not mentioning it was a result of discredited economic policies by conservatives at the national level who nearly destroyed our economy. And although he promotes "free markets'' he opposes workers right to "freely" collectively bargain for a decent wage.

Typical of conservative ideology, he blames "government" for social and economic ills. Our governments are our police. They are our representation that often effectively protect individuals from the unconscious economic power of corporations and unscrupulous individuals. Our government is collectively us. Promoting a nation of self involved elitists will not make us a better society or a more prosperous community.

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