What's 'New London Style Pizza'?

Concord New London Style Pizza in Concord, Mass. specializes in a style of pizza it says was invented in New London, Conn.

I've definitely heard of New York or New Haven style pizza, even Chicago style. But it was news to me when I heard that a pizza place in Concord, Mass. is billing itself as the place for 'New London Style Pizza.'

The picture above was forwarded to me by my colleague Peter Huoppi, whose brother snapped the photo.

I'm relatively new to the New London culinary scene, but I didn't think there was any such thing as a New London specific pizza.

According to the website for the restaurant, Concord New London Style Pizza, this particular style pizza is a thick crust pizza that originated in the Whaling City.

"In New London Connecticut," the website reads, "the thick crust pizza was invented in the 1960s and eventually made its way to Worcester. There a few local pizzerias began serving thick crust and the customers loved it."

(As a slightly off topic side note I wanted to say that I've told people for a while now that Worcester reminds me a great deal of New London. This pizza relationship seems to bolster my argument. Also for anyone who is interested in this sort of thing, Norwich seems to be switched at birth with Woonsocket, R.I. Check it out if you don't believe me.)

The Concord New London Style Pizza website says the restaurant has been serving up slices since 1967.

We think a road trip to Concord is in order to find out the story behind New London style pizza. But before we go, I wanted to know if anyone else has heard of this type of pizza. Do any places in New London actually still serve this style?

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